Holdudvar in Budapest is in my opinion one of the best locations to go out for a drink and to party. It is the most complete club and has an incredible location. Since 2006 Holdudvar in Budapest is located on Margit Sziget (further down you’ll find some info about the former location), coming down from Margaret Bridge you walk some 100m, pass the music fountain and you are standing in front of an old, refurbished casino surrounded by trees. The entrance for Holdudvar is free so you just get in to the bar, restaurant, club and whatever else you can find there. You enter the place to the large outside area which is mainly the restaurant with hundreds of tables and some bars in the middle and a stage on the right hand side for live music, concerts and much more. On the left hand side you find the building with a massive bar so that everybody gets a drink as fast as possible. Behind the bar there is the dance floor which holds several hundred people at a time.

Holdudvar Restaurant

The restaurant in Holdudvar is a very nice place to have an early evening dinner when the sun is about to set and it is still warm outside. The food is nothing extremely special but very good overall as well as the prices which are fair. The selection of food is large enough to fulfill everybody’s needs but most people are not coming here only to eat but also to party.

Bar & Club in Holdudvar Budapest

As mentioned the bar is massive and that is only the main bar. You can find several other, smaller bars all over the place they even have a dedicated Pálinka bar and a place where you only can buy cigarettes. The size is maybe the only thing I would criticize but as long as it is full, and that happens a lot, why not. The music played is rather chart like house music that the masses like but that is OK if you want to fill up a place like Holdudvar every evening. The parties here can be really long and extensive.

Once upon a time…

As mentioned above Holdudvar has not always been on Margaret Island but before 2006 the location was ELTE university in Budapest. An old building near Astoria in the city center. That was the time when I first went there and got to know Holdudvar which was run by a couple of students on the weekends. The bar was in the courtyard of the university and really hard to find but it has always been packed because it was very popular among students. So it has changed quite much since then but still Holdudvar is, in my opinion, the best place to go to.

Holdudvar Budapest Images

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Further Holdudvar Information

Address: Margaret Island, entrance from Margaret Bridge
Visit the official website or like Holdudvar on Facebook


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    29th April 2018

    Is this club open still? Cannot find a website, some online info saying it is closed?

    • Reply
      BPA Author
      4th July 2018

      Hi, no Holdudvar is not open anymore

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