What is Fröccs? Fröccs is a Hungarian wine spritzer, meaning wine (white wine or rosé) mixed with soda. It is really popular during summer time to have a Fröccs sitting outside and enjoying the sun and people around you. So far so good but there are many types of Fröccs, not because of the wine used but the amount of wine and soda. Mainly there are 7 types of Fröccs (0,3l and 0,5l) but if you take 1l drinks into consideration there are 13 different types. Additionally to that you can of course ask the waiter of your choice to prepare your Fröccs with different types of wine.

Different Types of Fröccs

3dl (300ml) Fröccs

  • Nagyfröccs – 2dl wine & 1dl soda (approx. 6,7% alcohol)
  • Kisfröccs – 1dl wine & 1dl soda (actually just 2dl with approx. 5% alcohol)
  • Hosszúlépés – 1dl wine & 2dl soda (approx. 3,3% alcohol)

5dl (500ml) Fröccs

  • Háziúr – 4dl wine & 1dl water (approx. 8% alcohol)
  • Házmester – 3dl wine & 2dl soda (approx. 6% alcohol)
  • Viceházmester – 2dl wine & 3dl soda (approx. 4% alcohol)
  • Sportfröccs – 1dl wine & 4dl soda (approx 2% alcohol)

1l Fröccs

  • Krúdy-Fröccs – 9dl wine & 1dl soda (approx. 9% alcohol)
  • Avasi Fröccs – 7dl wine & 3dl soda (approx. 7% alcohol)
  • Polgármester – 6dl wine & 4dl soda (approx. 6% alcohol)
  • Maflás – 5dl wine & 5dl soda (approx. 5% alcohol)
  • Alpolgármester – 4dl wine & 6dl soda (approx. 4% alcohol)
  • Sóherfröccs – 1dl wine & 9dl soda (approx. 1% alcohol)

So you can see already very clearly that Fröccs does not equal Fröccs so when ordering one you should be aware about the types in order to answer the waiters question which Fröccs you would like. However most common to order are the 3dl versions. I myself prefer the Nagyfröccs, a type where you still clearly taste the wine but you have the freshness of the water as well.

I am quite sure that even in restaurants and bars the waiters do not know all of the above listed types of Fröccs, so if you order a “Maflás” you might need to explain what that is.

There is a great image or rather infographic displaying all the above listed versions of Fröccs. I found it on Facebook the other day (it got shared several times) but I unfortunately couldn’t figure out the creator, but cheers to him / her.
Which Fröccs do you like the most? And did you know all these types of Fröccs?

Fröccs Types
Fröccs Types

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