Did you know? In the outskirts of Budapest, it is in Budaörs to be exact, there are some weird street names such as:

  • TV út
  • Kamera u.
  • DVD u.
  • Hi-Fi út

Yes, these words mean the same as in English, DVD, TV, Camera and Hi-Fi. All four of them are in the same area and connected to each other so it cannot be a coincidence. So what is the deal? Well this is the area where a large electronic retailer used to be located, Electro World. By now the company went bankrupt. I assume that they have made a deal with the city of Budaörs to name these newly created streets in an industrial area after their main products and therefore they will open up a large store there. The result is that Electro World is bankrupt but the streets still exist. That is just my opinion but the correlation might be true. See below a screenshot of the area in Google maps (click to open in Google Maps itself).

Weird Street Names in Budapest

By the way, also in this area is a street called Agip u.and guess what, there is an Agip gas station on it. Coincidence?

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