DiVino Wine Bar in Budapest is the new hotspot for wine lovers these days and one of the hip places to go. Sitting outside DiVino enjoying the great view on the Basilica and sipping on a glas of wine makes DiVino unique and special. Usually I am not a big fan of too trendy places but I must admit that DiVino makes it into my Top 5 of the best bars in Budapest and here is the reason why.

I am not going out a lot these days but when I went into DiVino hanging around outside, the Basilica ,one of the most famous sights in Budapest, always in my view and a glass of Hungarian Rose in my hand talking to friends I really enjoyed every minute. The outside seats are too few so most of the people just find a place on the nearby fountain or stand on the street. This moment just gave me that feeling “You live where other spend their holidays”, which I sometimes have since I moved to Budapest back in 2004 (I get that feeling especially by night when Budapest is really magical). The nightlife around Basilica has evolved so much the past years that it became one of the hottest places to be in Budapest by night. With a lot of restaurants, bars and pubs around everybody finds something wonderful in that area.

The selection of wines is massive so you can also find wines from small Hungarian winemakers on the list as well as large winemakers. Most wines you can have glasses from but there are some which you can buy only bottled. Anyhow you will get lost in the offer and might want to consult one of the friendly staff members who know their work and can recommend you the perfect wine for your needs. The entire menu is written on the wall so you can select by reading off the wall. The glass costs a deposit of 500 HUF for the simple reason that as written above most people stand or sit outside on the street and glasses may break. The prices in DiVino are absolute moderate, not more expensive than in other wine bars and given the location they are perfectly fine.

In DiVino you can also get small snacks to go with your wine which I haven’t tried but from what I saw they look excellent. As it is rather snacks to go alongside your wine I would not consider DiVino in Budapest as a place to have dinner but in case you are not too Hungary that is perfectly fine.

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Information about Divino in Budapest

Address: Szent István tér 3. (next to the Basilica)
Phone: +36 70 935 3980
Or visit the official website and the Facebook page

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