Budapest is a city of many breathtaking museums; the Ethnography Museum is one of the oldest Hungarian institutions and is a definite must see for museum lovers. Hungarian culture is truly unique and Hungary is a country which contains a very rich history. In order to learn more about that history and to better understand the Hungarian culture the Ethnography Museum is a great start.

It is a national museum which was founded in 1872 originally as the Ethnographic wing of the Hungarian National Museum. In 1947 it formally separated from the Hungarian National Museum and in 1973 it was moved to its current location in the Kossuth Square opposite the Parliament building. Today the museum is located in the Grandiose Neo-Renaissance Palace that was built between 1893 and 1896.

The museum boasts a magnificent staircase, some breathtaking ceiling-art and very well decorated walls. It contains both permanent and temporary exhibitions; the first entire collection that was displayed at the museum was the East Asian Collection of Janos Xantus. The permanent exhibition, “The Traditional culture of the Hungarian People” contains three thousand items including Hungarian folk traditions from different eras, handicrafts, clothes, everyday items, bridal dresses, folk music recordings and much, much more. The museum also displays collections of European furniture, textiles and ceramics. With almost a quarter of a million items on display, the Budapest Ethnography Museum contains one of the largest collections in all of Europe. The museum aims to preserve the history of Hungary as well as safeguarding the disappearing value of the nation’s culture.

The museum also contains many popular temporary exhibits, hosts several events, provides guided tours of the exhibits and provides many workshops for students and ethnography enthusiasts. For these reasons and more the Ethnographic Museum is a definite must see for anyone visiting Budapest.

Images of the Ethnography Museum in Budapest

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Further Information

Address: Kossuth Lajos Tér 12, 1055 Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 473 2400
Or visit the official website (English only!)

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