Greek Restaurants in Budapest

If you enjoy Greek food far away from fast food Gyros such as great fish dishes and typical Greek plates than have a look around the below listed Greek restaurants in Budapest and chose your favorite place to spend an evening with Ouzo and Souvlaki.

Taverna Dionysos Budapest

The Taverna Dionysos is a typical Greek restaurant in the heart of Budapest. Located at the water front of the Danube on the Pest side it has is in the center of the city. Dionysos is probably the best Greek restaurant in Budapest. The menu is massive and offers all the Greek specialties you would like to eat in Greece. Typicale Greek dishes like Gyros, Souvlaki or Mousaka are on the menu of Dionysos as well as a lot of starters, salads, soups, meat or vegetarian dishes up to desserts. If you cannont decide what Greek specialties you should eat why don’t you take the Dionysos plate which comes around 20€ and offers everything? In nice atmosphere with quiet Greek Music the restaurant Dionysos is booked up almost every night. Even though it is very big (3 floors) you always sit comfortable and relaxed and don’t feel like it is crowded. But you should reserve a table for Dionysos wich is near Szabadság híd. Taverna Dionysos also offers home delivery in Budapest.  Adress: Belgrád rakpart 16 District 5 Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 318-1222…


Taverna Zorbas Budapest

The Restaurant Taverna Zorbas in Budapest has two locations, one in the Mammut shopping center, the other on in Podmaninczky utca. I have just visited the second one which was not recommendable. The food might be Greek but the taste and quality of Taverna Zorbas food is not what I expect from a Greek restaurant. It is not that something was bad or unacceptable but it was by far not as tasty as Taverna Dionysos. So if you decided to go for a Greek dinner or lunch the way you should go is to Dionysos. Adress: Taverna Zorbas 1065 Budapest Podmaniczky utca 18. ← → x × Previous Next