Kossuth Lajos u., Budafok, Budapest

Wine, Champagne and Fröccs

Venue: Downtown Budafok

Address: Kossuth Lajos u., Budafok, Budapest



The Budafok Wine Festival (Budafoki Pezsgő- és Borfesztivál) is a, compared to the large Budapest Wine Festival, small and familiar comming together to taste the best wines from wine makers mainly from Budapest and surroundings. Budafok is the 22nd district of Budapest and most wine makers in the Budapest wine region are located here. You will most probably miss the biggest and most famous wine makers on this festival except from Törley, the producer of the most famous Hungarian champagne. The festival takes place in the entire center of the district for the 23rd time this year and in 13 wine cellars and dozens of booths you can taste a glass and discuss about Hungarian wine all weekend long. I especially like the Budafok Wine Festival for exactly this familiar and cosy atmosphere which is missing a bit from the large wine festival on top of Buda Castle. Also it is not as commercialized as the Budapest Wine Festival so you will not need to purchase an official wine glass for testing or a card which needs to be topped up with money as the only currency to purchase your food and drinks. Here you still find wine makers who give you more than 1dl of wine just because they are proud of their product and not because they need to make the most money out of their stock.

Next to food and drinks there is a large program during the entire weekend with live music, shows and a lot of things to do for kids. You can also visit the single wine cellars which are all over Budafok but well connected with a bus shuttle taking you from one place to the other. Also you can attend or at least watch a Pörkölt cooking competition and also try it for free. That is something you will not experience on the large, strictly watching the money Budapest Wine Festival.

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Budafok Wine Festival 2012 Information

The Budafok Wine Festival takes place in the city center, you can find the map below.
For information about the program please click here. Visit the official Website or become a fan on Facebook

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