Hungarian is a very difficult language so what you definetly need is a teacher or a language school guiding you through the first weeks of your learning process since the logic behind the language is nearly impossible to understand. Nevertheless with a few words in Hungarian, e.g. ordering your beer, will amaze Hungarians.


English Hungarian
Yes Igen
No Nem
please kérem
Thank you Köszönöm
Sorry/Excuse me Bocsánat
I don’t understand you Nem értem
Do you have…? Van…?
I don’t speak Hungarian Nem beszélek magyarul
Do you speak English? Beszél angolul?
Good morning Jó reggelt
Hello Szia
Good evening Jó estét
How are you? Hogy vagy?
Good bye Viszontlátásra

The best dictionary for the Hungarian language you can find here. Further I have found some good Videos on youtube for learning Hungarian.


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