Once in Budapest the Hungarian National Gallery is truly a must see, with it’s vast collection of art pieces, its beautiful architecture and panoramic views of budapest which can be seen from its garden. The Magyar Nemzeti Galeria, as it is called by the locals is the largest collection of exhibitions on the history and development of Hungarian art. It was moved to its current location at the Royal Palace of Budapest in 1975 but has been operated independently since 1957. The museum can be found in buildings A, B, C and D in the Budapest Castle District and is just one of the many must see sights located at the Budapest Castle which also houses the Budapest History Museum. The Hungarian National gallery contains both permanent and temporary collections of art which together represent the past five hundred years of art in Hungary, including altarpieces and wood sculptures.

In 1957, the collection included approximately six thousand paintings, around two thousand sculptures, three thousand medals, eleven thousand drawings and some five thousand prints. The vast collection of art covers all genres of Hungarian art including the many 19th century and 20th century pieces which were completed by Hungarian artists living abroad. The exhibits are divided into several sections including: Gothic art, Renaissance and Baroque art, Middle Ages and Renaissance stone sculpture, 19th century painting, photography and graphical art as well as contemporary art.

Two major collections exhibiting Panel Paintings and Wooden Sculptures from the Mediaeval Period and Baroque Art in Hungary were opened in 1879, followed by the opening of the crypt of Habsburg Palatines in 1989. The museum offers daily tours and audio guides in foreign languages such as English, French and German are available in order to better accommodate international visitors.

On which Tours you see the Hungarian National Gallery

It is not absolutely necessary to book a tour to see the Hungarian National Gallery as it is located in the Castle district which offers many other great sights to see and it is well worth spending a half day to discover them. However there are tours which stop at the National Gallery and you can visit them independently.

Which sights are around the Hungarian National Gallery

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Visit the website for detailed information: www.mng.hu

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