The Postal and Telecommunications Museum Foundation was established in 1990 by the Hungarian Post Company, the Hungarian Telecommunications Company and the Hungarian Program Broadcasting Company. The Post museum specifically can be found in Budapest, Nagyvazsony, Balatonszemes, opusztaszer, Koszeg and Holloko. The Post Museum in Budapest is currently closed as it is being relocated to a new location and will be open in October of 2012.

The Post Museum in Hollokő, a village on the World Heritage List, was opened in may of 1990 in the protected center of the village. The exhibition is dedicated to showing the development of the postal network of the Paloc ethnic group which lived in a number of countries. It also displays postal relics relating to the Paloc people.

The Post Museum in Nagyvazsony has been on display since 1968 and it contains a permanent exhibition termed the “relics of communication in the Northern region of Lake Balaton”. The exhibit displays documents and objects from the history of post and telecommunications in the Northern Region of Lake Balaton. Visitors to the museum are allowed to try out some of the objects that are exhibited.

Since 1962 the exhibitions of the Post Museum have been housed in the stable which was built in the courtyard of the Hunyady estate at Balatonszemes. The stable was completed in the last quarter of the 18th century and was built in a Baroque-style. in 2003 the property was renovated and a barn was added which today houses the mobile-post coach as well as carriages and cars. In the courtyard the communication monument can be seen which was sculpted by Ferenc Trischler. This monument is truly unique as it serves to commemorate post, telecommunication and broadcasting workers who died on the job.

All of the Post museums located in Hungary provide truly unique exhibitions on the history of post specifically tailored to the local area which houses the museum.

Further Information about the Postal Museum

Address: Andrássy út 3
Tel.: +36 1 322 4240
You can also visit the official website but it is really aweful: (Hungarian only)

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