Hungarian history is very rich but also has some dark eras; the Hungarian Holocaust being one of the darkest of those eras. The Holocaust Memorial Center is dedicated to paying tribute to the victims of the Hungarian Holocaust. The complex is vast and includes a synagogue, museum, a glass memorial wall which is found in the courtyard and which is inscribed with more than 500 000 names of the victims of the Hungarian Holocaust in order to pay tribute to the huge loss of life. The main purpose of the glass memorial wall is to ensure that the countless innocent Hungarians that were savagely murdered are never forgotten. Furthermore, the memorial wall also serves as a constant reminder of what hate can cause in order to ensure that it never happens again.

The Holocaust Memorial Center contains both permanent and temporary exhibitions. The permanent exhibit is called from Deprivation of Rights to Genocide an is dedicated to the memory of the countless victims of the holocaust in Hungary. The exhibition recounts the persecution and massacre of the Hungarian Jews and the Roma who were executed due to racial ideology. The exhibit focuses on the relationship between state and its citizens and marks the beginning of the racial oppression of Hungarian Jews by the Hungarian government in 1938. It was at this time that the rights, properties and freedoms of many Hungarian Jews began to be taken away. The exhibit chronicles the progression of the racial oppression all the way through until the end of the holocaust but is not presented in chronological order and rather is presented in the different phases of persecution. The memorial center is unique in that it documents these events through a series of real personal accounts which are placed on a wall that runs through the entire exhibition.

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Further Holocaust Memorial Information

Address: Páva utca 39, 1094 Budapest
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00, Monday: Closed
Entrance Fee: 1.400 HUF (50% off with the Budapest Card)
Or visit the official website for more information

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