General Budapest Information

What do you need to know before arrival to Budapest? No matter if on a short business trip or on a long term stay as an expat or student there are things that are essential to know. Once arrived to Budapest information is key because maybe you need to go to the doctor and don’t know where to find an English speaking one or you lost your passport and need to find your embassy to get a new or temporary one. All the information you will find here. You don’t know where to stay the first nights? Find hotels, apartments or any other accommodation for short or long term stay even last minute. Want to open up a Hungarian bank account? You would like to read foreign language press? When are the public holidays in Hungary? Which district and neighborhood in Budapest is safe? Which ones are expensive to live in?
All information you need to know you find comfortably consolidated below in the list. If there is something missing please drop me an email or ask me in the Q&A section.

Collection of Information about Budapest

Handy in list style the most important information you need to know about Budapest, before arrival and during your stay as well.

Before Arrival

Find essential information before arriving to Budapest. You will need to cahnge currency, might have a look at the weather forecast or check out where you stay on the map.

Arrival & Transportation

How to reach the city from the airport, train station or however you arrive to Budapest? There are several ways to get into downtown but there is also a lot to do wrong.

Good to know…

Some information about Budapest that is good to know for anybody who stays here no matter if short term weekend tourist or long term expat, this info is really helpful.


Mostly addressed for long term visitors who need the daily services such as mobile phone provider or a bank account. A lot of good info for everybody in many situations.

Where to Stay?

Nowhere to stay yet? No problem, from a dirt cheap hostel to a high end hotel or a long term apartment you find anything here. If not check the list of agents available.

What to do?

You don’t have an idea yet what to do during your stay in Budapest? You come for sightseeing and would like to attend a tour? Need inspiration? You find it here.

You can find even more articles with interesting information about Budapest here.

More Information about Budapest

Student? This is how you find your apartment!

You got your notification that you will be studying in Budapest for a semester or more and now you are getting into the planning phase. But how to find a good apartment without knowing anybody in Budapest and not being actually here? 2 easy steps that is all to lead you to your dream apartment in downtown Budapest. 1. Get an Airbnb apartment in Budapest for approximately a week to have the time to check out long term rentals during that time. Airbnb is very easy and uncomplicated to use and with the right apartment not even expensive. 2. Check out long term rentals, flat share and so one and move when you can. Airbnb apartments can be rented for a day only, for a week or as long as you need to so you are very flexible and can stay until you can move into your final apartment! Please also read the article about a popular Apartment Scam hitting Budapest to be prepared! 3 cheap but nice Airbnb apartments…

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Budapest Airport Parking

Since the regulation of the taxi industry Budapest Airport Parking became very popular because it is in sum much cheaper to park your car for a weekend than taking a taxi there and back. In the meantime there are a lot of offers near the airport where you can park your car on a guarded place and they transfer you to Budapest airport at the time you need to be there and pick you up again once you arrive. Just like a Budapest Airport Transfer but until the parking place you go with your own car. Let’s do a little calculation: Let’s say you are coming from the city center you would pay roughly 5.000 Forint regular fee with a taxi which means for getting to and from the airport you’d pay 10.000 HUF in total. You are flying from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening for a weekend trip somewhere 3 days parking cost you 4.200 HUF including the transfer. A saving of 5.800 HUF not taking your gasoline costs…


Airbnb Apartments & Houses at Lake Balaton

Airbnb Apartments & Houses are becoming increasingly popular at Lake Balaton with every season. The guest house and apartment rental is a very important factor for the region just like gastronomy or entertainment. Most people need for a place to stay, except for people who own a house or apartment, so there is the option for a hotel which often is fairly expensive or an apartment house / flat. You can find rentals in every little village around Lake Balaton but with the increasing popularity of Airbnb booking online becomes more and more convenient and popular. So that is why I have collected a few Airbnb Balaton possibilities (just like the Airbnb apartments in Budapest which I have collected) for you in different cities that look nice, are affordable or have something really nice. Here we go. Top 3 Apartments at Lake Balaton! Airbnb Apartments in Siófok Siófok without a doubt is the party capital of Lake Balaton (or at least of the Southern side) which brings many young people…


The Worlds most “powerful” Passports

There are passports and there are passports. Not with every passport you can travel freely in every country for various reasons. But which are the passports you can travel into most of the countries freely? And which are the ones that don’t allow you to enter most of the countries? The list below gives clarity and as the refugee topic is more actual then ever these days I think it is worth to publish this list. The first place is shared between the UK and the USA followed by France, Germany and South Korea on a shared second place. So the list goes on with mainly Western countries but with less free access to many countries. On a shared ninth place comes Hungary alongside Czech republic and Australia. On the bottom of the list on a shared place 80 you find Solomon Islands, Myanmar (Burma), South Sudan, Sao Tome and Principe and Palestinian Territories. This should not be a political post which I ever since I do avoid. So…


How to Save Money in Budapest

A nice holiday or weekend trip always has a lot of costs involved, starting with the flight and ending with your daily needs such as eating and drinking. But also as an expat or student living in Budapest you have a lot of expenses which can be cut. Going budget doeasn’t mean that you need to cut off quality or how much you see and get around. Instead it is about knowing a few little things here and there which save you cash which adds up during the time of your stay. So here we go with 10 tipps on How to Save Money in Budapest. Arrival to Budapest 1. The cheapest Airport Transfer Take bus 200E from Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 to Kőbánya-Kispest station from there you can take the metro line M3 to the inner city. The bus starts approximately every 8 to 10 minutes between 5 in the morning and midnight and costs approximately 350 HUF (1 Euro). The Metro line costs another Euro so the total…

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Apartment Scam in Budapest

A new type of scam came up recently in Budapest (probably this is practised all over the world) which is affecting all people looking for an apartment to rent. Imagine you find a nice apartment in Budapest on one of the major real estate websites and agree on an appointment with the supposed owner. The apartment looks nice, the rental is fair (attention here often very cheap prices are offered) and everything seems to be perfect. The supposed owner takes out a document which appears to be a rental contract which you will sign and so does your counterpart. It is stamped and all looks legit. You are now supposed to pay the deposit which usually is equivalent to 2 months rental fee. So you pay as you signed the contract, saw the apartment and are happy to move in. But once you want to move in the apartment the supposed owner is not reachable anymore, you don’t have a key and you have no clue how to get into…


Property Management Budapest

A good property management in Budapest can save you a lot of time and hassle with administrative tasks and day to day business of an estate owner. No matter if you own an apartment or a house in Budapest the property management Budapest services take care of everything you need. property management is especially interesting for foreigners who are investing in the real estate market in Budapest and Hungary. But which agency is trustworthy? How much do you spend for which services? And which property management services are offered? This and many more questions I try to answer here. Property Management Budapest Agencies What is property management? Property management is the operation and maintenance of real estate which includes but is not limited to taking care of the bills being paid, works that need to be done and do all the admistrative tasks for your apartment or house. This means with the write agency you can skip all Hungarian paperwork, have prfessionals on hand who take care of your estate…


Botschaften in Budapest

In manchen Fällen es kann sehr wichtig sein die Botschaft zu kontaktieren, dies kann vom verlorenen Reisepass bis zu einem Raubüberfall der Fall sein. Die Botschaft ist aber auch für zum Beispiel Wahlen im eigenen Land oder die Verlängerung des Reisepasses wichtig sowie auch für die Geburt eines Kindes in Ungarn. Die Botschaft kümmert sich um viele Angelegenheiten der Mitbürger des Landes. Da diese Artikel auf deutsch ist habe ich hier die 3 deutschsprachigen Länder kurz zusammengefasst, weiter unten finden Sie eine Tabelle mit mehr als 80 Botschaften und Konsulaten für den Fall das Sie zum Beispiel ein Visum für ein Land brauchen in das Sie gerne reisen möchten oder müssen. Deutsche Botschaft in Budapest Adresse: Úri utca 64-66., 1014 Budapest Postanschrift: Postfach 43, 1250 Budapest Telefon: 0036-1-488 3500 Fax: 0036-1-488 3505 Besuchszeiten des Referats für Rechts- und Konsularwesen (Konsularreferat): Montag – Freitag 09.00 – 12.00 Uhr; Donnerstag auch 13.30 – 15.30 Uhr – Im Sommer (ab dem 1. Juni bis zum 31. August): Montag – Donnerstag 13.30 – 15.30…


Budapest Bahnhof (Nyugati, Keleti & Déli)

Es gibt 3 große Bahnhöfe in Budapest die alle nach Himmelsrichtungen benannt sind, Nyugati (Westbahnhof), Keleti (Ostbahnhof) und Déli (Südbahnhof). Der Südbahnhof (Déli) ist auf der Buda Seite, wohingegen sowohl der Westbahnhof (Nyugati) als auch der Ostbahnhof (Keleti) auf der Pest Seite liegen. Gemessen an der Größe ist der Nyugati der größte Budapest Bahnhof, doch der Keleti ist wesentlich mehr frequentiert. In den meisten Fällen, bei internationalen Verbindungen, wird der Keleti angesteuert beziehungsweise ist Ausgangspunkt der Reise. Auf dem Weg nach Deutschland werden Sie auch am Kelenföldi Pályaudvar anhalten, der sich auch noch in Budapest (im 11. Bezirk) befindet, aber nur ein Durchgangsbahnhof ist. Nichts desto trotz, sollten Sie auf der Buda Seite ihr Ziel finden könnte diese Bahnhof auch interessant sein. Ostbahnhof Budapest (Keleti Pályaudvar) Die meisten internationalen Züge verlassen Budapest über den Ostbahnhof beziehungsweise kommen hier an. Mit einem kurzen Stop am kelenföl Bahnhof im Süder der Stadt fahren hier die Züge ein die Ost und West miteinander verbinden. Der Keleti Bahnhof ist sehr leicht mit der Metro…


Feiertage Ungarn

Die Feiertage in Ungarn sind, als christliches Land, ähnlich der Feiertage die wir aus Deutschland kennen. Ostern, Weihnachten etc sind Feiertage die auch in anderen Ländern gefeiert werden. Unterscheiden tun sich die Feiertage in Ungarn durch die Nationalfeiertage am 15. März (Märzrevolution von 1848) und dem 23. Oktober (Volksaufstand 1956) die groß und auch gerne gefeiert werden. An diesen Tagen ist die Stadt wie ausgestorben wenn es um offene Geschäfte geht, aber die Feuerwerke die von Hundertausenden an der Donau verfolgt werden sind spektakulär und wirklich sehenswert. Alle Feiertage in Ungarn ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Bezirke

In Budapest Bezirke sind dazu da die Stadt in einzelne, kleinere Gegenden einzugrenzen so wie es auch zum Beispiel in Wien der Fall ist mit Nummern oder in anderen Großstädten mit Namen. So gibt es für jeden Bezirk einen eigenen Bürgermeister, ein eigenes Meldeamt und all die kleinen lokalen administrativen Büros. Budapest ist in 23 Bezirke aufgeteilt von denen sich 6 auf der Buda Seite befinden (1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 22), 16 auf der Pest Seite (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23) und der 21. Bezirke, genannt Csepel liegt auf einer Halbinsel im Süden der Stadt. Die ältesten Bezirke sind 1 bis 10 die 1873 geformt wurden wie Sie auch heute noch existieren. Bis 1950 wurden die restlichen Budapest Bezirke nach und nach hinzugefügt so wie wir Budapest heute kennen. Die 3 größten Bezirke in Bezug auf die Fläche sind der 17. (Rákosmente), der 23. (Soroksár) und der 3. (Óbuda). Geht es allerdings nach der Einwohnerzahl so sind die…


Mobilfunkanbieter & Handyvertrag in Ungarn

Für einen Handyvertrag in Ungarn bieten sich 3 große Mobilfunkanbieter an, die sich den Markt aufteilen und dabei relative gleiche Anteile haben. Der größte Mobilfunkanbieter in Ungarn ist T-Mobile das zur Magyar Telekom (Ungarische Telekom) gehört und die wiederum zum Großteil in den Händen der Deutsche Telekom ist. Fast gleichauf aber ein wenig dahinter liegt Vodafone das logischerweise zum gleichnamigen Englischen Mutterkonzern gehört. Die drittgrößte Kraft unter den Mobilfunkanbietern ist Telenor das ebenfalls zum gleichnamigen Mutterkonzern aus Norwegen gehört. Grundsätzlich sind Mobilfunkanbieter in Ungarn , wie auch in Deutschland, so aufgestellt, dass es Prepaid sowie Postpaid Verträge gibt. Sprich Prepaid Karten müssen im vorhinein aufgeladen werden, das kann entweder an Geldautomaten, an Tankstellen oder natürlich beim Anbieter selbst vorgenommen werden. Postpaid Karten benötigen einen Vertrag mit dem Mobilfunkanbieter. Die Preise schwanken logischerweise je nach Vertragsart beziehungsweise nach Gesprächsminuten und Datenvolumen. Beispiel Handyvertrag in Ungarn T-Mobile “Next S díjcsomag” Monatliche Gebühr (ohne Handy): 6.490 Forint (ca. 20€) 160 Inklusivminuten SMS zu T-Mobile Flatrate, 35HUF pro SMS außerhalb von T-Mobile 500MB Daten…


Banken in Budapest

Eine Bank in Budapest oder Ungarn zu finden ist im Prinzip kein Hexenwerk doch kommt es zu einer Kontoeröffnung so ist die Auswahl eventuell doch zu groß. In diesem Artikel werde ich Ihnen, als Expat oder Student der eventuell ein ungarisches Bankkonto eröffnen möchte, eine Liste von Banken an die Hand geben sowie Ihnen meine persönliche Meinung beziehungsweise Auswahl erzählen. Die Liste verschiedener Banken mit Sitz in Budapest finden Sie weiter unten in diesem Artikel in alphabetischer Reihenfolge. Persönlich kann ich die OTP Bank empfehlen da sie das größte Netz an Geldautomaten in Ungarn hat und auch sonst fair ist. Desweiteren gibt es große, vertrauenswürdige Banken wie zum Beispiel Budapest Bank, CIB Bank, Erste Bank, MKB oder Raiffeisen die auch über ein großen Netzwerk an Geldautomaten verfügen und sehr beliebte Banken sind. Die Auswahl der Bank hängt natürlich von verschiedenen Faktoren ab wie zum Beispiel die Anzahl der Transaktionen, dem Kapital was auf dem Konto liegt und natürlich auch Zusatzservices wie SMS Benachrichtigung oder Online Banking. Alle Banken bieten mittlerweile…

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Zahnarztkliniken & Zahnärzte in Budapest

Es ist weit über die Grenzen Ungarns bekannt das Zahnarztbehandlungen jeder Art in Budapest und Ungarn bei gleichen Standards wesentlich günstiger ist als im Europäischen Ausland. Der Zahnarzttourismus in Ungarn ist sehr groß, speziell aus Österreich, Deutschland sowie anderen Westeuropäischen Ländern wie Großbritanien oder den Niederlanden. Aber warum ist das so? Was macht Ungarn und Budapest so speziell? Es spielen viele Faktoren eine Rolle die Ungarn zu dem Ruf verholfen haben das es heute hat. Zum einen ist es die Ausbildung an den ungarischen und speziell Budapester Universitäten die auf dem selben Stand sind wie in anderen Ländern. Ja, viele deutsche die aufgrund des NC an Zahnmedizin scheitern kommen nach Budapest um das Grundstudium hier zu absolvieren. Doch nicht nur das, auch die geringeren Einkünfte in Ungarn und somit der günstigere Betrieb von Zahnarztkliniken macht eine Zahnarztbehandlung in Ungarn zwischen 30 und 80% billiger als z.B. in Deutschland. Denken Sie nun an eine größere Behandlung die in Deutschland einige tausend Euro kosten würde. Von dem gesparten Geld können Sie locker…


Sprachschulen in Budapest

Sollten Sie in Budapest oder Ungarn leben und hier arbeiten oder studieren so ist es hilfreich zumindest ein paar Worte Ungarisch zu sprechen. Da Ungarisch mit eine der schwersten zu erlernenden Sprachen der Welt ist ist es durchaus empgehlenswert zumindest in den Anfängen eine Sprachschule in Budapest zu besuchen um sowohl Grammatik als auch Vokabeln zu lernen und zu üben.Es gibt viele Sprachschulen in Budapest daher kann man schnell den Überblick verlieren beziehungsweise erst gar keinen bekommen, denn so viele verschiedene Kurse, unterschiedliche Dauer und Fokus und natürlich auch die verschiedenen Preise. Aber was braucht eine Sprachschule in Budapest damit Sie persönlich Ungarisch lernen können oder es verbessern können. Eine Individuallösung ist mit Sicherheit eine der besten Möglichkeiten auch wenn es am Anfang nicht unbedingt von Nöten ist da aller Anfang schwer ist und jeder auf dem selben Level Anfängt. Nichts desto trotz habe ich ein paar Sprachschulen in Budapest zusammengestellt, mit manchen habe persönliche Erfahrung gemacht. Empfohlene Sprachschule in Budapest 30 weitere Sprachschulen in Budapest Ameropa Nyelviskola Móricz Zsigmond…


Budapest Flughafen Transfer

Der Flughafen in Budapest ist ca. 16km östlich, außerhalb der Stadt und durch verschiedene Transfermöglichkeiten zu erreichen. Ich empfehle Ihnen sich bereits vor der Ankunft in Budapest sich über den Flughafen Transfer zu erkundigen, aber genau deshalb sind Sie vermutlich hier auf der Seite gelandet. Vorab, beachten Sie bitte die rote Box ansonsten wird bereits Ihre Ankunft am Budapester Flughafen zur Horrorgeschichte. Minibus Flughafen Transfer Der Minibus vom Budapest Flughafen in die Stadt ist eine der komfortabelsten und günstigsten Methoden die Ihnen zur Verfügung steht. Sollten Sie alleine reisen so ist der Minibus wesentlich günstiger als ein Taxi, dass ca. das doppelte kosten wird. Ab 2 Personen also empfiehlt es sich auf ein Taxi umzusteigen. Der Minibus wartet direkt vor dem Ausgang am Flughafen und noch im Gebäude werden Sie mit einem Schild empfangen und zum Minibus begleitet. Die Busse starten fast immer nachdem große Maschinen gelandet sind, denn Sie teilen sich den Bus mit anderen Gästen die auch gebucht haben. Es kann also mal vorkommen das Sie 10 Minuten…


Taxi fahren in Budapest

Seit dem 1. September 2013 wird der Taximarkt in Budapest (nicht in ganz Ungarn) reguliert und ALLE Taxiunternehmen müssen dem selben Preissystem folgen. Seit diesem tag gilt für Taxis in Budapest folgende Preisstruktur: 450 HUF Einstiegsgebühr 280 HUF pro km 70 HUF pro Warteminute Vor dem 1. September 2013 hat es einen großen Unterschied gemacht für welches Taxiunternehmen man sich entscheidet denn die Preise waren nicht reguliert und jedes Taxiunternehmen konnte die Preise selbst bestimmen. Auch hat es einen Unterschied gemacht ob man das Taxi auf der Straße anhält oder ob man per Telefon eins bestellt. Zusätzlich gab es für oft gefahrene Strecken Festpreise wie zum Beispiel der Weg zu oder vom Flughafen in die Stadt. All dies spielt heute keine Rolle mehr denn auch Festpreise wurde abgeschafft und so bezahlt man bei einem Taxiunternehmen genau das selbe wie bei einem anderen. Die ungarische regierung glaubt das sie so den Taximarkt transparenter und fairer macht. Bis zu einem gewissen Punkt stimmt dies auch allerdings sind die Preise drastisch nach oben…


Internationale & Deutsche Kindergärten in Budapest

Sollten Sie für längere Zeit in Budapest leben und Ihre Familie inklusive Kindern mitbringen oder sollte Ihr Kind hier in Ungarn geboren sein so könnte es interessant für Sie sein es in einen internationalen oder deutschen Kindergarten zu bringen. Die staatlichen, ungarischen Kindergärten sind natürlich nicht schlecht aber wenn Sie daran interessiert sind, dass Ihr Kind schon von kleinauf deutsch bzw. eine andere Sprache lernt so empfiehlt sich ein internationaler Kindergarten in dem auch andere Kinder mit der selben Muttersprache sind. Aus eigener Erfahrung kann ich sagen, dass sich die Sprache auch wenn das Kind in einen staatlichen Kindergarten geht sehr gut entwickelt. Ist das Kind im Schulalter dürfte eine deutsche Schule (bzw internationale Schule) sicherlich interessanter sein. Die Liste internationaler Schulen in Budapest finden Sie hier. Jetzt aber die Liste der internationalen Kindergärten in Budapest: BadaBing – Englischer Kindergarten Ajtósi Dürer sor 5. Telefon: +36 20 235 88 90 Webseite: Bóbita-Vár (Dandelion Castle) International Daycare and Pre-School 1095. Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 2/B. Telefon: +36 30 322 0965…


Betrug in Bars & Clubs in Budapest

Leider, wie in vielen touristischen Gegenden, gibt es auch in Budapest immer wieder Betrugsfälle und Clubs bzw Bars die nur darauf ausgelegt sind Besucher in eine Betrugsfalle zu locken. Abgesehen von immer überteuerten Restaurants und Bars im Centrum der Stadt und in viel besuchten Gegenden sind es vor allen Dingen die Nachtclubs und Stripclubs in Budapest in denen es zu Betrugsfällen kommt. Das liegt ganz einfach daran das viele Leute aus Scham den Betrug nicht melden würden. Die Masch ist oft denkbar einfach, 2 gutaussehende ungarische Frauen treffen ganz zufälllig junge, ausländische Männer die, die nach Touristen aussehen, und haben entweder ein Problem oder wollen einfach nur was trinken gehen. Genau das ist wo der Betrug beginnt denn die Frauen werden von Clubs und Bars angeheuert um Touristen in massivst überteuerte Bars zu locken. Leider fallen genug Menschen darauf rein, da sie sich dabei nichts denken und mit den Damen willkürlich in irgendeinen Club in der Innenstadt gehen. Deshalb mein Tipp: Gehen Sie nicht mit irgendwelchen Frauen in bekannten Touristengegenden…


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel Budapest

Das System der öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel in Budapest ist sehr gut ausgebaut so dass wirklich jede Ecke der Stadt gut mit Bus, Bahn oder Metro (U-Bahn) erreicht werden kann und auch die Außenbezirke beziehungsweise Vorstädte und nahen Städte sind durch die so genannte HÉV (S-Bahn) sehr gut angebunden. Es gibt in Budapest 4 U-Bahn Linien die in verschiedene Ecken der Stadt fahren und von dort aus ist es immer möglich mit Bus oder Bahn weiter in abgelegenere Teile der Stadt zu fahren. 3 der 4 U-Bahn Linien treffen sich an der Haltestation Déak tér, direkt in der Innenstadt, welcher auch gleichzeitig der größte Umsteigeplatz im gesamten Öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel System in Budapest ist. Zusätzlich zu Bus, Straßenbahn, U-Bahn und S-Bahn gibt es noch eine Route auf der Donau mit dem Schiff welches auch gerne als Sightseeingboot genutzt wird das es verglichen mit professionellen Ausflugsbooten sehr billig ist. Die D Linie wie sie heißt wird allerdings nicht von vielen täglichen Pendlern genutzt, da verglichen mit anderen öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln die Boote doch recht langsam…


Lebenshaltungskosten in Ungarn und Budapest

Die Lebenshaltungskosten in Ungarn sind sicherlich ein wenig unterschiedlich von denen in Budapest aber grundsätzlich kann man sagen, dass die Lebenshaltungskosten im Schnitt geringer sind als in Deutschland und anderen Westeuropäischen Ländern. Viele Ausländer die nach Budapest oder in andere ungarische Städte kommen, sei es als Student oder Auswanderer zum arbeiten übersehen häufig die kleinen versteckten Kosten die es zu stämmen gilt. Seien es die Nebenkosten, die alltäglichen Haushaltsgegenstände, Möbel oder auch nur Freizeitaktivitäten die man am Wochenende gerne unternehmen würde. In der unten stehenden Liste versuche ich ein paar Dinge aufzuzählen die sicherlich die meisten ab und zu mal benötigen und ich versuche so gut es geht die Liste auf dem letzten Stand zu halten und zu erweitern. Wer fragen hat kann gerne einen Kommentar hinterlassen oder eine Email schreiben. Kosten für Essen in Budapest Tägliches Mittagsmenü in Geschäftsumgebungen – 1.300 HUF Fast Food Menü (z.B. Big Mac Menü) – 1.200 HUF 1kg Hühnchenbrust – 1.200 HUF 1 Liter Milch – 250 HUF 1kg Tomaten – 480 HUF 12…


Ungarn Währung – Der Forint

Die Währung Ungarns ist seit dem 1. August 1946 der Forint (abgeürzt entweder als Ft oder als Währungscode HUF) der damals noch unterteilt war in 100 Filler die es aber seit 1999 nicht mehr gibt aus dem einfachen Grund das der Wert zu gering ist und heute ca. 0,0003 Euro entsprechen würde. Mittlerweile wurde auch 1 und 2 Forintstücke aus dem Verkehr genommen und so werden Preise jeweils auf den nächsten 5er oder 10er Schritt auf- bzw. abgerundet. Zusätzlich wurde im jahre 2009 die 200 Forint Münze eingeführt und im Gegenzug der 200 Forint Schein abgeschafft. Offiziell geschah dies da die Produktionskosten teurer wären, allerdings wurde damals gemunkelt ob Ungarn nicht den nächsten Schritt in Richtung Euro machen möchte und eine Münze geschaffen hat die der 1 Euro Münze im Wert näher kommt, sowohl im Wert als auch von der Optik her. Die Forint Münzen gibt es als 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 und 200 Forint. Die Forint Scheine gibt es als 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10.000,…


Ungarische Frauen

Ungarische Frauen gelten im allgemeinen als Sexbomben und auch Naturschönheiten wenn man nach den Vorurteilen geht. Auch wird oft behauptet das Ungarische Frauen besonders leicht rumzukriegen sind, bzw. aufzureissen sind. Aber ist das wirklich so? Sind alle Ungarischen Frauen bildhübsch? Man kann getrost sagen das von natur aus die Ungarin sehr schön ist was sowohl das Gesicht als oft auch den Körper angeht, des allerdings zu verallgemeinern ist schlichtweg falsch. Auch das Frauen besonders “willig” oder leicht rumzukriegen wäre ist aus der Luft gegriffen. Im Gegenteil, es ist sehr schwer ungarische Frauen wirklich kennenzulernen und auch über lange Zeit mit ihr eine Freundschaft zu pflegen, zumindest wenn man nur mit dem Gedanken an Sex auf die Suche geht. Nichts desto trotz sollten auch die Vorurteile für die Leute die danach suchen erfüllt werden: Video über Ungarische Frauen Fotos von Ungarischen Frauen   Budapest Girl ← → x × Previous Next


Club Trafiq Budapest

Das Trafiq ist ein Club in der Innenstadt Budapests der seit nicht all zu langer Zeit existiert. Nichts desto trotz ist das Trafiq einer der angesagtesten Clubs in Budapest derzeit und gut gefüllt an den Wochenenden und Donnerstags. Nicht weit von der Basilika entfernt öffnet das Trafiq um 10 Uhr abends sein Pforten und wer nicht mindestens 30 Minuten anstehen will um reinzukommen sollte auf jeden Fall vor Mitternacht dort sein. Nach Mitternacht ist die Schlange sehr lang und man kann sich einige Zeit im freien rumschlagen. Das Trafiq zieht gleichermaßen Ungarn und internationales Publikum an und alterstechnisch ist von 18 bis 40 alles vertreten. Das Trafiq ist sicherlich eine Topadresse wenn es darum geht hübsche ungarische Frauen kennenzulernen, die hier aber schon auf den Geldbeutel des Mannes schauen und sich auch gerne einladen lassen. Nichts desto trotz kann man im Trafiq vorzüglich zu House und Popmusik feiern und tanzen. Wer also Spaß am Budapester Nachtleben haben möchte kann das Trafiq gerne ausprobieren. Club Trafiq Budapest Fotos Weitere Trafiq Budapest…


Akvárium Budapest

Das Akvárium, ehemals Gödör Club, ist eine Bar, Club, Veranstaltungsort mit Aussen- und Innenbereich und sehr beliebt da es wirklich im Zentrum Budapests liegt. Direkt neben der Metro Haltestelle Déak tér findet sich die Treppe runter zum eigentlichen Club die im Sommer mit Tischen und Stühlen vollgestellt ist und als Aussenbereich dient mit eigenen Bars und Musik. Doch auch im Innenbereich ist viel los da hier die Bühne ist die vor allem für Konzerte dient aber auch für andere Veranstaltungen wie zum Beispiel Vorlesungen oder auch Ausstellungen. Das Herz jedoch ist die Treppe die im Sommer immer proppenvoll ist. Als der Club noch den Namen Gödör trug saßen mehr und mehr Leute einfach auf der Treppe, tranken Bier und redeten wie auf dem gesamten Ersébet tér der heute mehrere Clubs bzw. Bars beherbergt und auch das neu errichtete “Budapest Eye“. Die Getränke im Akvárium haben moderate Preise und es wird ausser bei speziellen Veranstaltungen kein Eintritt verlangt. Das Publikum ist gemischt aus Ungarn und Ausländern die meist im Studentenalter sind,…


Jobs in Budapest – Arbeiten in Budapest

Arbeiten in Budapest… Neuste Stellenanzeigen in Budapest [jobs] Speziell deutschsprachige Jobs in Budapest [RSSImport display=”20″ feedurl=”” date=”true” displaydescriptions=”true” truncatedescchar=”200″] Weitere deutschsprachige Jobs oder Stellenangebote mit Deutschkenntnissen gibt es hier. Karriere in Budapest Verdienstmöglichkeiten in Budapest Deutsche Unternehmen in Budapest & Ungarn Deutsche Telekom Bosch Audi Mercedes Benz Wie bewerbe ich mich? Headhunter in Budapest Kelly Serivces – Webseite Hays – Webseite Grafton – Webseite Karrier Hungaria – Webseite Randstad – Webseite Manpower – Webseite Next Consulting – Webseite Adecco – Webseite Pannonjob – Webseite ← → x × Previous Next


Partnerstädte Budapest

Wie viele Städte der Welt hat auch Budapest Partnerstädte rund um den Globus. Partnerstädte sind Freundschaften zwischen Städten die dem Austausch dienen und so zum Beispiel zusammen Veranstaltungen organisieren oder auch Klassenfahrten der lokalen Schulen. Meist sind Partnerstädte in etwa gleich groß, obwohl man im Falle von Budapest und z.B. New York nicht von einem Gleichgewicht sprechen kann. Schauen Sie sich unten die Partnerstädte von Budapest an mit der Jahreszahl wann sie Partnerstädte wurden. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Sex & Erotik Reiseführer

Da Budapest immer mit Sex und Erotik in Verbindung gebracht wird möchte ich hier gerne ein paar Infos und vertrauenswürdige Quellen veröffentlichen sowie mit einigen Vorurteilen und Sterotypen aufräumen. Es gibt Vorurteile den ungarischen Frauen gegenüber und natürlich deren Verhalten beziehungsweise Bereitschaft für Sex sowie dem Aussehen. Es ist sicher kein Geheimnis das Frauen in Ungarn und gerade auch in der Hauptstadt Budapest im Durchschnitt sehr hübsch sind und dies bestätigt sich auch wenn man Abends in Bars oder Clubs geht. Budapest wird auch oft die Sexhauptstadt Europas genannt und dabi in einem Atemzug mit Orten wie Pattaya in Thailand oder Tijuana in Mexiko genannt. Das liegt vor allem daran das die menschen hier offen gegenüber dem Thema Sex sind, sowohl Männer als auch Frauen. Die Vorurteile allerdings das ungarische Frauen wesentlich einfacher rumzukriegen wären stammen aber sicherlich noch aus Zeiten in der Ungarn nicht so weltoffen war wie es heute ist. Damals, so sagen es Erzählungen, reichte eine dicke Geldbörse oder ein westeuropäischer Ausweis für Sex, dies ist heute…


Budapest Districts & Neighborhoods

Budapest is divided in 23 districts out of them 6 are located on Buda Side (1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 22), 16 are on Pest Side (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23) and the 21st district named Csepel is located on a homonyms island in the South of Budapest. The oldest districts are dating back to 1873 which are districts 1 to 10 the others were added over time until 1950 when 9 more districts were added to what we know today as Budapest. The 3 largest district by size are the 17th (Rákosmente), 23rd (Soroksár) and 3rd (Óbuda) but in terms of population the 11th (Újbuda), 3rd (Óbuda) 14th (Zugló) are making roughly 20% of the total population in Budapest. So if you are looking for flats or houses with a lot of space you probably should start looking in districts with the lowest population density which are 23 (Soroksár), 17 (Rákosmente) and 22 (Budafok-Tétény). Obviously the downtown districts…


Arena Plaza Einkaufszentrum Budapest

Das Arena Plaza in Budapest ist das grösste Shopping Center Europas. Vor dem Bau des Arena Plazas trug den Titel ein anderes Shopping Center in Budapest: Das West End City Center. Das Arena Plaza liegt relativ zentral in Budapest, direkt neben dem Westbahnhof (Keleti Palyaudvar), ist aber dennoch riesig gross. Von aussen lässt sich die Grösse nicht erschliessen, da ein Teil unter der Erde liegt. Im Arena Plaza finden sich neben Shops, Restaurants und den üblichen Geschäften auch ein Tesco, ein riesiges Kino, ein Casino und vieles mehr. Die grössten Shop Ketten die im Arena Plaza vertreten sind sind Peek & Cloppenburg, Zara, H&M, Puma, Nike, Adidas und weitere Bekleidungsgeschäfte sowie Parfümerien und Schmuckgeschäfte. Das Arena Plaza ist ca. 66.000 Quadratmeter gross und hält über 2.500 Parkplätze für seine Besucher bereit. Falls Sie Interesse haben das Arena Plaza zu besuchen sollten Sie einen Blick auf den Budapest Stadtplan werfen. ← → x × Previous Next


West End Einkaufszentrum Budapest

Das West End City Center in Budapest war lange Zeit das grösste Shopping Center in Europa, bis das Arena Plaza in Budapest gebaut wurde. Mit 4 Stockwerken und unzählig vielen Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, einem riesigen Kino, dem Hilton Hotel Budapest und vielem mehr bietet das West End City Center Entertainment und Shopping an einem Platz. Hier finden Sie alles was Sie brauchen, von Herrenkleidung über Schuhe bis hin zu Schmuck, Zeitungen, Sommermode, Trekkingkleidung und vieles mehr. Weiterhin gibt es einige Parfümerien und andere Kosmetik Shops für die Damen, aber auch spezielle Damen Schuhshops, Unterwäsche und alles was das Herz begehrt. Neben Kleidung können Sie hier natürlich auch in einem der unzähligen Restaurants essen, die verschiedene, internationale Speisen zu günstigen Preisen anbieten. Sei es chinesisch, griechisch, türkisch oder auch ungarisch, Sie werden hier sicher fündig. Zum Nachtisch können Sie Eis essen, Kaffe und Kuchen oder auch den berühmten ungarischen Palatschinken. ← → x × Previous Next


Einkaufsstrassen in Budapest

Da Budapest keine wirkliche Innenstadt hat gibt es über die gesamte Stadt verteilt einzelne Strassen die sich zum einkaufen eignen. Sollte also gutes Wetter in Budapest sein und Sie haben Lust ein wenig shoppen zu gehen so empfehle ich Ihnen eine der Shopping Strassen zu besuchen. Andrássy út Sicher eine der bekanntesten Strassen in Budapest, da die Andrässy út mitten in der Stadt ist und viel bietet. In der Weihnachtszeit ist die Andrássy út üppig mit Lichtern beleuchtet, was der gesamten Strasse einen romantischen Flair verleiht. Immer mehr grosse Marken eröffnen hier ihre Flag Stores, wie zum Beispiel Gucci oder Louis Vuitton. Aber auf der Andrássy út kann man nicht nur shoppen, sondern auch sehr gut essen. Wie bereits auf der Restaurantseite beschrieben ist hier das Restaurant Goa, welches für mich eines der besten Restaurants in Budapest ist. An Wochenenden finden sih viele Menschen auf der Andrássy út ein um einfach ein wenig zu schlendern und einen kaffee trinken zu gehen. Vaci utca Die Vaci utca ist sicher die bekannteste…


Mammut Einkaufszentrum

Das Mammut Shopping Center liegt am Moszkva Tér (Moskauer Platz) und ist in 2 Gebäude aufgeteilt. Das ältere Gebäude, Mammut 1, liegt von vorne betrachtet links, das neuere Gebäude, das Mammut 2, wurde nachträglich gebaut da der Platz nicht mehr ausreichte. Verbunden wurden beide Mammuts mit einer Brücke die sich über 2 Etagen erstreckt, die mit Glas versehen über eine Strasse führt. Im Mammut selbst gibt es viele Geschäfte, speziell Herrenbekleidung, Geschenke und Spielsachen aber auch ein Bowlingcenter, Diskotheken und einen grossen Restaurantbereich. Die Qualität des Mammut Shopping Centers hat leider stark abgenommen, da bekannte und grosse Geschäfte immer wieder zu den neuen und grösseren Shopping Centern wie dem Arena Plaza oder dem West End umziehen, da dort mehr potentielle Käufer sind. Alles in allem ist das Mammut noch ein gutes Shopping Center, da es weit mehr bietet als nur Shops. Mit den vielen neuen Shopping Centern in Budapest wird es allerdings langsam schwierig mitzuhalten. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapester Schuhe

Budapester Schuhe sind weltweit bekannt als die qulitativ hochwertigsten Schuhe, da sie per Hand gefertigt werden und die verwendeten Materialien absolute Spitzenklasse sind. Natürlich gibt es in Budapest viele Shops die Budapester Schuhe verkaufen, doch nur die handgefertigten und an den Fuss angepassten Schuhe sind die einzig wahren Budapester. Der beste und bekannteste Schuhmacher aus Budapest für Budapester Schuhe ist und bleibt Laszlo Vass, der seit vielen Jahren Schuhe herstellt. Vass Schuhe gehören zu den beliebtesten und teuersten Budapester Schuhen, die hangefertigt ab 400€ aufwärts kosten. Die an den eigenen Fuss angepassten, handgemachter Version kostet mindestens 600€. Budapester Schuhe sind besonders bei Touristen sehr beliebt. Die Fertigung dauert zwar lange, aber speziell für Touristen können Schuhe natürlich überall in die Welt versendet werden, so dass man die Schuhe nach Hause geliefert bekommt sobald sie fertig sind. Besonders beliebt sind Budapester Schuhe bei prominenten und reichen Leuten, aber auch Gechäftsmänner leisten sich vermehrt qualitativ hochwertige Schuhe. Ein Budapester Schuh ist eine Investition in die Zukunft, denn die Qualität lässt die Schuhe…


Einkaufszentren in Budapest

Neben den 3 grossen Shopping Centern, Arena, West End und Mammut gibt es viele, fast unzählige, weitere Shopping Center in Budapest. In jedem Stadtteil gibt es mittlerweile Shopping Center im Überfluss. Da ich nicht in allen Shopping Centern war und die meisten recht unbedeutend sind. Daher gibt es hier nur eine kurze Liste mit vielen weiteren Shoping Centern in Budapest. Budagyöngye Shopping Center Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 121 1026 Budapest Telefon: 275 0845 Campona Shopping Center Nagytétényi út 37-45. 1222 Budapest Telefon: 424 3000 Csepel Plaza Rákóczi F. u. 154-170. 1211 Budapest Telefon: 425 8004 Duna Plaza Váci út 178. 1138 Budapest Telefon: 465 1666 Webseite Europark Üllôi út 201. 1191 Budapest Telefon: 347 1607 Lurdy-ház Shopping und Büro Center Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14. 1097 Budapest Telefon: 456 1200 Website Dies ist nur eine kleine, kurze Liste weiterer Shopping Center in Budapest, da es wirklich unzählige kleine Shopping Center gibt. Ich empfehle Ihnen das Sie in eines der 3 grossen Shopping Center in Budapest gehen. ← → x × Previous Next


Einkaufen in Budapest

Budapest ist die Stadt der Shopping Center. Mit der 2008 Fertigstellung des Arena Plaza ist in Budapest das grösste Shopping Center Ost Europas entstanden, vorher war es das West End City Center welches ebenfalls in Budapest steht. Weiterhin gibt es mit dem Mammut, dem MOM Park und dem Duna Plaza weitere riesige Shopping Center und noch wesentlich mehr kleinere in allen Teilen der Stadt. Doch nicht nur in den grossen Zentren lässt es sich gut einkaufen, auch auf Shopping Strassen wie der Andrássi út, der Vaci utca oder der neuen gestalteten Fashion Street finden sich zahlreiche Geschäfte. Nach und nach erhalten grosse Firmen Einzug in die Stadt und eröffnen Flag Stores wie zum Beispiel Louis Vuitton, Zara oder auch H&M. Budapest eignet sich sehr zum Kauf von Kleidung da diese relativ günstig ist. Elektronikartikel allerdings sind entgegen vieler Stimmen nicht billiger als in Deutschland. Sollten Sie in Budapest auf Shopping Tour sein, so empfehle ich Ihnen sich auf das shoppen von Kleidung zu fokussieren und Elektronikartikel lieber in Deutschland zu…


Studentenwohnung in Budapest

Studentenwohnungen in Budapest gibt es genügend, auch in den alten Teilen Budapests die schön sind aber auch in Aussenbezirken in denen es eher ruhiger ist. An vielen Enden der Stadt werden neue, nicht schöne Wohnungsblöcke gebaut in denen es relativ günstig Wohnungen zu kaufen gibt. Grundsätzlich muss jeder selbst wissen welche Art von Wohnung er bevorzugt, und in welchem Bezirk es sein soll denn es gibt viele Möglichkeiten in Budapest ein Dach über dem Kopf zu finden. Wohnungspreise in Budapest sind derzeit am steigen und eignen sich so auch für eine Investition in Budapester Immobilien. Wer händeringend eine Wohnung in Budapest sucht dem empfehle ich eine der folgenden Immobilienseiten aus Ungarn zu besuchen: ← → x × Previous Next

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WG Budapest

Eine WG in Budapest lohnt sich vor allen Dingen, wie auch in Deutschland, für Studenten um so Kosten zu sparen und möglicherweise auch schnellen Kontakt mit anderen Studenten zu knüpfen. Das Problem eine WG in Budapest zu finden ist sicher die Frage wo man anfangen sollte zu suchen. Die beste Möglichkeit die ich von vielen Studenten mitbekommen habe ist in der Uni direkt am “Schwarzen Brett” zu suchen oder einen Aushang zu machen. Eine andere Möglichkeit sind sicher Bekannte und Freunde die entweder schon in Budapest leben oder dort gelebt haben un einem durch persönliche Kontakte weiterhelfen können. Ansonsten gibt es in Ungarn, wie in Deutschland auch, viele Immobilienbörsen die allerdings nur auf Ungarisch sind. ← → x × Previous Next


Immobilien Budapest

Immobilien in Budapest sind eine Welt für sich. Komplette Apartment Siedlungen werden neu gebaut, ein Haus kann relativ günstig erworben werden und eine WG zu finden kann relativ schwer sein. Budapest wird bei privaten Investoren immer beliebter, so gibt es viele Deutsche, Engländer und andere Nationen die in Budapest in Immobilien investieren. Was es in Budapest im Überfluss gibt sind Bürogebäude die wegen der EU Subventionen wie Pilze aus dem Boden spriessen. Sollten Sie Interesse am Kauf von Immobilien haben so sollten Sie sich auf der Seite Haus in Budapest oder Wohnung in Budapest umschauen, dort werden Sie weitere Informationen rund um den Kauf einer Immobilie finden und auch wichtige Dinge die Sie beachten sollten. Des weiteren habe ich dort eine Liste mit Immobilienportalen im Internet veröffentlicht. Als Student sind Sie sicher interessiert daran ein Zimmer in einer WG in Budapest zu mieten, was sich manchmal als schweres Unterfangen herausstellt. Gute Wohnungen in Uni Nähe sind relativ rar und die Beziehung zwischen Eigentümer, Hauptmieter und Untermieter werden oft haarsträubend geregelt….


Brücken in Budapest

7 Brücken verbinden Buda mit Pest zu Budapest. Alle Brücken sind Hauptverkehrspunkte mit einem hohen Verkehrsaufkommen. Im Moment wird die Freiheitsbrücke repariert und bald folgt wohl die Margaretenbrücke was zu grossen Verkehrsproblemen führt. Am bekanntesten ist wohl die Kettenbrücke welche die zentrale Brücke Budapests ist. Árpád Brücke Budapest Die Árpád Brücke ist die nördlichste der 7 Budapest Brücken und gleichzeitig die längste und meist befahrenste. Mit mehr als 2 Kilometern incklusive der Auffahrten verbindet die Árpádbrücke Buda und Pest und überqueert dabei noch die Margareten und die Obuda Insel. Auf der Buda Seite endet die Árpád Brücke am Szentlélek Tér. Die Árpád Brücke ist gleichzeitig der nördliche Eingang zur Margareteninsel. Die Bauarbeiten der Brücke dauerten von 1939 bis 1950 und wurden gestört durch den zweiten Weltkrieg. Margarethenbrücke Budapest Die Margaretenbrücke ist die zweitälteste Brücke in Budapest. Der französische Ingenieur Emile Gouin plante und baute die Brücke zwischen 1872 und 1876. Die Margaretenbrücke dient als südlicher Eingang zur Margareteninsel und bildet zusammen mit der Árpád Brücke die beiden einzigen Zugänge zur…


Budapest Zoo

Der Zoo in Budapest ist eine grosse Attraktion, denn er bietet eine Vielzahl von Tieren aus vielen Ländern und Kontinenten der Welt. Der Zoo befindet sich in der Nähe des Heldenplatzes und des Stadtwäldchens und ist mehr als 140 Jahre alt. Der Zoo an sich ist ein normaler Zoo mit ausgefallenen Tieren, jedoch bietet der Zoo in budapest für Kinder eine besondere Attraktion. Im Eco Playhouse wird Kindern die Möglichkeit gegeben Tiere zu streicheln und zu füttern. Daraus wird eine Art Show gemacht, die jedes Kind begeistert. Angeschlossen an den Zoo in Budapest is ein Botanischer Garten, der sehr viele Pflanzen und Blumen zur Show stellt. Im Zoo in Budapest befinden sich mehr als 2000 Tiere, darunter mehr als 200 Primaten. Der Zoo ist weltbekannt für seine grosse Affenanlage, wo viele Affen spielen und herumtrollen. EINTRITTSREISE FÜR DEN ZOO IN BUDAPEST Erwachsener: 1400 HUF Kind: 950 HUF Familie (2 Erwachsene und bis zu 3 Kinder): 4500 HUF Palmenhaus und Aquarium: 400 HUF Eco Playhouse: 440 HUF pro Stunde BUDAPEST ZOO…


Strip Clubs in Budapest

Strip Clubs in Budapest gibt es wie Sand am Meer, doch hier ist äusserste Vorsicht geboten. Die meisten aller Strip Clubs in Budapest sind darauf ausgerichtet ahnungslose Touristen über den Tisch zu ziehen, deshalb informieren Sie sich bitte vorher in welchen Strip Club in Budapest Sie gehen können und in welchen nicht. Stürzen Sie sich nicht in ihr eigenes Unglück und gehen Sie blind in irgend einen Strip Club. Alternativ empfiehlt es sich einen Escort Service in Budapest in Anspruch zu nehmen. Um das Problem der Abzocke im Strip Club in Budapest zu vermeiden sind Sie an der richtigen Stelle. Sie finden eine Liste weiter unten die bekannte Abzockclubs auflistet. Zuerst finden Sie jedoch eine Liste von Strip Clubs in die Sie gehen können ohne abgezockt zu werden. STRIP CLUBS IN BUDAPEST DIE SIE BESUCHEN KÖNNEN Marilyn’s Nachtclub Baross u. 4. 8. Bezirk, Budapest Business and Sauna Nachtclub Csengery u.26. 7. Bezirk, Budapest Éden Strip Club Andrassy ut. 54. 6. Bezirk, Budapest Hallo Love Chance Striptease Bar Kiraly utca Ecke…


Limousine in Budapest mieten

Wer in einer Limousine in Budapest herumfährt bekommt Aufmerksamkeit. Sollten Sie Interesse daran haben mit einer Limousine vom Flughafen Budapest abgeholt zu werden oder mit der Limo zum Club am Abend zu fahren, dann sollten Sie mit ca. 200€ pro Stunde rechnen. Allerdings bieten die Limousinen Platz für ca. 15 Personen womit sich der Preis pro Person in Grenzen hält. Eine Limousine in Budapest kann ein riesen Spass sein, speziell bei einem Junggesellenabschied in Budapest werden diese immer gerne gebucht. Für solche Gruppen gibt es auch Limo Services die eine Stripperin und Getränke für die Gäste bereit halten, falls gewünscht. LIMOUSINE SERVICES IN BUDAPEST bietet leider nur eine, eher unspektakuläre Limousine an, liegt aber beim Preis relativ günstig. bietet mit der Hummer H2 Limo sicherlich die spektakulärste und meistgebuchteste Limousine in Budapest an. bietet viel Service um die Buchung herum. So können die Limousinen auch für Hochzeiten, zum Sightseeing oder einfach nur eine romantische Nacht gebucht werden. ← → x × Previous Next


Kinos in Budapest

Kinos in Budapest sind nicht wie man es sich vorstellt Ungarische Sprache und Deutscher bzw. Englischer Untertitel, im Gegenteil, häufig werden Filme in Originalton mit Ungarischem Untertitel gezeigt, von daher kann auch der englischsprachige Deutsche in Budapest ins Kino gehen. Da die Filme oft nicht synchronisiert sind kommen sie meist früher in die Kinos als in Deutschland. Das Kino in Budapest hat die selbe Qulität wie in Deutschland und ist sogar um einiges billiger. Ein Film kostet hier ca. 7€ und die Portion Popcorn mit Getränk um die 3€. Mit 10€ pro Person ist man also bestens versorgt. Um über die aktuellen Startzeiten in jedem Kino in Budapest für jeden Film auf ein Blick herauszufinden verweise ich gerne auf die FilmDB welche immer das aktuelle Kinoprogramm in Budapest für Sie bereit hält. Palace Westend West end city center Váci út 1-3., 1062 Budapest Palace Campona Campona Budafok Nagytétényi út 37-43., 1222 Budapest Palace MOM Park MOM Park Alkotás utca 53., 1123 Budapest Palace Mammut Mammut shopping center Lövoház street. 2-6.,…


Junggesellenabschied Budapest

Der Junggesellenabschied in Budapest wurde mit den Billigflügen nach Budapest sehr beliebt. Mittlerweile finden sich jedes Wochenende grosse Gruppen in Budapest ein die ihren Junggesellenabschied in Budapest feiern. Budapest beitet mit vielen Pubs und Clubs, aber auch einem grossen Entertainment Programm eine gute Anlaufstelle für den Junggesellenabschied. So ist es mit diversen Agenturen möglich Aktivitäten wie Paintball, Quad fahren oder Trabant Touren zu unternehmen, am besten und am empfehlenswertesten sind die Reisen nach Budapest. Natürlich sind für Junggesellenabschiede in Budapest auch der obligatorische Besuch in einem Strip Club vorgesehen. Hier kann man sich sicher sein nicht an die falschen Clubs zu geraten, denn die Organisatoren kennen sich bestens aus. Ich denke das es gerade für einen Junggesellenabschied interessant sein könnte mal nicht in Deutschland sondern in Ungarn beziehungsweise Budapest zu feiern, denn so erlebt man noch einiges. Falls Sie Unterstützung in der Organisation des Junggesellenabschied in Budapest benätigen, so kontaktieren Sie mich ruhig. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Escort Damen

Einen Escort Service in Budapest zu finden ist nicht sehr schwierig, da es sehr viele davon gibt. Genau aus diesem Grund ist es allerdings schwierig den Überblick zu behalten. Da ich selber nie einen Escort Service in Anspruch genommen habe kann ich nicht viel über Escort Services in Budapest sagen. Viele der Escrot Services in Budapest inserieren in grossen Magazinen, Programmzeitschriften oder Reiseführern und bieten discrete Dienste innerhalb Budapests an. Daher empfehle ich Ihnen eine solche meist kostenlose Zeitschrift die Sie bereits am Flughafen Budapest oder auch im Hotel in Budapest finden werden durchzublättern und dort einen Esort Service zu wählen. Viele professionelle Damen inserieren in Zeitschriften, im Internet oder auch ganz offen auf Aufklebern mit Telefonnummer an viel befahrenen Strassen. Dies ist jedoch eher die Ausnahme. Am ehesten wird man fündig wenn man sich im Internet umschaut, bei der Recherche für diesen Artikel bin ich auf einige Seiten gestossen auf denen Damen ihre Dienste anbieten. Sollten Sie nicht unbedingt einen Escort Service in Anspruch nehmen wollen dann könnten Sie…


Kasinos in Budapest

Kasino, Poker, Roulette sind besonders interessant für Junggesellenabschiede oder andere Entertainment lustige Gruppen. In Budapest gibt es genügend Kasinos in denen man sich vergnügen kann. Viele davon sind im Innenstadtbereich, da gerade für Touristen das Angebot Poker zu spielen oder sein Glück am Roulettetisch auszuprobieren einen grossen Reiz darstellt. Jedoch ist nicht jedes Kasino in Budapest vertrauenswürdig, da auch hier wie bei Escort Services oder Strip Clubs viel Geld im Spiel ist. Daher sollten Sie sich eines der Kasinos heraussuchen, die Sie hier auf unserer Liste finden. Arizona Kasino Budapest Nagymezo u. 20., District 06, Tel: +36 1 112-7663 Kasino Budapest Hilton Hess András tér 1-3, District 01 Kasino City Regiposta u. 12., District 05, Tel: +36 1 267-0340 Gresham Kasino Budapest Roosevelt tér 5., District 05, Tel: +36 1 267-3145 King Kasino Budapest Iskola u., District 12, Tel: +36 27 392-646 Las Vegas Kasino Budapest Roosevelt ter 2., District 05, Tel: +36 1 117-6022 Markovits Kasino Budapest Jozsef krt. 62., District 08, Tel: +36 1 113-9191 Schilling Kaszinó Budapest…


Internationale Schulen in Budapest

Wer vor hat sein Kind in Budapest auf eine Schule zu schicken sollte in Erwägung ziehen ein Internationale Schule auszusuchen. Hierbei dürfte vor allen Dingen die Deutsche Schule interessant sein, welche sich in schöner Lage in den Buda Hügeln befindet. Hier eine unfangreiche Liste von Internationalen Schulen in Budapest: Deutsche Schule Budapest Cinege u. 8/c Telefon: +36 1 274-4212 Webseite )Österreichisch – Ungarische Europaschule Budapest Istenhegyi út 32 Telefon: +36-1-356-4657 Webseite American International School of Budapest Telefon: +36 26 556-000 Webseite British International School of Budapest Kiscelli Köz 17 Telefon: +36 1 200 8488 Webseite BME International Secondary Grammar School Egry Jozsef u. 3-11 Telefon: +36 1 209-4983 Webseite Britannica International School Kakukk u. 1-3. Telefon: +36 1 466-9794 Webseite International School of Budapest Konkoly Thege u. 19/b. Telefon: +36 1 395-9312 Webseite Rainbow Art and Creativity Preschool Erdőalja út 106. Telefon: +36 30 6766467 Webseite Die Deutsche Schule macht einen sehr netten Eindruck. Hier wird Deutsch und auch Ungarisch unterrichtet. ← → x × Previous Next


Universitäten in Budapest

Budapest hat viele gute Universitäten, besonders im Bereich Medicin, Wirtschaft und Technik steht Budapest auf einer Linie mit Westeuropa. Budapest bei deutschen Medizin Studenten sehr beliebt, da hier kein Numerus Clausus verlangt wird und somit jeder hier an einer deutschsprachigen Universität studieren kann. Hier alle Universitäten im Überblick: BBS – Budapest Business School – Link BME University of technology and economics – Link CEU – Central European University – Link Corvinus University – International Studies Center – Link Collegium Budapest – Institue for advanced Study – Link ELTE – University of Siences – Link Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music – Link MKE – Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts – Link Semmelweis University – University of Physical Education and Sport Sciences – Link Szent István University – Faculty of Veterinary Science – Link SZTE BMI – Budapest Media Institute of the Szeget University of Sience – Link University of Jewish Studies – Link Zrínyi Miklós Nemzetvédelmi Egyetem – Link ← → x × Previous Next


Mietwagen Budapest

Ein Mietwagen in Budapest kann sehr nützlich sein, speziell für Urlauber mit Ambitionen das Umland von Budapest zu besuchen. Mit einem Mietwagen können Sie Orte wie Gödöllö, Szentendre oder das Donauknie in kürzester Zeit und preiswert erreichen. Innerhalb Budapests lohnt sich ein Mietwagen hingegen gar nicht, da alle Orte bequem mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln oder dem Taxi erreicht werden können und innerhalb der Stadt meist Stau ist. Ein Mietwagen macht erst Sinn sobald es aus der Stadt raus geht, meist bleiben die Urlauber dann 1 Woche oder länger. Mietwagen in Budapest sind relativ günstig und bereits ab wenigen Euro pro Tag zu mieten. In Budapest gibt es wie in den meisten Ländern Europas Niederlassungen der Mietwagenfirmen Europcar, Sixt oder Budget, die Sie bereits am Flughafen Budapest buchen können. Weiterhin gibt es lokale Mietwagenanbieter wie Fox Autorent oder Regina Rent a Car oder Payless Car Rental. Empfohlene Autovermietungen in Budapest Weitere Autovermietungen in Budapest Buchbinder Adresse 1: Terminal 2B, Ferihegy Airport, 1185, Budapest, Hungary Adresse 2: 20-22, Alkotas ut, 1012, Budapest, Hungary…


Flughafen Budapest (Liszt Ferenc International)

Der Flughafen in Budapest (Liszt Ferenc International, früher Ferihegy) ist ca. 16km außerhalb der Innenstadt im Osten der Stadt. genau genommen ist er nahe der Stadt Vecsés. Früher bestand der Flughafen aus 2 separaten Terminals die ca. 5 km von einander entfernt waren. Der Terminal 1 ist näher an der Stadt und wurde vor nicht all zu langer Zeit grunderneuert um dann einige Jahre später wieder geschlossen zu werden. Heute fungiert Terminal 1 nur noch als Veranstaltungsort ohne jeglichen täglichen Betrieb. Als Flughafen in Budapest ist nur noch der Terminal 2 in Betrieb der in A und B Terminal aufgeteilt ist und mit dem so genannten SkyCourt verbunden ist. In den letzten Jahren hat sich also vieles getan, auch zum Positiven. Bevor der SkyCourt gebaut wurde war der Security Check ein Horrortrip für jeden Passagier denn alleine das Anstehen konnte bis zu einer Stunde dauern. Dies hat sich nun wesentlich verbessert und der Flughafen Budapest erglänzt im neuen Gewand und kann mit Westeuropäischen Flughäfen mithalten. Der SkyCourt im Flughafen Budapest…


Budapest Flug

Der Flug nach Budapest dauert aus Deutschland zwischen 1 und 1,5 Stunden, je nach Abflugort. Von München nach Budapest dauert es knapp eine Stunde bis Sie in Budapest gelandet sind. Generell sind die Flüge relativ billig, da viele Billigflieger Budapest als Ort in ihr Portfolio aufgenommen haben. Aber auch die Lufthansa hat sehr oft gute Preise und schlägt dabei oft die Billigflieger. Um Ihnen die Arbeit zu erleichtern habe ich alle Verbindungen aus Deutschland zusammengetragen, inklusive Airline. Flüge von Deutschland nach Budapest FLUG MÜNCHEN – BUDAPEST Der Flug von München nach Budapest ist relativ günstig, da die Lufthansa Budapest über München ansteuert. Auch wenn es scheint das die Lufthansa etwas teurer ist werden die Flüge je nach Wochentag um 100€ für Hin- und Rückflug angeboten. FLUG HAMBURG – BUDAPEST Flüge von Hamburg nach Budapest bekommen Sie bei AirBerlin relativ günstig. Der einzige Nachteil ist das AirBerlin nich jeden Tag fliegt und so leider auch Sonntags nicht. Alternativ können Sie auch hier auf die Lufthansa vertrauen. FLUG FRANKFURT – BUDAPEST Der…


Budapest Bäder

Budapest ist die Stadt der Bäder. Mit über 100 natürlichen Thermalquellen ist Budapest reicher an Quellen als viele andere Städte. Die Badetradition hat Bestand seit die Türken in Budapest waren, welche ihre Badetradition mit nach Budapest brachten. In Budapest gibt es sehr viele Bäder die weltweit bekannt sind. SZECHENYI BAD BUDAPEST Das Szenchenyi Bad in Budapest befindet sich am Stadtwäldchen in der Nähe des Heldenplatzes. Unter dem Szechenyi Bad befinden sich 2 natürliche Quellen die Wasser zwischen 23 Grad und 25 Grad Celsius abgeben. Das Bad bietet selbst in den Wintermonaten eine grosse Freiluftlandschaft in der das Wasser angenehm warm ist und das Schwimmen zum Erlebnis macht. Das Szechenyi Bad wurde 1913 gebaut und nach Szenchenyi Istvan, einem ungarischen Politiker und Schriftsteller, benannt. Szechenyi Bad Adresse: Állatkerti kérti út 11, 14. Bezirk, Budapest / Tel: +36 1 363-3210 Széchenyi Bath Entry & Extras GELLERT BAD BUDAPEST Das Gellert Bad in Budapest ist ein riesiger Badekomplex im Hotel Gellert am Fusse des Gellert Bergs. Ausgestattet mit vielen Extras wie Solarium, Sauna…


The 10 most Beautiful Airbnb Apartments in Budapest

Airbnb Apartments are a great accommodation alternative to hotels and on top they are dirt cheap. On average you will pay 15-20€ per person per night which is an unbeatable price for a downtown Budapest accommodation which is clean and comfortable. Many people from Budapest already have discovered Airbnb as a good source to rent out their apartment to tourists on short term or even to students and expats on long term. By now there are far more than 1000 Airbnb apartments in Budapest available ranging from 8€ to 442€ per night with an average of 51€. Over time the selection of classy apartments in Budapest has risen drastically so that its hard to get a good overview of beautiful yet cheap available apartments. Below you can find a little selection which will evolve over time so make sure the check back when looking for great accommodation in Budapest. These are just 10 out of many beautiful apartments in the Budapest city center but you can even stay cheaper if…


Bike-Sharing in Budapest – MOL Bubi

Bike-Sharing is already a big thing in other European cities and working perfectly fine. Now bike-sharing will come to Budapest and the bike stations are being built all over the city so that soon the bikes will come. But what is bike-sharing exactly? The concept is simple: You take a locked bike from a bike station, cycle wherever you need to go and lock the bike again on the nearest bike station. Obviously there are many advantages but also obstacles. I think that we can be very happy that Budapest has decided to make bike-sharing available for all of us. Advantages of Bike-Sharing: No investment for a bike needed A good, quality bike always near you within the city Availability 24 hours a day But there are a few disadvantages as well: No bike available at a specific station No place available at a station to put back the bike But how do I take a locked bike? Does it cost something? How many stations and bikes are there available?…


The (currently) most expensive house for sale in Budapest

Just for fun I have been checking on several Hungarian real estate websites for expensive houses in Budapest and thought that it would be interesting to see what the currently most expensive estate in Budapest, in this case a house or rather castle, costs. This house was originally build to function as engine room for the water supply of the Royal Palace with water, that was in the end of the 19th century. The building was completed in 1879 and sits right at the bottom of Castle Hill close to the Danube. Over the time it has been refurbished and used as a coffee house in 1905 and in 1913 functioned as a music pavilion. The past 40 years it was used as an elegant restaurant (Valentine Restaurant) and a Casino (Várkert Casino) and a place to rent for special occasions (I have been there once on a company birthday party). Here are some facts about the house: Size: 1.400 sqm Property size: 2.000 sqm Parking lots: 29 Condition: Excellent…


Metro 4 Opening

The hottest topic this weekend and a moment people from Budapest have been waiting for is the opening of Budapest Metro Line 4 which happened to be this weekend. For the weekend traveling was free of charge any many Budapestians took the chance to have the first look on the latest public transport possibility bring people from Kelenföld Vásútállomás (11th district) to Keleti Pályaudvar (8th district). From now on Metro 4 is part of the BKV (Budapest Transport company) timetable and can be used for public transportation. For more pictures, videos and updates check out the tweets about Metro 4 here. Here is a nice video of about 15 minutes showing several stations of the new Metro 4 in Budapest: Special Thanks go to @Marianna and to @MargitFeher (Journalist at The Wall Street Journal) for the pictures. Thanks ladies! ← → x × Previous Next


Did you know? Weird Street Names in Budapest

Did you know? In the outskirts of Budapest, it is in Budaörs to be exact, there are some weird street names such as: TV út Kamera u. DVD u. Hi-Fi út Yes, these words mean the same as in English, DVD, TV, Camera and Hi-Fi. All four of them are in the same area and connected to each other so it cannot be a coincidence. So what is the deal? Well this is the area where a large electronic retailer used to be located, Electro World. By now the company went bankrupt. I assume that they have made a deal with the city of Budaörs to name these newly created streets in an industrial area after their main products and therefore they will open up a large store there. The result is that Electro World is bankrupt but the streets still exist. That is just my opinion but the correlation might be true. See below a screenshot of the area in Google maps (click to open in Google Maps itself)….


Budapest among Top 10 Winter destinations

Again Budapest is listed in a top 10 list by Lonely Planet, this time it is the list of Top 10 winter destinations in Europe. Budapest made it to the top 10 to be exactly it is place 6 behind winner Rovaniemi, Finland and the follow ups Christmas markets in Germany & Austria, Abisko in Sweden, Athens the capital of Greece and Copenhagen in Denmark. Left behind are destinations in Spain, Slovakia, Romania and Italy. Lets have a look at the argumentation why Budapest is placed in this list among the top destinations for a winter trip in Europe. “Couples skating hand-in-hand, breath cloudy in the frosty air – there’s nowhere better for it than the Hungarian capital’s picturesque central park Városligeti Műjégpálya” – the large ice rink located in the Budapest city park is a popular attraction during winter for hundreds of people who like ice skating. “Feeling chilly afterwards? Budapest is famous for its ornate thermal baths” – Yes, that’s right Budapest is famous for its natural springs…


Chinese Market Budapest (Józsefvárosi Piac)

If you’re looking for a taste of an Asian environment while in Budapest, then the Chinese Market is possible place to visit. Chinese market is the popular name for what is actually called Józsefvárosi Piac (Józsefváros Market). Chinese is just a reference the Hungarians came up with, but the market actually features Thai and Vietnamese people and products. The Chinese market is a similar market you’ll find in the suburbs of Asian cities, it is place where you can ultra-bargain prices on items made in China and Vietnam. The market is actually dirty, chaotic and frantically busy during weekends. It has a bit of a tarnished reputation since it is located in the least desired part of Budapest in District VIII. It consists of a wholesale market where sellers are constantly haggling you, so it is advised that people just be careful when purchasing items, and also keep a close eye on your personal items. Most, if not all, the sellers have learned a little of a lot of languages…

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Margaret Island – The Green Lung of Budapest

In the heart of Budapest is the breathe taking Margaret Island which is a definite must see for anyone visiting Hungary. The Island is found in the middle of the Danube river and is full of many family friendly recreational activities. Margaret Island has numerous landmarks with historical significance and even has two landmarks which are UNESCO protected sites. The Landmarks include a small Japanese Garden, the Centennial Memorial of 1973, The Music Well, The Music Fountain, the octagonal Water Tower of 57 m and even a small zoo. The Music Fountain and the Water Tower are both protected UNESCO protected sites. Many say that the best way to see Margaret Island is to take a jog around the Island which is one of the most spectacular and popular areas for joggers in Budapest. On the Island one can also have a great swim in either the Palatinus water park which is the largest open air swimming pool in Budapest and the Alfred Hajos sports pool. Swimming is not the…


Budapest Hotels among Cheapest in Europe

A study conducted by STR Global about room rates, occupancy rate and revenue per available room in 31 European cities and countries has revealed that hotels in Budapest are among the cheapest in Europe. According to the study Hungary is placed in 28th place when it comes to the room rates which means that hotels are the 5th cheapest. Hungarian hotels have generated a total revenue of 74 billion HUF in the first 7 months of 2012 which is an increase of 13,4% year on year. Out of the 74bn HUF in total 39bn HUF ave been generated in Budapest which is an increase of more than 10% compared to the same period in 2011. The occupancy rate in Budapest has been 55,8% and 45,2% in Hungary both rose around 1% compared to 2011. This occupancy rate brings Budapest place 17 in the study. When it comes to revenue per available room Budapest ranked 29th which means that the revenue is almost the lowest in Europe. For tourists planning their…


Top 5 Activities with Kids in Budapest

Are you in Budapest for a family trip and would like to give your kids some change to the sightseeing and culture you are having than the below activities for children are a great start to do so. The activities are basically good for kids of all ages. 1. Budapest Zoo The Budapest Zoo is a great place to spend time with your kids and it is so big that you easily can stay for a day until you have seen every animal or botanical highlight. The Zoo is located in the recreation area of Budapest next to the Amusement Park, the Szechenyi Bath and the Budapest Circus, so it is your choice once you are there. 2. Budapest Circus The Budapest Circus is as written above as well located in the recreation area of Budapest and open daily with 2 shows, Saturday and Sunday even three. The program is changing from time to time so you will not see things twice if you go twice a year. Kids just…


Andrássy Út – Champs-Élysées of Budapest

Andrássy Avenue or as the Hungarians call it, Andrássy út, is a world heritage site and a famous boulevard in Budapest which was established back in 1872. It serves as a link between Erzsébet Square and Városliget and it boasts some of the finest shopping that Hungary has to offer. It is the site of the Hungarian State Opera House, the House of Terror, Heroes’ Square, the entrance of the City Park, The Palace of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts and also contains many fine cafes, restaurants and theaters. Andrássy út consists of four main parts, the first part is from Erzsébet tér to Oktogon which is mainly used for commercial purposes, the second part is from Oktogon to Kodály körönd which includes residential areas and universities, the third part is from Kodály körönd to Bajza utca which is also mainly residential and finally the fourth part is from Bajza utca to Városliget which contains residential areas as well as some embassies. The history of Andrássy avenue is very…


Budafok Winefestival

The Budafok Wine Festival (Budafoki Pezsgő- és Borfesztivál) is a, compared to the large Budapest Wine Festival, small and familiar comming together to taste the best wines from wine makers mainly from Budapest and surroundings. Budafok is the 22nd district of Budapest and most wine makers in the Budapest wine region are located here. You will most probably miss the biggest and most famous wine makers on this festival except from Törley, the producer of the most famous Hungarian champagne. The festival takes place in the entire center of the district for the 23rd time this year and in 13 wine cellars and dozens of booths you can taste a glass and discuss about Hungarian wine all weekend long. I especially like the Budafok Wine Festival for exactly this familiar and cosy atmosphere which is missing a bit from the large wine festival on top of Buda Castle. Also it is not as commercialized as the Budapest Wine Festival so you will not need to purchase an official wine glass…


Budapest Metro M1 – Millenium Underground

The Millennium Underground is another name given to the first metro line, or M1, in Budapest which was completed in 1896 and was declared a world heritage site in 2002. It is the oldest line of the Budapest Metro system. The Millennium Underground or as the locals call it, the underground, is the second oldest underground metro system in the world, second only to the London Underground. Construction on the millennium underground began in 1894 and was the first underground railway in Continental Europe. Construction was carried out by the German firm Siemens & Halske AG, employing 2000 workers and using the cut and cover method. During the millennium celebrations in Hungary the Millennium Underground was the main venue and the centre of celebrations. The millennium underground still runs today and is found running under historic Andrassy ut and it runs northeast from the city centre to City Park. It’s history is very rich and was originally conceived as a means of carrying passengers from the city centre to the…



What is Fröccs? Fröccs is a Hungarian wine spritzer, meaning wine (white wine or rosé) mixed with soda. It is really popular during summer time to have a Fröccs sitting outside and enjoying the sun and people around you. So far so good but there are many types of Fröccs, not because of the wine used but the amount of wine and soda. Mainly there are 7 types of Fröccs (0,3l and 0,5l) but if you take 1l drinks into consideration there are 13 different types. Additionally to that you can of course ask the waiter of your choice to prepare your Fröccs with different types of wine. Different Types of Fröccs 3dl (300ml) Fröccs Nagyfröccs – 2dl wine & 1dl soda (approx. 6,7% alcohol) Kisfröccs – 1dl wine & 1dl soda (actually just 2dl with approx. 5% alcohol) Hosszúlépés – 1dl wine & 2dl soda (approx. 3,3% alcohol) 5dl (500ml) Fröccs Háziúr – 4dl wine & 1dl water (approx. 8% alcohol) Házmester – 3dl wine & 2dl soda (approx….


Hungarian Wine – Regions, Culture & Bars

Hungarians are very proud of their wines and that is for a good reason, the quality of the wine from Hungary is superb. Most famous among the Hungarian wines is the sweet dessert wine from Tokaj in North-Eastern Hungary which is comparable to the Port Wine in terms of publicity, just it is a white wine. The reason for the missing popularity abroad, though it is rising, is the simple fact that a small country like Hungary cannot produce as much wine as larger countries such as Italy or France. So it is a quantity matter, not quality, that Hungarian wine is not sold around the globe though it has the requirements to do so. Most of the wine produced in Hungary is consumed in Hungary as well but some bottles or barrels make it across the border. There are several wine regions in Hungary which you will read about later on. My favorite regions are Szekszárd and Villány though Villány has become increasingly popular over the years and with…

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5 Tips to Cool Down in Budapest

These days it is really unbearably hot in Budapest with around 35 degrees Celsius on the thermometer which probably feel around 40 degrees in the sun. This heat makes it really hard to enjoy the day outside sitting in the sun or traveling around the city. But here are some tips how to cool you down even if it is just for a few minutes but it will help. 1. Get a good Ice Cream Ice Cream always works and is the summer sweet of them all and is just so delicious. But where to get the best ice cream in Budapest? Honestly there are many shops in the city who mainly sell prepared ice cream from big producers, the ones you get in supermarkets as well but you what you wan is really yummy, home made ice cream. My favorite ice cream in the city you get at Daubner [website in Hungarian only], one of the best known bakeries &cake shops in town with fresh ice cream in many…


The Fishmonger – Best Place to buy Fish in Budapest

Inspired by a post from We Love Budapest and my love for fish I have visited The Fishmonger as it is called in English, originally Budaörsi Halpiac, a fresh fish market in Budaörsi in the outskirts of Budapest. Budaörs is a little city located where the M1/M7 highway enter Budapest with a lot of shopping and industry is going on such as Ikea, Decathlon, Tesco, Auchan and many more. In between you can find a wholesale company for fish called PLP Seafood which has an own little shop located where the warehouse is. Why I was so interested in this shop and which finally made me go there is the low quality of fresh fish in Hungarian supermarkets. Some shops have fresh fish but to be honest it does not look too fresh anymore and I was desperate for a good shop selling fresh fish. What has been written in the We Love Budapest article sounded very promising so I gave it a try. As the fish is straight from…


Campona Shopping Center Budapest

The Campona Shopping Center in Budapest is located in the district 22 which is Budafok, to be precise it is Budatétény far out in the South of Budapest. In Campona you can find the standard shops such as Libri book store, DM drup store, a cinema, a food court, different fashion shops such as H&M &Springfield or shoe shops like Office shoes. However there are no higher fashion stores like Zara which you find in all the other centers. Also the only real electronic shop, Elektro World has been closed in 2011. Campona Shopping Center lives from 3, maybe 4 customers which is first of all the Tropicarium which is the largest indoor aquarium in central Eastern Europe and attracts a lot of visitors, especially kids and school classes. The second shop that gets visitors into Campona is the Tesco which is the only hipermarket (extra large supermarket) in a 10km radius. Third big attraction is the cinema which is the only one for even more than 10km, I guess…


101 Things to Do in Budapest

The full list of things you must see and do in Budapest There are some things you have to see or do in Budapest. Some are in the Budapest guides, some not so here is an all complete list of things to see in Budapest! The points will have small comments what it is about or why you have to do it, most of them have links for further, more detailed information. This list will be updated constantly and if you have any suggestions about what to see or do please leave a comment. Sights & Tours in Budapest Budapest Parliament The parliament in Budapest is definitely a building you need to see, from outside and inside. It is not just beautiful but also a very historical building. By the way the best picture you can take from the other side of the Danube on Batthyány Tér. Citadella The Citadella on top of Gellért hill is one of the memories Hungary has about the Turkish invasion. Nowadays it is one…


Cost of Living in Budapest

If you are thinking about to move to Budapest for studying or working here you have to face the daily life and costs in Budapest and Hungary. Most people moving here from all over the world come to Hungary because of the job, just think about big companies such as Vodafone, Mercedes or Audi, or the second reason is love. So you come to the country, find an apartment and start your job but there are of course duties that have to be done. From my own experience I can tell you that there are a lot of things that have to be taken care of from paying the bills for gas to shopping your daily supplies. In this article I would like to give an overview about how much do things cost, something like the Big Mac index, and what you have to expect to spend for your daily life. Please note that all prices are just approximate numbers and can change very fast such as cigarettes or gasoline….


Secuity Check at Budapest Airport [Video]

The Budapest Airport has created a small 3 and a half minute video to demonstrate how to behave before security screening. It seems that there are many negative examples going on each day on Budapest Airport concerning how to cueue, what needs to be scanned and what not. I have been a frequent traveller myself for a long time and have experienced all that myself (See my post on the “Logistic Problem of Budapest Airport from 2010) many times early in the morning. To be fair the problems I have described in that time have mostly been solved with the SkyCourt and new security checks, so well done. This video demonstrates in a comic style how you should behave as a business man, family, girly or in case you are sick during the security scanning. Have a look. ← → x × Previous Next


The Highway in Hungary – All you need to know

Hungary has developed a very good highway system over the past years and has put a lot of time and money into the highways. All highways in Hungary are marked with the letter M, followed by the number of the highway, and the kilometers are counted from the 0 kilometer stone which is on Clark Adam Ter on the Buda side when you get off Lanchid. At the moment there are 6 main highways, which are leading in all directions from Budapest, the M1 towards Vienna and Austria, the M2 to the North, the M3 to Debrecen and Romania, the M5 to the South East to Szeged, Serbia and Romaina, The M7 to Lake Balaton and further to Croatia as well as the M6 to the South to Pecs. Also probably one of the most frequented highways in Hungary is the M0 which is the highway around Budapest. The reason is to redirect traffic around Budapest especially of course the trucks. Additionally there are many smaller highways in Hungary that…


Bear Park Budapest (Veresegyház)

The Bear Park near Budapest, or how it is originally called Medveotthon, is a small kind of zoo which mostly is about bears as the name tells already but also hosts wolves and other a bit less spectecular animals. In fact this bear park is not located in Budapest or in the outskirts but in a small village call Veresegyház which is approximately 30 kilometers North-East of Budapest. However is is a good half day or day trip to a bit more countryside area in Hungary and it is particulary spectacular for kids. What is the good about this Bear Park is the fact that the bears are not locked into a tiny area just for being watched like in the zoo but it is a wide area with hills, trees, water and much more that they live in. Still it is not freedom but it feels much better to go there and watch the bears. For your entertainment and also to get the bears to the fence of their…


Köki Terminal Shopping Center

Köki Terminal Shopping Center in Budapest on the way to Budapest Airport is the next Shopping Center that will be opened. After Allee which was opened not too long ago and also the massive Arena Plaza shopping Center which is not too old there will be the next one now. Since Iam going quite often to the airport I see Köki Shopping Center developing step by step and I have to say it seems to be massive (accoring to unconfirmed information it will 65.000 square meter). It feels like ages passing it by taxi and it is also at least 4 levels high. So in near future you can expect another shopping center with cinema, restaurants and all the typical shops like Zara, H&M, Replay and so on and so on. The sad thing about it is that not 500m away from Köki Terminal Shopping Center there is already the Euro Center which is not too small as well so I don’t know who should shop that much in this…


Limousine Airport Transfer

If you want a quality pickup from Budapest airport with the wow effect also in the city I recommend a Limousine airport transfer from Budapest Ferihegy Airport to the city centre or your hotel. The Limousine will pick you up from the airport on the time of arrival and bring you in a high class way to your designation in Budapest. The cost for a Limousine Airport Transfer starts at around 25.000 HUF which is approximately 100€ and goes up to unlimited depending on what extra services you book. No matter if you prefer a regular limousine or a Hummer limousine, basically everything is waiting for you on your request. Most providers do offer free drinks including champagne on the way so you enjoy your ride in the best way. You also can book extra services with some limousine rental services in Budapest out of which the stripper probably is the most popular waiting for you and your friends at the airport. What you get for your booking is a…


Student Jobs & Internships in Budapest

As an international Student in Budapest it is not so easy to find a a job since the language is a most of the time a requirement to work for a Hungarian company. Nevertheless there are international companies in Budapest that offer jobs for students. The best way to find a job in Budapest, no matter if student position or senior level, are the typical job search engines in the web. Further information about that you can find at the bottom of this article. Student Jobs in Budapest Student jobs in Budapest or Hungary can range from a typical waiter job to data entry jobs at a large cooperation. Many companies search for students as a external employee to do smaller tasks in a not full time environment. As there are many foreign students in Budapest you can often find international companies looking for them to support their daily tasks. Here is a selection of Student jobs. [RSSImport display=”20″ feedurl=”” displaydescriptions=”true”] Internship in Budapest Budapest is a popular place for…


Student Apartments

Especially for foreign students it is hard to find an apartment in Budapest meating their needs like size, location and of course the price. Sometimes it makes sense to share an apartment with other students but to find these apartments is quite hard. On THIS post I have written some time ago are some serious discussions going on who has an apartment to rent, who needs an apartment and which time. As far as I heart from some of the commenters it worked out already. But this post is in general about apartment share and since students sometimes have different needs than other people who want to share an apartment I would like this post to be the discussion for student apartments or shared apartments for students only. So if you need an apartment because you will move to Hungary for studies please write a comment with exactly what you need and probably the price you can pay. I also would like owners of apartments in Budapest or such students…


Most Common Hungarian Surnames

Hungarian Sirnames, just like in other countries, often refer to a profession such as Smith, Tailor or Miller. But in Hungary it is also common to have countries as a surname for example Német (German), Horváth (Croat) or Tóth (Slovak) which obviously comes from the former great Hungary when parts of surrounding countries belonged to Hungary. Below you can find a list of the 20 most common Surnames in Hungary which make a total of 21% of the population (arround 2 million in total) that is approximately the size of Budapest. So here we go. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Baths

The rich variety of thermal water sources is the cornerstone for thermal baths in Budapest. Brought by the turks a lot of baths were build up in and around Budapest bringing the Turkish tradition of bathing to Budapest. Nowadays Budapest has a big bathing culture with tourists from all over the world coming just for visiting one of the spots to relax. Out of the tons of natural water sources some baths established to be the best around. The most famous baths in Budapest are the Gellert bath in the Gellert hotel and the Széchenyi bath which are crowded almost every day even in the wintertime. The Gellert bath is famous because of the hotel… or was it the other way around? And the Szechenyi bath is simply amazing, beautiful and traditional. The ambience in the baths in Budapest is amazingly relaxing and recovering. After a hard working day or on the weekend a lot of people go to a bath in Budapest to recreate. But as mentioned there are not only…


Bio Market Budapest

The Bio Market in Budapest is a weekly market only trading bio and organic products located on the parking place of the Budapest Congress Centrum (link to map). Every Saturday traders of bio and organic goods come together to sell their products. On the Bio Market in Budapest you can find anything from vegetables to clothes all biologically or organically produced. Most of the visitors you find there are young families having children to buy fresh vegetables, milk, bread, creams, fruits and much more for their children but also for themselves. As stated on the picture the Bio Market is open from 6.30 till 13.00 every Saturday. Nearby you can find a park with a playground where most people are going to after or before shopping to play with their kids and spend the time after on the fresh air. The Bio Market is a collection of little wood houses where the traders offer their goods and talk with the visitors. I think it is a good opportunity to buy…


Hungarian Name Days

Hungarians are really crazy about name days. Especially older people rather celebrate their name days than their birthday which is basically drawing the attention away from their age. You can find big parties going on just like you celebrate your birthday. In Hungary it is tradition that you give a present for somebodys name day or at least some flowers to girls. Nevertheless this is reason enough to give you the list of Hungarian name days by date. ← → x × Previous Next


Shared Office in Budapest

If you are running a small business from home but you are missing the collegial environment of an office I have a superb solution for you. A shared office in Budapest. Prices for offices, even though office buildings are built one after the other, are quite high and most of the time not affordable for small business owners. The solution of a shared office is perfect for everybody who wants to get out of his or her home. Now with Colabs this shared office soltution which is gaining more and more popularity all over the world has opened up in Budapest. In a top spot you can have office space together with others, even meeting rooms and much more. Additionally you can use the internet, printers and much more to feel more like being in your own office. From 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. (closing hours are very flexible) you can work in an office together with others who like you have a small business but cannot afford, or don’t…


Stag Weekend Budapest

I have been to several Stag weekends in Budapest and it has always been a blast that’s not only what I think but all my mates confirmed that it has been the best Stag party they have been to. Most of them returned to Budapest to party even without the reason of the Stag do. Budapest compared to Western European capitals is still a cheap place to party and the Hungarians definetly know how to party, especially the beautiful Budapest girls which you will find in any club, bar or on the street. Since cheap flight airlines discovered Budapest as a destination Budapest became a top place for Stag weekends from all over Europe. Also the hotels are fairly cheap and comfortable. So all you eed is the right pubs, clubs, table dance bars and escort services to have a nice weekend with your mates which you will definetly have. Get your Stag Weekend organised You can either go organise the trip yourself, book a flight and hotel and just live through…


Real Estate Agencies in Budapest

If you are searching or selling a property, house or a flat in Budapest you most probably need a real estate agency to find you the right estate. Budapest real estate agencies save you a lot of time and effort when searching or selling a property. Therefore I list some agencies in Budapest that can help you out, speak English and offer much more than just estate search but also property management or relocation services. Check out the agencies I picked for you. ← → x × Previous Next


Mobile Phone Providers in Hungary

Hungary has three major mobile phone providers. These three split up the market. Market leader is T-Mobile formerly known as Westel. Vodafone and Pannon are close behind. If you decide to get a mobile phone we recommend to take the provider your friends use because the minute fees within the network are cheaper than to other networks. Further there is no major differnece between them but have a closer look at the 3 major ones. T-Mobile V. Petofi Sándor u. 12. Phone: (+36-1) 266 5723 Website Telenor 2045 Törökbálint, Pannon út 1. Phone: (+36-20) 930 4000 Website Vodafone Váci út 1-3. (Westend City Center) Phone: (+36-1) 238 7281 Website Next to regular mobile contracts you can also get mobile internet access in Hungary from all these providers. As I said before there is no major difference in the providers, all are reliable and work perfectly fine all over the country. The fees and minute prices are changing day by day so it would be useless to publish them here but…


Low Cost Airlines to Budapest

Cheap flight to Budapest From all over Europe it is possible to fly with low cost airlines to Budapest. But don’t expect too low prices and of course look at the hidden costs. Many of these airlines work with methods that make the price no so low anymore. For example Germanwings asks for 5€ per extra lagguage. All airlines add the airport fees and taxes. In most cases the really good offer you see in the beginning is a medium price in the end. Additionally go and book your flight as early as possible because with every day the prices go up. Below you find a list with all cheap airlines flying to Budapest and all it’s departure cities. ← → x × Previous Next


Radio Stations Budapest

Let the music play! Sitting in the car without music is quite boring so here you will find all Radio stations available in Budapest. The most popular are probably Slager Radio, Roxy Radio, Danubius and MR2. If you prefer cultural topics than you should have a listen to Kossuth Radio or MR1. Enjoy the music. ← → x × Previous Next


International Kindergartens

If you live with your family in Budapest and want to send your child to an international kindergarten this is you list. You will find all international kindergartens of Budapest to send your child to. Of course there are some private international day cares in Budapest as well which you can check out. To be sure your child grows up in an international environment it might be interesting for you to sent him or her to one of the facilities below. BadaBing – English speaking Kindergarten XIV. district, Ajtósi Dürer sor 5. Phone number: +36 20 235 88 90 website: Bóbita-Vár (Dandelion Castle) International Daycare and Pre-School 1095. Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 2/B. Phone number: +36 30 322 0965 website: Rainbow Art and Creativity Preschool 1037 Királylaki út 53. Tel: +36 30 6766467 Website Under the Rainbow Pre-School and Kindergarten H-1029 Budapest Feketerigó u. 20. Tel: +36 30 231 8181 e-mail address: Website A-Z International Centre for Children Budapest 1125 Zsolna utca 2 Telephone: +36-1-212-0133 E-Mail:…

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Libraries in Budapest

Read good books! If you fancy reading a book once in a while but don’t want to buy it or it is not avilable anymore for any reason I recommend to you to go to one of the many libraries in Budapest. In most of them you can find fantastic books and even international ones if you don’t speak Hungarian. Check out the libraries listed below. ← → x × Previous Next


International Book Stores

English, French, German books! For foreigners there are several bookstores in Budapest offering books in many different languages such as German, English, french, Italian and so on. Of course the big bookstores like Libri offer international books as well but there are some bookstores in Budapest specialized on foreign language books.  ← → x × Previous Next


Universities in Budapest

Budapest is a city full of universities with a lot of students not only from Hungary but also all over Europe and the rest of the world.  You could say that Budapest is a student city which also reflects in the club, bar and nightlife scene of Budapest. If you decided to come to Budapest to study check out the universities in Budapest. BBS – Budapest Business School – Link BME University of technology and economics – Link CEU – Central European University – Link Corvinus University – International Studies Center – Link Collegium Budapest – Institue for advanced Study – Link ELTE – University of Siences – Link Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music – Link MKE – Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts – Link Semmelweis University – University of Physical Education and Sport Sciences – Link Szent István University – Faculty of Veterinary Science – Link SZTE BMI – Budapest Media Institute of the Szeget University of Sience – Link University of Jewish Studies – Link Zrínyi Miklós Nemzetvédelmi…


Car Rental in Budapest

Car rental is an essential part of many peoples holidays whether it is simply for transportation within the city or for planned day trips in the country side to hire a car in Budapest makes sense. To hire a car in Budapest I recommend you to choose the easiest way and rent the car online from home. You can be sure that your car is at the airport or in one of the city center rental places. To rent a car in Budapest is ideal if you want to be flexible and maybe see some sights and cities outside of Budapest. If you stay within the Budapest city center during your trip I recommend not to rent a car because you will spend half you day in the traffic which is quite high in Budapest and have trouble finding parking places in the city so rather use the public transport. Nevertheless you are much more flexible with a car and if you plan to go for trips to Szentendre, Visegrad,…


Weather in Budapest

The weather in Budapest and Hungary is a normal Middle and Eastern European weather. It has definetly peaks, especially in the winter wich can hurt because it can get down to 20 degrees below zero but that’s really rarely. The average temeperature during winter months is -5 to -10 degrees celsius. In the summer time in Budapest cafes, pubs and bars get out their chairs and tables to serve the guests on the streets or in the backyard. This time is for sure the one when you want to come to Budapest. ← → x × Previous Next


Twin Cities of Budapest

As all cities do, Budapest has many twin or partner cities all over the world. With its 2 million inhabitants Budapest has quite big cities as twin cities e.g. New York City or Berlin. Check out the list of all twin cities of Budapest. ← → x × Previous Next


Train Stations Budapest

There are three major train stations in Budapest. Déli pályaudvar which is the biggest train station on the Buda site, Nyugati pályaudvar which is the biggest train station and Keleti pályaudvar which is the most frequented train station in Budapest. For international trains I would start looking at Keleti pályaudvar as there are the most international trains leaving and arriving if you are going to the west. For trains leaving and arriving from the east the Nyugati pályaudvar is the right to look for. Keleti Pályaudvar Most international trains arrive and leave at Keleti train station. The trains coming from western countries therefore have to go through the whole city to reach Keleti railway station. The railway station can be reached with Metro M2. For a better orientation even though it is unfailable we give you a picture of Keleti pályaudvar. Nyugati Pályaudvar The Nyugati train station is the station for domestic trains. Most trains here are going to the outskirts and smaller cities of Eastern Hungary. The Nyugati train station can be reached with Metro M3. You cannot miss…


Tourist Information Offices

Of course, most information about Budapest you will get here on but once in the city without mobile device and you need a Budapest map or some information about traveling or whatever you might probably want to see a tourist office near you. So here are adresses of official tourist offices in Budapest. But don’t be shy, Hungarians are friendly people and most probably will help you if you can. Head office: 1052 Deak ter (Sütö utca 2)  Phone: +36 1 438-8080  1061 Lisz Ferenc ter 11 Phone: +36 1 322-4098 1062 Nyugati Palyaudvar Phone: +36 1 302-8580 1014 Szentharomsag ter Phone: +36 1 488-0475 1052 Varoshaz utca 7 Phone: +36 1 428-0377 ← → x × Previous Next


Taxi in Budapest

Update of the Budapest Taxi industry on 1. September 2013 Since the first of September 2013 there has been a unified and easier pricing system affecting ALL taxi companies in Budapest. From that day all taxi companies in Budapest have to use the following price structure: 450 HUF Base fee 280 HUF per km 70 HUF per waiting minute (in case you order a taxi) The prices before 1. of September 2013 where very dependent on the tax company first of all and also if you call a taxi or get it from the street. All these arguments do not influence the price anymore. Furthermore there are no more company discounts (which large companies were granted for using a certain taxi company) nor fixed tariffs such as airport transfer. The state believes that this makes the taxi landscape in Budapest more transparent and fair. I agree with the transparent but the kilometer prices have gone up dramatically. In my case a ride to the airport will be at least double…


Public Transport in Budapest

If you decide to travel by public transportation in Budapest during your stay the first thing you should do is to get a map of the bus, tram, metro, HÉV network. These are the four major transportation ways in Budapest. Usually you get the maps on any big square like Deak Ferenc tér, Oktogon, Moskva tér and so on. But also on the train stations and at the Budapest airport. There you get tickets as well. You can choose between single tickets and weekend tickets or if you stay longer it would be good to get ticket for a complete month. Budapest Metro The Metro in Budapest is the fastest way to travel through the city. There are three different Metro lines going through Budapest. M1 (yellow line) is going from Mexikói ut in the north east of Budapest to Vörösmarty tér in the center of the City. M2 (red line) is going from Déli pu (Southern train station) on the Buda side to Örs vezér tér in the eastern part of Budapest. M3 (blue line) is…


Hungarian National Holidays

Many of the national holidays in Hungary are the same as in other countries such as Easter, New Years Eve or Christmas. Of course there are some differences but mostly they are similar. One thing here in Hungary that differs and was new to me since we don’t have this rule in Germany is that bank holidays have to be compensated on another day. Means if the public holiday is on a tuesday and you get the monday off it is very likely (most of the time even regulated by the law) that you have to work the following saturday and have only sunday off that weekend. A rule which I don’t really like but OK.  Anyways, here are the public holidays in Hungary. The All Saints day is a very much celebrated day in Hungary. Everybody goes to the cemetery to put flowers on the grave. On that day all shops are closed so the city is empty but the cemeteries are crowded. ← → x × Previous Next


Embassies in Budapest

If you need a new Visa, have a passport problem or anything else that is related to your country and needs official attention than you will find here the embassies in Budapest of the countries where most of the visitors come from.Your embassy can help you with several things from a lost passport over help when involved in fraud or theft to recommendations for doctors speaking your language. Are you missing your embassy or know another address than drop me an email. All Embassies in Budapest ALBANIA EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA 1062 Budapest, Bajza u. 26. +36 1 322-6814 ALGERIA PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ALGERIA 1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út. 27. +36 1 200-6852 ARGENTINA EMBASSY OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC 1023 Budapest, Vérhalom u. 12-16/A. +36 1 326-0493 AUSTRALIA EMBASSY COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA 1126 Budapest, Királyhágo tér 8-9. +36 1 457-0272 AUSTRIA EMBASSY OF AUSTRIA 1068 Budapest, Benczur u 16. +36 1 479-7010 BELGIUM EMBASSY OF THE KINGDOM OF BELGIUM 1015 Budapest, Toldi F. u. 13. +36 1 201-1762,…


Dental Clinic in Budapest

Teeth and beauty! There are many dental clinics in Budapest and Hungary who focus on customers from all over Europe. A dental clinic in Budapest usually has more visitors from Europe than from Hungary because for Hungarians it is too expensive but in the same time the dental treatment is very cheap from British, Germans or Austrians. There is not ONE dental clinic in Budapest, there are loads of them and thus it is hard for us to point one out. If you have any experience with a Budapest dental clinic please let us know and we will review it. ← → x × Previous Next


Internet Cafes

Coffee and internet Nowadays you find nearly everywhere internet cafés as well as free and paid hot spots in Budapest so if you are around with your mobile device than you won’t have any trouble to be online. In the touristic areas you will find a lot of internet cafés but here are some that I know. ← → x × Previous Next


Internet Access Providers in Hungary

Get access and be online In Hungary there are as everywhere several internet providers for your internet access at home. Which one you choose probably depends on the package you prefer and the speed you’d likke to have. I have the 8mbit/s package by T-Online / T-Com or whatever it is called nowadays and I am quite satisfied with it. So go on an check out the internet providers in Hungary. Telekom T-Points in Hungary: List Website:  Euroweb Website  GTS-Datanet Website Website  UPC Website  ← → x × Previous Next


Dentist in Budapest

It is a well known fact that a dentist in Budapest or an entire dental treatment in Hungary is much cheaper comparing to Western Europe though offering the same high quality standards. Most dentists in Hungary do not earn much money if they work as a regular dentist that is why it became very popular to treat foreigners either on their holiday or even on organized trips just for this one purpose. After research among some of the leading Hungarian dental treatment companies I found out that you can save 30 – 80% compared to Germany, the UK or the Netherlands. This big saving, depending on the complexity of course, leaves enough money to pay the flight to Budapest, accommodation  and catering in case it is not offered in the package. There are several companies across Europe offering dental tourism trips to Budapest or other parts of Hungary, not only because of the prices but also because of the reputation Hungarian dentists have around the globe. In this article you…


Budapest Card

When traveling to Budapest you already have thousands of choices on what to see, where to eat and what to do during your stay in the capital of Hungary. The Budapest Card gives you very good discounts on several activities you can do in Budapest (see a full list below) and therefore narrows your choices down a bit, which doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything what is not featured in the Budapest Card. Benefits of the Budapest Card The Budapest Card gives you discount for more than 100 services within the city such as free or discounted museum entrance and other cultural programs, reduced price on selected Budapest Sightseeing Tours, discount for restaurants, car rentals, spas and baths in Budapest and on top of all that a travel insurance for the time. How to activate Budapest Card? Once you have purchased the Budapest Card online it will be waiting for you in your hotel and is ready to use. On the backside of the Budapest Card you will need…


Currency of Hungary

The currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint abbreviated as Ft and often denoted as HUF. The Forint waas introduce in 1946 is devided in 100 Filler. Since 1999 the Fillér does not exist anymore since it is too little money (1 Filler would be around 0,00004 Euros). The Hungarian currency Forint as we know it today was introduced on August 1st 1946. In 2008 even the 1 and 2 Forint coins got useless since all prices are rounded up or down to 5 Forint. In 2009 the Hungarian government also introduced the 200 Forint coin with the official statement that the production cost would be lower. In fact the real reason, thats what everybody thinks, is that Hungary wanted to make the next step to the Euro and have a coin which comes close to the 1 Euro coin. Not only in value but also optical. The long term goal of Hungary is for sure to introduce the Euro as a currency of Hungary but when and if that happens…


Hungary Travel

More than just Budapest and Balaton! If you plan to travel to Hungary there are usually two points to stay at or at least these are the most common. On the one hand you have Budapest, the city this entire site is about, or on the other hand you have the lake Balaton region which many people visit to relax or to party. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Bridges

As you know Budapest is divided in the parts Buda (the hilly and smaller part in the west) and Pest (the flat, larger part in the east). These 2 major parts of Budapest are connected by bridges for cars, pedestrians, public transport as well as trains. Within Budapest there are 7 bridges which are described below and in the north and the south of Budapest there are 2 more bridges crossing the Danube on M0, the highway around Budapest. Árpád híd (Árpád bridge) Árpád híd (engl. Árpád bridge) is the most northern bridge in Budapest connecting Buda and Pest across the Danube. It is the longest bridge in Hungary with around 2km if you consider the sections leading up to the bridge. Without these sections Árpád híd is 928m long and 35.3m wide. In Buda the bridge ends in Szentlélek tér. Árpád híd is the northern entrance to Margaret Island and it overlooks Óbuda Island as well. The construction started in 1939 after the plans of János Kossalka and ended…


Car Parking in Budapest

Where to park and how to pay! The Budapest Car parking situation is as difficult as in all other major cities as well. On the street in Budapest you will not find a parking place for your car unless you are very lucky. The other possibility for car parking in Budapest is to go into a parking garage. Car parking here costs around 200 to 300 Forint per hour which is quiet cheap compared to other cities. Of course the price depends on the location of the parking garage. In general car parking in Budapest is a bit better than in other cities but not much less of a hassle. As there are no relationships between Hungary and any other country in the EU concerning collecting fees from foreign cars you as a forigner can park anywhere and do not have to pay the bills coming for you. Of course that is not the nice method but as the “Centrum Parkolo Kft.” is quiet pushy in collecting fees even though…


Emergency Calls

Just in case… I really hope you will never need one of these services but just in case it is good to have them. In case of emergency you should write down the following number for help. You can find here the numbers of the police, fire fighters, the ambulance and the Hungarian Car Club which helps you if you have trouble with your car. The general number of emergency is 112. ← → x × Previous Next


First words in Hungarian

Tessek? Hungarian is a very difficult language so what you definetly need is a teacher or a language school guiding you through the first weeks of your learning process since the logic behind the language is nearly impossible to understand. Nevertheless with a few words in Hungarian, e.g. ordering your beer, will amaze Hungarians. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Map

Find the right place This Budapest map is provided by Google maps to see the map in a bigger scale or to see a Hungary map please visit the Google Maps website. Further we have listed below some good Budapest maps.  Further map services are: Utca kereső (Hungarian) Google Maps (English) ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Airport Transfer

The Budapest airport is located around 16km in the east of Budapest along the main road 4. Here you can find out which transfer is the best for you after your flight to Budapest. There are four major ways to get to the airport. The transfer is recommended by Budapest Airport Minibus, Public Transport, by Taxi or by Car. HINT: Combine your Airport Transfer with a private tour! Airport Transfer & Private Tour Budapest Airport Transfer by Minibus In cooperation with the Airport Budapest the Minibus brings you from both terminals of Ferihegy Liszt Ferenc International Airport to your requested address in Budapest which is one of the most comfortable transfer methods. To order a place in the Van for the transfer of 8 to 11 people you have to call the hotline in advance. The price for the transfer is 11,80€ per person and very comfortable. By Public Transport The transfer by public transportation is the cheapest method because the connection between Budapest public transportation and Budapest Airport is…


Budapest Airport

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport /Ferihegy 1 & 2! Budapest airport or as it is called “Ferihegy” Liszt Ferenc International Airport is seperated in two terminals which basically devide the low cost airlines from the charter flights. Terminal one which was a long time shut down got rebuild a couple years ago due to the mass of low cost airlines who arose in the last years because they are usually offering a great airfare. A good investment because nowadays the Budapest airport is on a high standard even though it is quiet small compared to other airports in Europe. Terminal two which was the regular airport is still in a not very nice shape. Devided in two parts (a and b) big airlines like BA, Malév or Lufthansa arrive and depart here. The Budapest airport is around 16 kilometers away from the city center of Budapest. The airport transfer is nowaday quiet flexible and very easy. Within 30 minutes maximum you are in the heart of Budapest. For more information around Budapest…

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Flight to Budapest

A flight to Budapest is nowadays quite cheap due to the fact that low cost airlines discovered Hungary as an attractive destination. The history, the beauty of the city, the nightlife, cheap beer prices and much more made Budapest one of the most attracting destinations in Central Eastern Europe for young and old travellers from all over the world. No matter if for sightseeing, recreation in one of Budapests baths or for a Stag Weekend Budapest is worth a trip. So here is some information you need to know for your flight to Budapest. Airlines flying to Budapest There are 2 Hungarian airlines who have their hub in Budapest, Malév is the national Hungarian airline and the incumbent on flights to Budapest. But also Wizzair, a newly founded, young company already covers a wide range of destinations all over Europe and carries millions of passengers each year. Of course most of the big airlines in Europe like Lufthansa, British Airways or Air France fly to Budapest already but there are…


Budapest Picture

A picture says more than thousand words! It is very difficult to find THE one picture of Budapest. Therefore we selected some really nice ones to give you an impression on what Budapest looks like. The pictures of Budapest just give you a sneak preview to see and feel the real beauty of the city you need to come around and make yourself a picture of Budapest. ← → x × Previous Next


Holiday House Hungary

Balaton or in the city? Lake Balaton is the most famous place for holidays or weekend trips for people living in Budapest. Around one hour away from Budapest the lake Balaton starts. Here you can find holiday houses, hotels, hostels, holiday flats and camping places around the lake. The biggest and most famous town (at least for young people) at lake Balaton is Siofok. You can find many cheap hotels for a weekend or longer. Also popular for holidays are cities like Sopron, Debrecen, Györ or the “Duna knee”. ← → x × Previous Next


Houses in Budapest

In and around the city! In the Buda hills you can find very nice and large houses. Teh best districts for houses in Budapest are 11 and 2 which are on the Buda site, starting at the hills. In the Budapest city center it is almost impossible to find a house and if so they are of course very expansive. Houses in Budapest are most of the time used by families since generations where everybody lives together. Young students move out like in other countries as well and try to find an apartment during the time they study. Also common is to buy an apartment in early years. ← → x × Previous Next


Apartment Share in Budapest

To share an apartment in Budapest can be very interesting for students abroad as well as students who come to Budapest for an internship. Sharing an apartment with people is a cheap alternative to an own apartment and can also be easier if someone else is the main hirer of the apartment. Specially for young people apartment sharing is always an alternative during the studies or even while working. Budapest has many apartments that are more or less perfect for living with 2 or 3 people in one apartment because they have a big living room and besides some smaller rooms. Of course not everybody likes to share his or her apartment and prefers an own apartment. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Apartman

City Center Apartment The Budapest Apartman is located in the city center of Budapest. It is a completly furnished apartment in a over 100 year old building. Next to the standard equipment you will find a fridge, washing-machine, microwave oven, kitchen equipment, bed linen, towels, etc. The apartment is ideal for 1 to 3 persons but can be booked for 5 as well. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Shoes

The Budapest shoes are world famous for their custom design, the accuracy of the shoe makers and of course that they are hand made. Many famous people come to Budapest just to get THE shoe. Quality of course has its price. The hand made but not custom sized to your feet start at around 400€ and the custom and hand made start at 500€ made. The most famous shoe maker in Hungary is Vass Laszlo. Vass shoes from Budapest are the most famous in the world because they are hand made and have an excellent quality. The custom made Vass shoes are the superlative. Since 1978 Laszlo Vass, the founder makes shoes himself. At the moment a hand full by Laszlo Vass educated people produce around 1000 shoes per Year. ← → x × Previous Next


Culinaris Budapest

Culinaris in Budapest has two small shops, one on the Buda and one on the Pest side. Culinris offers food and drinks from all over the world such as nice Curry pastes, Belgium beer, ham from Parma or mixed pickles from England. No matter what you search for the Culinaris offers a big variety of culinary highlights from many different countries. If you miss some food which you usually can buy at home try it there maybe you can find what you are looking for. ← → x × Previous Next


Peek & Cloppenburg Budapest

Menswear! The menswear reatiles Peek and Cloppenburg opened up a store in Budapest. Situated behind Basilica in Sas utca the retailer offers brands such as Thommy Hilfiger, Pierre Cardin, Paul and Shark, Hugo Boss an much more. This store is a trial but end of this year Peek & Cloppenburg what to open up another store in Arena Plaza Shopping Center. ← → x × Previous Next


Burberry Budapest

English fashion! Burberry, famous for the “check” pattern and trenchcoates is about to open up a store in Budapest. In April the Burberry Hungary kft was founded. As soon as we know more we will let you know. ← → x × Previous Next


Shopping Streets in Budapest

There are several streets in Budapest which are packed with shops. From shoes over clothes to electronics and so on you can find anything in the streets of Budapest. I think there is no real city center in Budapest so that over time it came that in some streets a lot of shops opened and by now they are streets to shop. The most famous are listed below. Andrassy ut Andrassi ut is the most famous street in Budapest. It starts at Deak Ferenc ter and heads towards Hösök ter(hero square). On its way it passes Budapest highlights like the Basilika, the Opera, Liszt ferenc ter andOktogon. On Andrassy ut many shops, interior design shops, restaurants and bars are located. Famous is also the Christmas decoration on Adrassy ut.  Vaci utca Vaci utca starts at Vörösmarti tér and leads to the market hall. On Vörösmarti ter is the world famous coffee house Gerbeaud. The street is a famous place for tourists with all the shops, restaurants and cafes. At nighttime many tourist like to take a walk there but beware because…


West End City Center Budapest

Banks The West End City Center has 3 Change shops, 7 Cash machines and 5 banks. Citibank, Erste Bank, Exclusive M&M Change, MKB and OTP Bank. Games In the Center you can find a big Game park including bowling, billiard, darts, arcarde games and many more. Also under the arcarde games an electronic dancing stage with strange people on it dancing… Shops Of course the West End City Center has a lot of shops. Among other things there are Mandarina Duck, Puma, Nike, Adidas, Buffalo, Valentino, Schiesser, Mango, Saxoo London, Timberland, Nautica, Gant, Marlboro,Diesel, Retro Jeans, Esprit, Helly Hansen, Kenvelo, Lacoste, Levi’s, MEXX, New Yorker, Pepe Jeans, Stefanel, Tom Tailor and many more.  Food and drinks Burger King, Café del Sol, Don Pepe Pizzéria, Indochina, Leroy Café, McDonald’s, Perk Cafe, Sushi Bar, Thai Food, Stars Café and many more. The food court and its restaurants is the biggest in Budapest.  And more Besides food, drinks, shops and games the West End City Center hosts cinemas, a supermarket (Match), telecommunication stores, music stores, photo stores, Media Markt, Casinos, specialized shops…


MOM Park Budapest

Shop till you drop! Alkotás utca 53. 1123 Budapest ← → x × Previous Next


Mammut Shopping Center

Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center 1024 Budapest, Lövöház street. 2-6. Phone.: +36 (1) 345-8020; 345-8333  ← → x × Previous Next


Louis Vuitton Budapest

Expensive bags! Louis Vuitton, the famous handbag maker, opened a flag store in the heart of Budapest. On Andrassy ut, directly next to the opera you will find the massive Louis Vuitton shop of Budapest. This is the place where money goes in and stays there. The famous hand bags created by 1854 founded french company are very expensive and hardly affordable for Hungarians. Nevertheless the shop is in the touristic area of Budapest and attracts the rich and famous. ← → x × Previous Next


Zara Budapest

Good fashion, fair price!   Zara is the most valuable clothing company in the world and it has its reason. The fashion Zara produces is up to date a offers a very good quality compared to other companies in the same price level. In 2006 Zara decided to open up a store in Budapest. By now there are two stores in the city plus one in Györ. ← → x × Previous Next


Language Schools in Budapest

If you are living in Budapest or Hungary since a while or you are planning to stay for longer you might take into consideration to learn Hungarian. Therefore a language School is probably the best choice because Hungarian is a very difficult language due to the fact that it is not related to any other language in the world. I can tell from my own experience that it takes a while to understand Hungarian grammar, it is hard to learn the vocabulary but on the other hand it helps a lot to survive in Hungary and people absolutely love if a foreigner speaks Hungarian. So check out the language schools in Budapest to take Hungarian classes. Featured Language Schools in Budapest 30 more Language Schools in Budapest Ameropa Nyelviskola Móricz Zsigmond körtér 14. 1117 Budapest +36 1 209-5243 Atalanta Oktatási Központ Visegrádi u. 9. 1132 Budapest +36 1 339-8549 Babilon Nyelvstudió Károly krt. 3/a. 1075 Budapest +36 1 269-5531 Bell Iskolák Tulipán u. 8. 1022 Budapest +36 1 326-5257 Berlitz…

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English Press

Be up to date! Due to the number of expats living in Budapest the city needs newspapers in english language. There are three major newspapers dealing with topics related to Hungary on the market. Of course smaller papers for going out, cinema timetables and so on exist as well.  Budapest Business Journal The Budapest Business Journal spezialized on business news in Hungary. Topics like investment and stocks, banking and finance, industry, manufacturing, IT news, telecommunication, Management or real estate are covered very good by the Budapest Business Journal. Also politics is talked about. Budapest Business Journal website Budapest Week The weekly newspaper is a little bit different to the other two. The major topics of the Budapest Week are things like trends, exhibitions, performances, interviews, music, books and museeums. The paper is very nice to read though and offers a lot of side information about restaurants. Budapest Week website ← → x × Previous Next


Hungary Map

Hungary on one map!   Find your way in Hungary. On this map you can zoom in, out, see street names and much more. This by Google Maps provided map can show you every spot in Hungary and even in the entire world in detail. No matter if map style, satellite or hybrid. Find your spot in Hungary on the map. Alternativly if you go to Budapest check out the Budapest map. ← → x × Previous Next


International Schools in Budapest

Good education! You as an expat living here with your children might take into consideration to send you children to an international school in Budapest. Depending on where you come from there are several choices to educate your children. That doesn’t mean that Hungarian schools are bad but to stay in touch with your home country it is for sure not bad to send kids to international schools. And of course the kids will not just learn English or American subjects but also Hungarian. So it is not that you keep your kid out of anything dealing with Hungary. Check out the international schools in Budapest. American International School of Budapest Phone: +36 26 556-000 Website British International School of Budapest Kiscelli Köz 17 District 3, Budapest Phone: +36 1 200 8488 Website BME International Secondary Grammar School Egry Jozsef u. 3-11 District 11, Budapest Phone: +36 1 209-4983 Website Britannica International School Kakukk u. 1-3. 1121 Budapest Phone: +36 1 466-9794 Website Deutsche Schule Budapest Cinege u. 8/c 12th…


Budapest Banks

This bank information might be only useful for expats or persons who stay for a longer time. If you don’t want to pay a lot of fees for your foreign bank card for getting money from the cash machine you should think of a card from a Hungarian bank. Of course the variety of banks is very big but there are some major banks in Hungary where you can be sure that they have a lot of cash machines all over the country.  I have listed all banks available in Budapest for you as a service but I recommend some banks to you where you can be sure that they have cash machines in Budapest otherwise you pay the fees for the bank as well. The recommended banks are OTP Bank, MTK Bank, CIB Bank and Erste Bank. Here is a list of Banks:  Banks in Budapest Általános Értékforgalmi Bank Rt. (General Banking & Trust Company Ltd.)  V. Markó utca 9, Correspondence to: H-1991 Budapest, PO Box 150, Hungary, Tel: 462 7600, Fax: 462 7606,  BNP Paribas…


Hungary Flag

The colors of Hungary! The flag of Hungary is a 3 striped flag, the colors are red, white and green. These three colors come from the original coat of arms of Hungary which shows a silver (white) cross on a green hill with a red background. The colors have a meaning for Hungarians. Red stands for the blood that all Hungarians lost in several fights, white stands for the cleanliness and purity of the country and green is the color of the revolution in the 19th century. ← → x × Previous Next


Other School Types

Next to international schools and language schools there are a lot of other schools in Budapest. For example there are singing schools for children and adults, acting schools, dancing schools for people of all ages or schools where students can have private lessons to develop their intellectual potential. Find below the list of schools. Mathematics in English – Open Mind Education Center Open Mind Education Center provides a Complex Academic Support Program which offers tutoring, academic coaching and mentoring for students aged 6-19. Math: IB Mathematics Higher Level, IB Mathematics Standard Level, IB Mathematics Studies, GCSE – A level and SAT preparation. The Education Center is unique in focusing on the individual’s afternoon preparation, ensuring the student’s improvement to achieve their academic goals by creating personal progress plans and monitoring continuously. Tel: +36 1 793 2293 / Address: 1122 Budapest, Maros u. 12. / For more information click here. Dramaworks – Theatre School in Budapest Dramaworks is a theatre school in Budapest offering workshops and performances for kindergardens and schools….


Acardia Apartment

West End apartment The apartment at West End City center has a 16 m² room which offers place for 2 people as well as a 6m² gallery with one place to sleep. Besides the room the apartment offers a kitchen, a bath, a Jacuzzi and a hall. For Media interested there is broadband internet connection and satellite TV in each room. The apartment is newly renovated and fully equiped with washing machine, fridge, frezzer and more.  ← → x × Previous Next


H&M Budapest

Young, trendy, cheap! H&M is a well known swedish brand offering clothes for young people for good prices. Last year H&M opened up the first store in Budapest and until now there are three in total. The offer is not a big difference to other european countries and the price is not much cheaper than somewhere else. Nevertheless H&M offers affordable clothes for everybody and it is worth a visit if you search for trendy clothes.  ← → x × Previous Next


Arena Plaza Budapest

Arena Plaza in Budapest opened up on November 15th, 2007 and is the biggest Shopping Center in Budapest and thus the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe. The former biggest shopping center was West End City Center which is in Budapest as well. With approximately 66.000sqm and 2.600 parking places the Arena Plaza reaches new limits. Arena Plaza in Budapest has place for more than 220 shops without the supermarket Tesco, cinemas and much more. The biggest shops in Arena Plaza Budapest are Zara, Peek & Cloppenburg, Hervis, Electro World and H&M. Arena Plaza Shopping Center Next to Keleti Palyaudvar Phone.: +36-1-880-7000 ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest property investment

Apartments, houses and properties If you are thinking about an investment in Budapest this page might be interesting for you. We found nice houses, apartments and properties in Budapest for you to invest. Compared to other major cities in Europe Budapest prices are still fairly cheap but in the same time they have a big growth potential. ← → x × Previous Next


Liszt Ferenc Tér Budapest

Liszt Ferenc tér in Budapest is a square full of bars and restaurants. Many foreigners like to come here and have a drink or go for a party. In the summertime it is possible to sit outside and enjoy the day or night. Usually on the weekends many people come to Liszt Ferenc tér to have a coffee during the day or a decent lunch. In the night time Liszt Ferenc tér becomes the bar and club place. One bar next to the other and for the people who want to dine out there are always some good dishes left. Some of the bars like Barrokko also have a club downstairs to party. On the following sites I give you some recommendations where to go or at least some reviews from what I have experienced there. ← → x × Previous Next


Ráday utca in Budapest

Ráday utca is a famous place for bars, restaurants and cafés in Budapest. Mainly the road is not accessable for cars just for pedestriants. Here one bar is next to the other. Almost all od the offer to sit outside in the summer time and also offer good food next to your beer or cocktail. Day by day thr Ráday utca is crowded with people eating. During the week you find a lot of business people having their beer after work and on weekends the bars are full with young people having a drink before they go clubbing. ← → x × Previous Next


Budapest Bar Scam

End of last week I was searching a bit online and stumbled upon an article or a review about the Bar Galaxia in Budapest. So far so good but the review was more than bad and reported about a typical Budapest Bar Scam around Vaci utca in Budapest. Typical is that 2 good looking, young girls pretending to be students chat up some tourists on Vaci út. They pretend to not know any bars around but of course they know exactly where they are going. The bars you go to are super expensive and you will not go out there under 25.000 HUF per person for a few drinks. A good point to start with is the below collection of bars to avoid: Diamond Club Budapest II district, Bimbó út 3. Eden Night Club Budapest VI district, Andrássy út. 54. Galaxia étterem, bár Budapest V district, Bécsi utca 3. La Dolce Vita Budapest V district, Október 6. utca 8. Mercy Club and Lounge Budapest VII district, Dohány utca 88. Nirvana…


Learning Hungarian with Youtube

Everybody knows that Youtube hosts tons of videos from professional HD ready movie trailors in 16:9 over semi professional Vodcasts to amateur movies made by all kinds of people in low quality. Anyways while surfing the other day on Youtube I found several videos dealing with learning Hungarian by watching videos. A voice is pronouncing the words and in the same time you see a picture of the object. In the case of the picture the video deals with fruits. The same is available for numbers and all kinds of topics. I think it is a quite good idea to learn some words if you are really a beginner. Here you can find the fruits video, animals and seasons. Honestly this should have been done by a language school in Hungary. I mean the 3 videos have been watched around 3500 times together so that would have been a lovley promotion for the language school. Anyways, check out the videos if you are learning Hungarian or even if you are…

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Budapest Winter

The Hungarian Tourism Office launched a new winter campaign just like last year to attract tourists mainly from Europe to come to Budapest in winter time. Last year this campaign waas called Budapest Winter Invasion this year it will be Budapest Winter Invitation. You can find further Information on the Budapest Winter Website. Basically Budapest Winter is a union of tourism related businesses in Budapest such as hotels, the airport, Malév, the Hungarian tourism office and so on to attract visitors from Europe to spend some days in Budapest from beginning of November till the end of March which are usually the less frequented months in Budapest. The Hungarian Tourism Office spends 100 Million Forint (approx. 390.000 EUR, 315.000 GBP or 490.000 USD) plus another 35 million Forint collected from the attending companies. The new website is quite nice, at least better than the old one and offers more information about what to do in the winter time in Budapest and guides for every type of person. So go and…


Budapest Metro

The Budapest Metro is the oldest continental underground in Europe. Only the London Tube is older than the Metro lines in Budapest. To get through the city there is no faster way than the metro because of the non existing traffic. There are 4 metro lines going through Budapest which cover 7 ends of the city and meet all in the middle at Déak Ferenc Tér which makes it really easy to get off one line and hop on the other one. Watch out for thieves in the Metro in Budapest. This is how they operate: M1 (Yellow Line) The yellow line is going from Mexikói ut in the north east of Budapest to Vörösmarty tér in the center of the City which is the oldest line in Budapest. Still the old metro stations are kept as they have been years ago. Really worth visiting. The exact route including all its stations is: Vörösmarty Tér Deák Ferenc Tér Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Út Opera Oktogon Vörösmarty Utca Kodály Körönd Bajza Utca Hősök Tere…


Jobs in Budapest

Latest Job Listings in Budapest Here are the last 10 job postings from [RSSImport display=”20″ feedurl=”” displaydescriptions=”true” date=”true” truncatedescchar=”200″ target=”blank”] I am interested. How do I apply for a job? The application for a job is fairly easy. Under each job posting you will find a large button “Apply for job” which after clicking displays either the email address where to send your CV to or the URL to the job posters website from where you can directly apply. Please read the job posting carefully as details can be stated in here such as which documents to send or what is needed for an application. Following these simple steps your application will reach the recruiter and it is up to your skills if you get invited for an interview or not. I am a recruiter. How do submit a job? To submit a job please head over to and submit your job there. The job will automatically be posted here. What is it like to work in Hungary?…


Budapest Geneva flight

Swiss International Airlines will fly from Budapest to Geneva and back from now on. With this destination the flights from Budapest to Switzerland have increased to three. Next to Geneva Swiss Air is also flying to Basel and Zurich. The launching of this flight was well planned for the beginning of this years Ski season. Most Hungarians still go to Austria for skiing but Swiss Air accepts ski lagguage free of charge. The flights will go 4 times a week from Budapest airport to Geneva and back. With around 100.000 HUF the flights are quiet expensive so it worth checking if Malév or EasyJet are flying cheaper. Except from these three there are no other airlines flying from Budapest to Switzerland. ← → x × Previous Next


Study in Budapest

Education on top level! Many universities around the world offer to study a semester or year abroad in Budapest. In Budapest you find top universities for every subject such as the technical university or business studies are well developed in Budapest. Next to the studies in Budapest you will not be bored due to the great nightlife, the amazing city and the firendly people around here. I want to introduce you some universities that offer to study abroad in Budapest. Of course we cannot list all so go to your university office and check if one of the Budapest universities is on the list. I receive a lot of emails from students around the world who drop me a line and even thank me for the great service I provide. So I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for all of you as well who keep this project alive. I do this because I love the city and I want to prevent people from getting ripped off…


Ryanair Budapest

With Ryanair you can fly from and to the following cities: Bremen Bristol Dublin East Midlands Frankfurt (Hahn) Glasgow Liverpool London Additionally with Ryanair you can fly to Lake Balaton from the following cities: Frankfurt (Hahn) London Stansted ← → x × Previous Next


Wizzair Budapest

Wizzair is the biggest Hungarian low fare airline so evry airport they fly to they have in the Budapest program as well. There is no city you can’t reach from Budapest if Wizzair flys there. With Wizzair you can fly from and to the following cities: Amsterdam Barcelona Burgas Brussels Corfu Frankfurt Herakleion London Malmö Palma de Mallorca Paris Rhodes Rome Sofia Split Stockholm Warsaw ← → x × Previous Next


With Germanwings to Budapest

Germanwings is the second biggest German low price airline. With Germanwings you can fly from and to the following cities: Köln / Bonn Stuttgart ← → x × Previous Next


With Easyjet to Budapest

Easyjet is one of the biggest low cost airlines in Europe with very good offers between all European destinations. With easyJet you can fly from and to the following cities: Berlin Bristol Dortmund Geneve London Newcastle ← → x × Previous Next


List of ALL airlines flying to Budapest

Till now on I had only low cost airlines listed which fly to Budapest. On the site of the Budapest Airport (BUD) I have collected ALL airlines flying from somewhere in the world to Budapest. Mainly there are European airlines because transatlantic flights are usually connected in Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam or Paris. Nevertheless this list includes even the airlines which fly only in a cooperation to Budapest. Here is the list. Aer Lingus Aeroflot Aerosvit Air Baltic Air Berlin Air Canada Air Europe Air France Air Malta Air Slovakia Alitalia American Airlines Austrian Airlines British Airways British Midland Bulgarian Airlines Carpatair Clickair Czech Airlines Delta Airlines EasyJet Egyptair El Al Finnair GERMANWINGS Iberia Japan Airlines KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Karthago Air LOT Polish Airlines Lufthansa Moldavian Airlines Northwest Airlines Norvegian air Nouvelair Tunis Qantas Ryanair SN Brussels SWISS Singapore Airlines Sky Airlines SkyEurope Smartwings Sterling Syrian Arab Airlines TAP Air Portugal Tarom Thai Airways Turkish Airlines United Airlines Wizzair If you don’t find an airline flying to your country…


Party Pictures Budapest

Did you see it? Where long and good parties are the party pictures are not waiting. Many Hungarian websites send out their night and party agents to take pictures from many parties in Budapest to get the best dancing pictures and the hottest Budapest girls. The next day party pictures from Budapest are in the net and can be seen all over the world. We found the best and show you what the parties in Budapest look like. If you haven’t decided if you come to Budapest or not these party pictures from several Budapest clubs will change your mind and make you come to “Paris of eastern Europe”. ← → x × Previous Next


Essential Budapest Information

Budapest, or as many people call it the „Paris of Eastern Europe”, is a fascinating city and in the same time the capital of Hungary. The history, architecture as well as the flair in the city is unique. A visit in Budapest is a must for everybody as it is fun, cultural education and excitement in one trip. Starting from Europe Budapest is not a big trip anymore since many low cost airlines discovered Budapest as a popular destination and offer fairly cheap flights from nearly any European country. The flight takes about 2 hours and when you leave the plane you will see a different world. Budapest hotels or other accommodations like hostels or apartments are fairly cheap as well and in the same time you find European standard quality and good service.
What should your weekend or complete week in Budapest contain? A must is a sightseeing tour either with an eyewitness travel guide who provides customized tours for small groups or with one of the sightseeing tour companies which carry you around in a bus to all major sights in the city.
Another thing to do is to visit one of the Budapest baths which the city is famous for. More than 100 natural, thermal sources are counted in and around Budapest which provide the famous baths like Szechenyi, Gellert or Rudas with water.
For couples Budapest will turn into a romantic trip when the lights among the Danube turn on. Take yourself time for a riverside restaurant during one evening or choose a sightseeing cruise on the Danube at night as an evening program to enjoy the lights of the city. I promise you will be amazed.
If you plan a longer trip to Budapest or Hungary you should also take into consideration to make a trip to Lake Balaton or for a wine tasting to Villanyi which are popular one or two day trips even among Hungarians. In Villanyi you will find a high density of wine cellars with excellent wines. The Lake Balaton is the pride of Hungary since there is no seaside and nearly all Budapest citizens go there for the weekend to relax. Back in Budapest there are many bars, cafés and restaurants waiting. The coffee house culture came to Hungary during the Hungarian-Austrian time and still lasts. Cafés like Café New York, Café Central or Café Gerbeaud are definitely worth a visit. Since a couple of years many bars pop up out of the ground in some backyards of old houses. These bars use unused houses as a location which gives an amazing flair to the bars. The restaurant scenery developed amazingly in the last decade so that you find high quality restaurants with tasty food all over the city. Compared to other European capitals you pay much less for a dining out.
At nights when the lights turn on and the glance of the city comes up the first clubs start to open their gates and the nightlife starts. Usually big place like Liszt Ferenc tér are used to warm up, have a couple of drinks and after move one of the numerous clubs around the city. No matter if it is an open air place during the summer time or a club in an apartment hous’ cellar the party will be long, intensive and pure fun. Budapest is and stays one of the most romantic and interesting cities in Europe as it combines modern European standards with old fashioned (sometimes still communist) elements. So you see there are a lot of things to discover in Budapest and if you plan to come it is recommended to choose the late summer to go for that trip because the weather is still nice but the majority of tourists are already gone.

Keyfacts about a country and it’s capital!

  • Country name: Republic Hungary (Official: Magyarország)
  • Population: around 10.000.000
  • Capital: Budapest (around 2.000.000 inhabitants)
  • Language: Hungarian
  • Size: 93.033 qkm
  • Time: GMT +1
  • Currency: Forint
  • International area code: 0036 or +36
  • Climate: Continental
  • Borders: Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Serbia
  • Electricity: 230 V
  • Religion: ~6.5 million Catholics, ~4 million Refomists, ~430.000 Lutherans, ~273.000 Greek orthodox and ~20.000 Jews
  • Budapest Size: 525 qkm (2/3 on the Pest side, 1/3 on the Buda side)
  • Highest point of Budapest: János-hill (527 m).
  • Member of international organizations: NATO, OSZE, WTO, IWF, OECD, member of the EU

Facts & Figures about Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is often referred to as “The pearl of the Danube” or “The Paris of Eastern Europe”. The beautiful city along the Danube river offers a wonderful mix of history and the 21st century. With nearly 2 Million inhabitants Budapest makes around 20% of the total population of Hungary and is obviously the central point of politics, industry and culture in the country. In former times the 3 in depended cities Óbuda, Buda (together about 1/3 of the total size) and Pest (approximately 2/3 of the total size) have united to become Budapest as we know it today.

The Weather in Budapest

A big question especially for tourists who visit Budapest for a holiday the weather plays an important role so solid weather information is essential and will influence your program for the duration of your stay. In general the weather in Budapest is a warm, continental weather but winters over here can get freezing cold. On the right hand side you can find today’s weather and a 5 day forecast for Budapest.

The Hungarian Currency

In Hungary you will need to pay in Hungarian Forint. Even though Hungary is part of the European Union it has not yet joined the Euro hence you will need a lot of head calculation skills during your stay. As a very rough indication 1 Euro is 300 HUF (Hungarian Forint) which is pretty easy to calculate. Why I am writing this? I received a lot of complaints in the past that taxi drivers, bars and other places try to rip off tourists and if you do not know the currency exchange rate you are a perfect target. So always divide the amount by 300 (for Euro) respectively 225 (for USD).


Hungary is a country in Central Eastern Europe and is surrounded by 7 other countries which are Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. The capital of Hungary is Budapest. Since May 1, 2004 Hungary is a memeber of the European Union. The country is devided into 19 different couties but Budapest, the capital, is independent from any county government. Hungary is a mainly flat country except from the northern hilly region Transdanubia. The climate is a continental climate. It is said that Hungarian as a language is related to Finnish and Estonian but no Hungarian I ever met said that he understands any word in one of these two languages. 

Food and drinks

If you talk about Hungary the first things which pop into your mind are paprika, Puszta and Goulash. But of course Hungary has much more to offer. For example the Hungarian wine is excellent such as the wine region of Villany in the southern part of Hungary. The Hungarian kitchen offers by far more than a Goulash soup and paprika. The kitchen uses a lot of potatoes, sauces and Hungarians love to eat fresh vegetables and sour food such as cabbage, cucumber or paprika. For more detailed information about Hungary and especially the history of Hungary I recommend the Wikipedia article which is available in several languages. Wikipedia link

Facts about Hungary

  • Area: 93.030km2
  • Largest city: Budapest
  • Population: around 10 Million
  • Density: 109/km2
  • Currency: Hungarian Forint (1 Euro ~ 242 Forint
  • Country Calling Code: 0036
  • Internet tld: .hu