Biggest Wine Festival in Budapest

Venue: Buda Castle


Fee: 2.200 HUF (Day Pass) - 7.500 HUF (5 Day Pass)

The Budapest Wine Festival is the best opportunity for everybody who is interested in tasting Hungarian Wines as a lot of producers from all over Hungary join the Festival and showcase their products. You will find here exhibitors from the well known wine regions such as Tokaj, Villány or the Balaton region but also from smaller and less known region such as the closed to Budapest located Etyek which actually produces quite nice wines and has its own wine festival. The Budapest Wine Festival takes place every year in the Castle District Budapest around September time (This is the Festival Season with the Formula 1 in Budapest, the Sziget Festival and also the Red Bull Air Race) and lasts for a long weekend. The first Budapest Wine Festival was hosted in 1991 which makes it already a stable part in the list of Festivals in Budapest. So not only music is a big topic for festivals but also food and drinks such as sausage, Pálinka or the famous Mangalica pig. As I have written already in another article somehow the festivals in Budapest seem to be always very similar when it comes to food and drinks. You get your sausage everywhere like on christmas markets, on festivals or any other occasion as well as your Lángos or Pálinka but I guess that is the normality. Nevertheless I must say that the Budapest Wine Festival is one of my favourite festivals because of the amount of exhibitors and the lovely (overpriced) Hungarian Wines especially from Szekszárd and Villány. Also it is a great place to see the Hungarian culture alive and meet great people in a wonderful atmosphere.

Budapest Wine festival Video

So if you are around Budapest in that time and have the chance to visit the Budapest Wine Festival I would definitely recommend to go there and try some Hungarian wines. In case you are not in Budapest that time I do recommend a wine tasting including lunch in Budapest, for more information and booking click here.

Images of the Budapest Wine Festival

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Further Information

Opening hours: Sept 10–12, Wednesday-Friday: 14.00–23.00; Sept 13–14, Saturday-Sunday: 10.00–23.00 Cash desks are open until 22.00 only!

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