Coffee Cat Budapest

Jan 5, 2012 1

Coffee Cat is a small, cosy and friendly café in the centre of Budapest offering a superb selection and quality of coffee. If you want to get away from Starbucks and Costa Cafe quick drinks for a lot of money I can only recommend you to visit Coffee Cat because the coffee is really excellent, if not the best I had in Budapest. Located in a quiet area of Ó utca which is known for bars and pubs Coffee Cat is a very small but super friendly and cosy place to have your coffee in the morning or afternoon. Above ...

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Villa Bagatelle

Mar 21, 2011 0

Good bread is something I was missing in Budapest, until now. Villa Bagatelle in Budapest is a bakery, café and home decoration shop in one place. It settled in a big, beautiful villa in the 12th district in Budapest, that why it took the name of Villa Bagatelle. The building is from 1929 when an owner of a pharmacy built a villa in Németvölgyi út for him and his family. Over the years the house has changed owners sometimes and now it became a family business including a superb bakery, the coffee place and a home decoration shop in the ...

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California Coffee Company

Sep 30, 2009 1

California Coffee Company is one of these Cafés just like Starbucks or Cafe Costa and since a while there are three stores in the center of Budapest, one outside and another one in Kecskemét. Yeah, another one. I do like coffee and the coffee in California Coffee company does taste great if you take one of the normal coffees. Too fancy are the white chocolate macchiato, caramel iced latte and what so ever. The California Coffee Company has opened up stores on Teréz Körút, Kálvin Tér and Szent István Tér as well as in the Premier Outlet Center close to ...

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Costa Coffee Budapest

Sep 9, 2009 0

No, Starbucks is not yet in Budapest but the California Coffee Company and now finally the Enlish version Costa Coffee opened up in the heart of Budapest. Located right on the corner of Andrássy út and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út which is probably one of the most promenent places in the city. ...

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*CLOSED* Bar & Café Minyon in Budapest

Sep 7, 2009 0

Bar Minyon in Budapest is located in one of the upcoming areas of Budapest downtown, Király utca. In Király utca more and more bars, cafes and restaurants open up which all are styled well, serve good food and offer great cocktails. Bar Minyon is one of those. The interior reminds me of some lounge style straight from New York or London, modern a bit sterile but comfortable on every place. The interesting thing about Bar Minyon is that on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 o’clock the bar turns into a club with dance floor, loud live music and a bar ...

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Café Déryné

Sep 6, 2009 0

Good breakfast If you are searching for a good place in Budapest to have a breakfast I can recommend to you Café Déryné in the heart of Buda. It is located right at Krisztina Tér, which is behind the tunnel and on the foot of the Buda Castle disctrict. ...

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Cafe Farger

May 4, 2009 0

Free internet and fantastic coffee! Cafe Farger in Budapest is a cosy little cafe near Szabadság tér which is close to the parliament and the US embassy, around the corner of Iguana. The style of Farger Cafe is a bit hard to explain, it reminds me of an American coffee house with fancy creations, different cakes and free internet, so quiet close to some Starbucks cafe. ...

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Starbucks Budapest

May 4, 2009 8

Coffee to go! Starbucks arrived in Budapest. Starbucks is the world wide leader in “coffee to go” mentality serving in thousands of stores, in 39 cities, millions of coffees each day. From Caramel Macchiato to unpronouncable creations like White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee or Pomegranate Frappuccino Juice Blend Starbucks gives you every nonessential thing you need. From now on you will get these kind of drinks in Starbucks Budapest as well. ...

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Café Gerloczy

May 4, 2009 0

A bit of France! Cafe Gerloczy in Budapest is a nice, small cafe hidden near Déak tér. Located at Gerlóczy u. 1., a small street between Déak tér and Astoria, Cafe Gerloczy offers good coffee as well as excellent Crepes. The breakfast menu is massive and you are able to choose single bits and pieces and put them together to a decend breakfast. ...

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Dunapark Café in Budapest

May 4, 2009 2

Expensive upper class! The Dunapark Café in Budapest is located on the Pest side next to a little park near the Danube. It’s a quiet poshy place and if you want to see a Maserati or some expensive car like that, this is your place. I don’t know if it was bad luck which I had but when I arrived in Dunapark Café and opened my laptop the internet was not working there. Additionally they didn’t have Lager beer anymore and the salad I ate was nothing but some lettuce with a chicken breast which was supposed to be a ...

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