Houses in Budapest

In and around the city!

In the Buda hills you can find very nice and large houses. Teh best districts for houses in Budapest are 11 and 2 which are on the Buda site, starting at the hills. In the Budapest city center it is almost impossible to find a house and if so they are of course very expansive. Houses in Budapest are most of the time used by families since generations where everybody lives together. Young students move out like in other countries as well and try to find an apartment during the time they study. Also common is to buy an apartment in early years.


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    September 13, 2011

    Hi! My name is Melinda Hosszu and I have a house in Budapest for sale.
    The house is by the 70m and the total of land is 553m. The house has to
    be remaide a bit. It is in the 16.Arrondissment. Let me know if it could
    be interesting for some of your clients. Best regards Melinda

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    Tony Grey
    October 6, 2011


    My family will like to book in your facility for our vacation holiday.If you have accommodation, you give me the total cost including the tax,so that I will send you my credit card details for the payment.
    Awaiting your urgent response.

    Names of Guests;Dr.Tony Grey ,Mrs.Catherine Grey (Wife),Robert Grey (Son,18yrs) and Lilly Grey (Daughter ;16yrs).
    Date of arrival: 2nd December,2011 .
    Date of departure : 16th December,2011 .

    Kind regards,
    Dr.Tony Grey .

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