According to a survey by Accace Hungarian mothers have the longest paid maternity leave in CEE. The region CEE in this study includes next to Hungary the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Ukraine. The longest a mother can go to maternity leave in Hungary is 3 years out of which for 168 days she is paid with 70% of her original salary which is paid by the state. After this period a mother is entitled approximately 100€ per month for the child. But the payment is not what I am looking at here, it is rather the time a mother can stay with the child after birth.

The study points out that  Ukrainian mothers are in the worst position being allowed only 56 days to stay home after birth. It is a bit more complex than that, it depends on more factors such as how many children the mother has already and mother can also request to prolong this period.

Here a list of the paid maternity leave length in the checked countries in Central Eastern Europe:

  • Hungary 3 years
  • Czech Republic 28 weeks
  • Poland 20 weeks
  • Romania 42 – 63 days + 2 years
  • Ukraine 56 days
  • Slovakia 34 weeks

Some numbers sound really long such as the Hungarian obviously but consider being a single mother having 100€ per month for your child in Budapest. I think it is quite hard to survive considering that you cannot even rent a small flat for this amount.


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    14th August 2019

    What is the offered maternity leave for a Cognizant worker

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      BPA Author
      11th February 2020

      You should really ask this from Cognizant

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