Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér, 1053

Festival for the Hungarian National Drink

Venue: Városháza Park

Address: Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér, 1053


Fee: Daily pass: 2.000 HUF / Weekend pass: 5.500 HUF

Budapest is a city of many annual festivals, none more popular than the annual Pálinka Festival which takes place between May the 10th and 13th every year. Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy invented in the middle ages and revered by the Hungarian people. Each year the festival focuses on a different fruit with the last two years focusing on Plum in 2011 and Apricot in 2012. The Festival allows locals and tourists alike to taste hundreds of different spirits from more than 25 exhibitors and distillers. Along with the spirits, guests will also be given a wide variety of homemade cheeses, wine, champagne, chocolates and sausages. Each year the blend of the best Pálinkas of Hungary is made available for tasting at the Castle of Buda with last years being the Apricot Pálinka of the year. The festival is in its 8th year, is located at the Castle of Buda and is an extremely popular annual event which attracts both locals as well as tourists for sampling some of the best Pálinka in the world. Pálinka is very popular in Hungary as is considered a traditional spirit and under the 2008 Hungarian Pálinka Law is defined only as fruit spirits distilled from a mash of ripe fruits produced in Hungary, mashed, distilled, matured and bottled locally. The spirit is a big part of Hungarian culture and history with the first records of the Hungarian spirit dating back to the fourteenth century. As a result the spirit has an important role in traditional celebrations and social occasions in Hungarian society. There are many different varieties of Pálinka and there is even a famous Hungarian saying: what can be used to prepare jam can also be used to produce Pálinka. Given its popularity with the Hungarian people and its historical significance it is no wonder that there is an entire annual festival dedicated solely to this beloved spirit.

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Budapest Pálinka Festival Information

Date: 15. - 18. May 2014
Location: Városháza Park
Ticket Information: Day passes price includes a tasting glass, and two shots of Pálinka. Daily tickets are valid for multiple entries during opening hours. Weekend passes are valid for multiple entries. Visitors will receive the tasting tickets and the glass upon first entrance. Note that you will receive a glass only once.
Opening Hours: Thursday: 2 pm – 12 am / Friday: 2 pm – 2 am / Saturday: 12 pm – 2 am / Sunday: 12 pm – 10 pm

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