Escape Games in Budapest

Mar 24, 2015 0

Escape games are the latest trend in Budapest since approximately 2014 and there are more and more coming up every day. It became a great activity to do with friends or family on evenings or on the weekend to visit one of the escape rooms just like going to the cinema. What are escape games? Escape games (also called escape rooms) are a kind of collection of puzzles that you need to solve to exit a room that you are locked in. Within a certain time you have to solve tasks, puzzels, little quizzes that all build up on each other. Most of the rooms have a certain theme and a story to tell. The usual time to escape the room is around 1 hour though some are easy to solve and you’ll be done in 45 minutes, others require more brain and thinking so that you might be in there for longer than 60 minutes. The games or puzzels you need to solve are usually little tasks that you... ...

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Erotische Massage in Budapest

Feb 5, 2015 0

Eine erotische Massage in Budapest ist sicherlich nicht jedermanns Sache, trotzdem ist der Service sehr weit verbreitet und nicht zu leugnen. Es ist sehr populär in Budapest eine Massage mit Happy End zu genießen, ob in einem professionellen Massage Salon oder bei einer unabhängigen Masseuse. Da auch dieser Markt ein wenig im grauen Bereich ist und viele Betrüger lockt versuche ich Ihnen hier eine Übersicht an Salons und Masseusen zu geben, denen Sie trauen können und ohne Bedenken hier eine Erotische Massage mit happy End genießen können. Erotik Masseusen Wie oben bereits beschrieben sind Erotische Massagen in Budapest sehr beliebt, sowohl bei Einheimischen also auch für Touristen aus allen Ländern. Über den ethischen Aspekt lässt sich hier sicher streiten und wenn Sie solche Dienstleistungen ablehnen ist dies kein Problem. Ich tue dies auch, allerdings sehe ich mich, als Eigentümer dieser Seite, dazu verpflichtet auch über solche Themen zu informieren um Besuchern der Stadt einen möglichst beschwerdefreien Aufenthalt zu ermöglichen. Besonders diese Dienstleistungen sind immer wieder gefundene Fressen für Betrüger und... ...

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5 Aktivitäten mit Kindern in Budapest

Feb 4, 2015 0

Sollten Sie mit Ihrer Familie in Budapest sein und auch Ihre Kinder dabei haben, so habe ich auch in diesem Falle ein paar Tipps für Sie wie Sie den Urlaub oder Ihren Aufenthalt generell ein wenig kinderfreundlicher gestalten können. Bekanntermaßen sind Kinder nicht die größten Fans von Museen, Besichtigungstouren jeglicher Art, Kunst und Geschichte, daher gibt es hier für Sie 5 Tipps was Sie mit Ihren Kindern in Budapest machen könnten. 1. Budapest Zoo Der Budapester Zoo ist eine wirkliche Attraktion und das nicht nur für Kinder, auch Erwachsene kommen hier auf ihre Kosten. Neben dem Zoo, der logischerweise voll von Tieren ist, gibt es auch noch den Botanischen Garten. Im Zoo selbst finden sich Tiere wie Tiger, Löwen, Elefanten, Krokodile, Giraffen, Eisbären und viele mehr. der Besuch lohnt sich auf jeden Fall. 2. Budapest Zircus Der Zirkus in Budapest bietet ein wechselndes Programm an und ist eine Mischung aus Artistik, Tiershows und Zauberei. Das ist nicht nur für die kinder interessant, sondern auch für Erwachsene. Es ist natürlich nicht... ...

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Critical Mass in Budapest

Jul 30, 2014 0

Critical Mass in Budapest ist eine Demonstration um nich Umwelt verschmutzende Verkehrsmittel, insbesondere das Fahrrad, zu unterstützen und auf Umweltschutz aufmerksam zu machen. Mittlerweile nehmen an der Critical Mass jährlich über 30.000 Demonstranten teil. Dabei kommt jeder Demonstrant mit dem Fahrrad, Tretroller, Inlineskatern oder anderen natürlichen Fortbewegungsmitteln zur Demonstration die sich durch die ganze Stadt zieht. Um einmal etwas deutlicher zu machen um was es sich bei Critical Mass genau handelt gibt es hier ein Video. ...

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Symphony Concert with Cimbalom

Jul 4, 2014 0

A concert of the Danube Symphony Orchestra is an experience no music lover should miss when visiting Budapest. A symphonic orchestra accompanied by a traditional folk instrument is quite unusual outside of Hungary, but get a ticket for one of their concerts and you will hear Mozart, Liszt or Gershwin with a twist. The Danube Symphony Orchestra is accompanied by the cimbalom, or hammered dulcimer. Adding a folk instrument to classical favorites has a long tradition in Hungary, dating back to the 19th century. The Danube Symphony Orchestra was formed in 1961. Since then they have given many performances in Hungary and abroad. Their repertoire covers almost every musical style from Baroque music to the music of the 20th century. They perform the most famous classical melodies combined with a traditional Hungarian folk instrument, the cimbalom (hammered Dulcimer). It is a unique opportunity to hear the masterpieces of the great composers interpreted by a folk instrument and a symphonic orchestra in a way which can be enjoyed only in Hungary.... ...

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Budapest Bath Parties

Jun 18, 2014 0

Budapest Bath Parties, also called SPArty, is a superb set of parties in the historical Széchenyi Bath and became a interesting alternative to clubs in the city. Every occasion more people are visiting the already legendary parties and dance in Bikinis and swimming trunks to house music and have drinks and fun together. This article is the ultimate guide to bath parties in Budapest and gives you all information you need to know in order to become part of it. What are Budapest Bath Parties? Budapest Bath Parties are held in the famous Széchenyi Bath almost every Saturday during Spring and Summer time. The pool areas are turned into a large clubbing area with music, light effects and bars to grab drinks. They started as occasional events in Lukács bath and move to the larger Széchenyi Spa later on due to the success and the need for more space. Nowadays the Budapest Bath Parties are fixed events in the Budapest Nightlife and Clubbing scene and are well visited every time... ...

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Club Budapest Park

Apr 8, 2014 0

The club Budapest Park in Budapest is the largest open air club in Budapest which opened its gates in May 2012. It is located next to Lágymányosi Híd Rákóczi Híd on Pest side a bit outside the city center but on the way to the well populated districts 18, 19, 20, 21, 23 and also easy to reach from Buda side where the 11th and 22nd districts are located. There are enough people living around and with the great programs Park has you find many nights sold out even though the size is massive. Just for your information in club Park you have a KFC serving you all night with snacks and food which probably no other club in Budapest can offer you. In Park there are many concerts taking place of internationally and nationally well known bands and performers such as Joss Stone, Manu Chao, Dorfmeister (from Kruder & Dorfmeister) or Anthrax and to name a few Hungarian bands there are Zagar, Hooligans or Anti Fitness Club. Nearly every... ...

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Massage House

Nov 5, 2013 11

Massage House has been offering quality and professional massage services for many years now in Budapest. The salon is frequently visited by foreign businessmen and travelers to the city as well as locals, who rate the establishment as one of the best in Eastern Europe. All of the beautiful masseuses are qualified and certified in the “Art of Massage” – Utilising techniques of Japanese massage and Indonesian massage. You will find that the salon is furnished luxuriously and kept hygienically clean to a high standard, with candlelit rooms and relaxing music to send you into a peaceful state of mind. Available Treatments: Erotic Lingham massage, Erotic Yoni Massage (for women), 4 hand massage, Body to Body (Slippery) massage, Tantra massage, Erotic massage for couples, Erotic massage for groups (up to 4 in person from same time). Choose 45’ or 90’ minutes program. All programs are includes professional full body massage, and 20 minutes erotic Happy Ending. Prices: 50-70 EUR (13-18.000 HUF) Location: Massage House location is very discreet on a... ...

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Poker Rooms in Budapest

Sep 12, 2013 0

Since Poker became very famous through online poker rooms also a number of physical poker rooms have open up around the city for passionate poker players to meet and play a round of poker or an entire tournament. In online poker rooms many tournaments are played throughout the year with great prices and rewards. However poker as an old and traditional game which used to be played in bars or in separate rooms of restaurants is still a question of atmosphere and the eye contact or personal interaction makes a big difference to the game. You can see your opponents on the tables starting to sweat, making perfidious movements or talking which can all be signs of a good hand or bad hand, a bluff or really strong will to win this hand. So for the people who are interested in poker, I became interested a few weeks ago myself, and would like to go out one night to play a tournament or to play some poker on a real... ...

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Mangalica Festival in Budapest

May 24, 2013 0

7. – 9. February 2014 – Szabadság tér – Open hours: 09.00 – 22.00 If your in Budapest during the first two weeks of February the Mangalica Festival is a definite must see. The festival is held at the Szabadsag tér situated near the Parliament after it was moved from the Vajdahunyad Castle in City Park the previous year. The festival has free admission and provides something to do for every member of the family. Mangalica which is also known as a curly-hair hog is a unique breed of pig which is indigenous to Hungary resulting from the cross breeding of Bansagi Sumadia and Szalonati Bakonyi pigs. The Mangalica festival was created in order to pay tribute to this unique Hungarian heritage breed which had come close to extinction just a few decades ago. The Mangalica Festival was first held in 2007 in order to promote Mangalica products and has since become one of the largest gastro events in Budapest. It consists of more than one hundred exhibitors and contains... ...

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