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If your in Budapest during the first two weeks of February the Mangalica Festival is a definite must see. The festival is held at the Szabadsag tér situated near the Parliament after it was moved from the Vajdahunyad Castle in City Park the previous year. The festival has free admission and provides something to do for every member of the family. Mangalica which is also known as a curly-hair hog is a unique breed of pig which is indigenous to Hungary resulting from the cross breeding of Bansagi Sumadia and Szalonati Bakonyi pigs. The Mangalica festival was created in order to pay tribute to this unique Hungarian heritage breed which had come close to extinction just a few decades ago. The Mangalica Festival was first held in 2007 in order to promote Mangalica products and has since become one of the largest gastro events in Budapest. It consists of more than one hundred exhibitors and contains a wide range of programs for all members of the family. Once at the Mangalica festival make sure to try some of the many tasty meat products, artisan cheese, locally made honey and chocolate, famous Hungarian bread and wine and be sure to visit some of the many Pálinka markers.  The main focus of the festival is the Mangalica pig and as a result there are many meat products for tourists to enjoy including many different varieties of sausages and salamis made up of the Mangalica meat.The festival also contains many family friendly events such as cooking competitions in which the meals have to be made from Mangalica products. The festival also has nightly concerts, children's programs and folk music.

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Mangalica Festival Information

Location: Szabadság tér, 1051 Budapest
Opening Hours: 09.00 - 22.00 (6th - 8th of February)
Admission: FREE
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