Hallo Bar in Budapest is a striptease bar between Nyugati Train Station and Oktogon and one of the best known bars for lads entertainment in Budapest. The fact for that is that Hallo Bar is absolutely trustworthy due to its transparency and of course because of the beautiful ladies working there and entertaining you. There are no hidden costs, no entrance fee or any other ripp off costs you pay only for the drinks you have, which are stated on the website and in the menu in the bar, and of course for the girls once you decide to go for a private dance with one of them. Hallo Bar has several seperated tables hidden behind a curtain and also an entire seperated room for VIP parties.

Just like other trustworthy strip bars in Budapest Hallo Bar is mostly visited by expats and tourists from Western European countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands or Italy. Also you find tons of Budapest Stag Party crowds there. One main reason for that of course is the mentioned trust the bar has and of course the word of mouth coming from people who have visited Hallo Bar already.

The girls in Hallo Striptease Bar in Budapest belonging to the nicest you will find in table dance bars. That is another reason why the club is among the most popular in Budapest. It is also possible to take some of the girls to a hotel in Budapest for further pleasure which is fairly expensive but if she really sexed you you might consider that option of escort.

All in all Hallo Striptease bar is one of the recommended bars in Budapest and is absolutely trustworthy. In case you look for good entertainment, a few beers and sexy girls Hallo Bar is worth a try.

Hallo Striptease Bar Information:
Address: Király utca 65, 1077 Budapest
Tel: 00 36 1 322 46 21
Or visit the Hallo Bar website.

Want a free drink in Hallo Striptease Bar? Just print out THIS COUPON and show it at the bar.


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    24th February 2011

    The description stated “Want a free drink in Hallo Striptease Bar? Just print out THIS COUPON and show it at the bar”, but this is true is you first pay a drink, then this coupon will be valid for the second drink.

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    7th December 2014

    Please take my advice and avoid this place at all costs when in Budapest.

    I was professionally pick-pocketed by one of the girls during a lap dance and lost a lot if money out if my wallet. The management then did nothing.

    I would not risk a trip there.

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    6th September 2015

    hay, i was there last year, it was awesome, i got a Full naked lap dance and i get to touch her everyere for 10.000 huf “300sek” *35euro” for 30 min, I have to go there again

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    24th June 2018

    I have been there

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    john do
    24th June 2018

    I have been there a couple of days ago. There were about 10 girls, not all of them out of the same mold: some were very slim, one or two thicker, fake or natural boobs. Whatever your taste are, you’ll find a girl to admire. The private dance is still 10 000 huf, but only for 10 minutes. I bought two, and they were quit different.
    J. is an outstanding beauty and she is adorable. She gave a nice dance but within the limits of the rules: I was not allowed to kiss her on any part of her body and she didn’t touch my manhood.
    I was less attracted by F. until she spoke and smiled with her face 20cm away. She was irresistible, so I followed here in the private room. She gave a great time. Suddenly all rules of decency seemed to have vanished. Everything came clear when she offered to go in the “very private room” for 200 Eur and much more pleasure. To convince me, she made me as hard as possible, and she knows the drill so well ! At the end, I declined anyway.

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