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Recently I have read on a review about Bar Galaxia in Budapest which made me curious about this bar. So I searched further on Google for Bar Galaxia and found tons of information and frustrated people who went there together with girls and got ripped off. The price was between 50.000 HUF and up to 260.000 HUF for a couple of drinks.

Therefore I want to warn you not to go to Bar Galaxia in Budapest as it is obviously a tourist rip off place. The scheme is always the same. Tourists meet some beautiful young women on the streets of Budapest (mostly on Vaci ut) who want to go for a drink. Of course the girls pretend to not know a place but they always find the same bars which in this case is Bar Galaxia. The toursits follow them blind, do not wantch the menu and pay massive amounts in the end.
The bill is as I said quite high but as soon as it comes to the payment some nice bouncers appear in the bar and won’t let you go anymore. So basically you have to pay. The problem is that the prices are in the menu, which you never see, and if you come back with the police after your visit they cannot do anything.
So please avoid this and other bars. I found a list of bars in Budapest at the homepage of the Embassy of the USA so please do not go to any of these bars. Read my reviews about Bars in Budapest and you will not have a problem finding a good, reliable bar with beautiful girls from Budapest. If you got ripped off or want to read more information about Budapest bar scam than visit the Blog post to that topic.

Bécsi utca 3.
District 5, Budapest

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