The Heroes’ Square in Budapest is one of the town’s landmarks and a secured place in every guidebook about Budapest one which you can often even find it on the cover. All the tourists, expats, business travelers and also locals are thrilled each time they see this spot with the Millennium Monument, the city park next to it, the museums and all the beauty around the Heroes’ Square. Budapest is really full of historical sights and beautiful buildings but the Heroes’ Square is another dimension and it cannot be left out to not take a picture of yourself in front of it. Best shot guarantee is at night when all is illuminated. Located at the end of the beautiful Andrássy út it faces downtown Budapest and the nice living area around.

The Heroes’ Square and its surrounding

What many people call the Heroes’ Square is actually just the square itself but on and of course around it are wonderful sights and places to go to. On the square itself is the famous Millennium Monument with kings, leaders and other important persons from Hungary lined up left and right. To the left when facing the Heroes’ Square you can find the Museum of Fine Arts and to the right the Palace of Art. Behind Heroes’ Square there is the beautiful Gothic Vajdahunyad Castle including the museum of agriculture. But also around the square you can find places which are famous in Budapest such as the restaurant Gundel, the Budapest Zoo, the amusement park, the city park, the famous Széchenyi Thermal Bath and a giant sand clock which is interesting to see as well.

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The Millennium Monument

As mentioned above the Millennium Monument lines up 14 leaders, kings and other important persons of Hungary even though it hasn’t always been like this. During the Habsburg dynasty when Hungary was part of the Austrian empire five places where reserved for Austrian rulers but after World War 2 when the monument was destroyed they have been replaced with Hungarian statues. The Millennium Monument is the symbol of Heroes’ Square and one of the most popular motives for tourists in Budapest. Without going into detail these are the 14 statues lining up on the Millennium Monument:

The 7 statues on the left side:

  • Stephen I of Hungary
  • Ladislaus I of Hungary
  • Coloman of Hungary
  • Andrew II of Hungary
  • Béla IV of Hungary
  • Charles I of Hungary
  • Louis I of Hungary

The 7 Statues on the right side:

  • John Hunyadi
  • Matthias Corvinus
  • István Bocskay
  • Gabriel Bethlen
  • Imre Thököly
  • Francis II Rákóczi
  • Lajos Kossuth

Tours on which you will see Heroes’ Square in Budapest

Almost all tours give you the opportunity to have a look at the Heroes’ Square in Budapest because it is one of the main monuments in the city, one of the most spectacular and the area offers tons of other possibilities around. Have a look on which tours will bring you to the Heroes’ Square.

Other sights around Heroes’ Square

The area around Heroes’ Square in Budapest is full of interesting buildings and offer a lot of possibilities. For your program with kids in Budapest it could be very interesting to visit the zoo, circus or the amusement park. In case you are up to art and culture you have choices as well, but also for relaxing and eating there are several possibilities. Perfect for a full day out.

Heroes’ Square on the Budapest map

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