Budapest is year by year full of great events, shows, concerts and much more to entertain the people from all over Hungary and also abroad. With the many festivals taking place throughout the year, massive concerts and sports events Budapest has to offer a lot in the entertainment industry. In this article you will find some events you should not miss in 2013 and of course sources for even more events this year.

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Sports events in 2013

Formula 1 in Budapest
The Formula 1 in Budapest is by far the most important sport event this year and also in the past. It brings thousands of tourists in the city, fills up the beds in many hotels, brings a bit of glamor to Hungary and of course draws attention for a weekend in the international press. It is not everybody’s favorite sport and ticket prices are very high so many people might not visit the F1 race but without a doubt nobody wants to miss it.

Ice Hockey World Championship Div. 1 Group A
A word upfront: It is not the highest Ice Hockey World Championship but the Division 1 is a kind of second league below the actual championship that will come up with the one world champion. So you will not see Canada, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, USA and the other great ice hockey nations in the world but you can see some international ice hockey tournament in Papp Lászlo Sportarena (which is also host of many concerts). In the Group A which Hungary is there are also Great Britan, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan and Korea. For sure not the most attractive games but 5 ice hockey games in 6 days is worth a mention.

Football: FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
At the moment it is time to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the goal is to do so. The chances for a successful qualification are unfortunately not too high but there is still a chance. The Netherlands will most probably win the group and than it is in between Hungary, Romania and maybe still Turkey to make a good second place to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil next year. My tip: Hungary will not make it to the World Cup but we will see 3 good home games against Romania, Estonia and Andorra. Venues are not yet announced but they will most likely take place in Puskás Ferenc Stadium. Here are all Hungarian matches in 2013:

  • 22.03.2013 Hungary – Romania
  • 26.03.2013 Turkey – Hungary
  • 06.09.2013 Romania – Hungary
  • 10.09.2013 Hungary – Estonia
  • 11.10.2013 Netherlands – Hungary
  • 15.10.2013 Hungary – Andorra

For more football information about standings, results and news you can check out the official FIFA page about Hungary or head over to a superb source about the Hungarian League, Hungary’s national team, Hungarian players abroad and much more off the pitch.

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Concerts in Budapest 2013

There have been so many stars in Hungary such as Britney Spears, Shakira, Rihanna, Guns ‘n Roses, Kylie Mingue, Seal, Pink, 50 Cent, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Beyoncé, Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay just to name a few over the last year. Also this year there will be several concerts by international famous artists. I picked a few big names you might be interested in:

  • 21.05.2013 – Depeche Mode – Puskás Ferenc Stadion
  • 08.05.2013 – Eros Ramazotti – Papp László Budapest Sportaréna
  • 22.06.2013 – Mark Knopfler – Papp László Budapest Sportaréna
  • 07.02.2013 – Slash – Papp László Budapest Sportaréna

In general you can find many more concerts at the most popular ticketing services TEX / Eventim and TicketPro.

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Festivals in Budapest this year

A special topic in Budapest (or in entire Hungary) are the festivals and celebrations around certain topics. Sometimes called “Festivalcity” Budapest nearly has a festival for everything. Wine, Pálinka, sausages or Mangalica which is a special pig race. So in the culinary sector there are tons of festivals but also you get a lot of music on your ears this year and I only picked 5 festivals in chronological order that I recommend you to visit, more about festivals in Budapest (and Hungary) you can find here.

As mentioned there are many more festivals each year and not only in Budapest but also for example the Balaton Sound Festival down at Lake Balaton or the Sausage Festival in Békescsaba which is a highlight each year as probably the best sausage comes from there. Also there are a lot of small festivals or cooking competitions such as the strawberry festival in the North of Budapest or e.g. Pörkölt cooking competitions all over the country. So if you are flexible enough I recommend you to check one of these festivals because they are far more authentic and familiar than the commercialized festivals in Budapest.

That’s it, my event, concert, sport and festival recommendations for 2013 as far as they are announced already. A total of 12 activities so one per month. And make sure you have a look at the links I posted as further information because there is so much going on in terms of entertainment for young and old, music lovers and foodies that everybody will find something to celebrate this year.

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