Hungarian Restaurants in Budapest

Don’t be surprised but it is not too easy to find decent Hungarian restaurants in Budapest. Many of them are typical tourist attractions especially in the city center area where Goulash Soup and Halászlé (Fish Soup) are written over-sized on black boards. However there are good restaurants with good food and fair prices in Budapest as well. Here you find them.


Restaurant Nancsi Néni Budapest

Das Restaurant Náncsi Néni in Budapest, bzw in der Nähe, wird Ihnen in jedem Reiseführer und auf jeder Webseite als eins der besten ungarischen Restaurants in Budapest über den Weg laufen. Es ist ein sehr ruhiges, nettes Restaurant mit traditioneller ungarischer Küche die weit ab von Touristengegenden leckere und große Portionen auf den Tisch stellt. Ein guter Beweis für ein empfehlenswertes Restaurant ist immer wenn Einheimische hier essen gehen und dies ist auch im Restaurant Nancsi Néni der Fall. Vor etwas längerer Zeit wurde es auch mit einem Michelinstern ausgezeichnet, den Nancsi Néni allerdings nicht halten konnte, aber man darf nicht vergessen das es derzeit lediglich 3 Michelinstar Restaurants in Budapest gibt. Daher ist es schon sehr hoch anzurechnen, dass das Nancsi Néni als traditionell ungarisches Restaurant jemals einen hatte! Sie finden hier alle typisch ungarischen Gerichte wie die weltbekannte Gulaschsuppe, aber auch Spezialitäten die nicht über die Landesgrenze hinaus bekannt sind wie zum Beispiel kalte Kirschsuppe. Als Hauptspeisen werde große Portionen gefülltes Kraut, Gänseleber oder auch Pörkölt (was in…


Restaurant Hemingway Budapest

Das Restaurant Hemingway hat nicht viel aussergewöhnliches zu bieten ausser fantastisches Essen, sehr gute Cocktails und den Blick auf einen kleinen See. Das Hemingway befindet sich auf der Buda Seite und ist ein fantastisches Restaurant mit vielen guten Gerichten, die wirklich jeden Gaumen bedienen. Fleisch, Fisch, Salate, Süssspeisen und alles andere was das Herz begehrt bekommen Sie im Hemingway. Hemingway Fotos Hemingway auf der Karte View Larger Map Restaurant Hemingway Information Addresse: Kosztolányi Dezso tér 2 Telefon: +36 (1) 381 0522 Öffnungszeiten: Monday – Saturday 12h-24h, Sunday 12h-16h Mehr auf der Hemingway Webseite oder auf Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next

csalanosi csarda budapest

Csalánosi Csarda Óbuda

The Csalánosi Csarda in Budapest, to be precise in Óbuda, is a traditional Hungarian restaurant with an extensive menu of good Hungarian food such as soups, meat dishes of all kinds, vegetarian food, pasta and of course some desserts as well. Located on the beautiful Fő tér of Óbuda it is in between block buildings but near the Árpád bridge but in the very cute old town of Óbuda. The interior and atmosphere is really nice with a beautiful backyard which is perfect for summer days and also a little terrace in the front which you can see on the picture above. Inside as well as outside the Csalánosi Csarda is friendly and cozy and in the same time modern and clean. The staff is friendly and helpful, also with the massive menu of over 200 dishes and side-dishes, and also multilingual with English and German. You also get on request or if the waiters realize you speak a foreign language a English or German menu to make your choice….


Földes Józsi Vendéglöje

Földes Józsi Vendéglöje is a small hidden restaurant on Buda side in the 2nd district not far away from Margaret bridge. This typical Hungarian restaurant just by the interior does not really look inviting as the chairs and table remind of communist times and are outdated by any means. However I had the chance to visit the Földes Józsi on a company event as it can host large sized groups and I was positively surprised by the quality of food. As a appetizer there was plate of typical Hungarian cold cuts such as sausage (Kolbász), ham, different creams, tepertő cheese and all sorts of vegetables to go with a slice of bread and next to the first beer. The real starter was an incredible Hungarian Goulash soup which still is in my mind as one of the best I have ever eaten. The main course consisted of 2 choices where I had a traditional Hungarian Pörkölt what is wrongly known all over the world as Goulash which was also very…


Paprika Vendéglő Budapest

Paprika Vendéglő in Budapest is a restaurant offering traditional, hearty Hungarian dishes in oversize. From traditional gulyásleves (Goulash Soup) to Pörkölt and family sized meat dishes you can find anything that foreigners would like to try. Not only the meals are traditional Hungarian but also the interior is kept in a countryside farm house style which reminds of the Puszta and horse riding men popping in to grab a bite and some Pálinka. Lets get back to reality and the food in Paprika Vendéglő, meaning restaurant or Inn, which is as many people think Hungarian food is like, greasy. First of all the portions are not just big but useless over sized so that a grown up men has no chance to finish his plate without falling into a deep, long lasting hibernation. Without Pálinka your stomach will not recover for days. On top of the uneatable portions the food is swimming in grease which makes any food food heavy as stones. To stay fair I have to admit that…

mokus kert budapest

Mókus Sörkert Budapest

Mókus Sörkert in Budapest is a small Hungarian restaurant in Budapest located in the 3rd district close to Árpád bridge and the Danube. I go there mainly for lunch time when they offer a reasonable menu (soup + main course) for a fair price but I can imagine that a regular lunch or dinner a la carte is nice as well. The offered food is very good and especially the soups are tasty. In Mókus Kert you get traditional Hungarian cuisine such as Hortobágyi Palacsinta (no, not the sweet pencake but stuffed with meet), all kinds of delicious soups, the no-way-around Pörkölt, all types of pickles and of course sweets such as the Somloi Galuska or Gesztenyepüré. As mentioned above the food is very good and the portions are enough to fill up your stomach for dinner. The restaurant itself is located in the middle of a living area not far away from the Danube and the Árpád bridge on Buda side. The building and the interior do not give…


Restaurant Normakert in Budapest

The restaurant Normakert is a small restaurant up in the near Budapest recreation area Normafa where people come for tours, Picnic or even for skiing in winter. In this large area Normakert is located on top of the hill near the parking space and the bus stop so in a very prominent place. The house it is located in is fairly old and nice though not really renovated to high end which brings me to the food. It is rather classical Hungarian with Goulash Soup, Hortobágyi palacsinta and many deep fried things but overall it is very nice, especially the soups are great. Portions are very generous so don’t be worried to go home starving, a starter and a main course will fill up a grown up easily, for children rather try to get a kids plate or just share your dish. From pricing point of view Norakert in Budapest is I would say average and absolutely justified for the amount and the taste and also for such a recreation area…


Restaurant Gesztenyés Kert

Actually restaurant Gesztenyés Kert is not located in Budapest directly but in Budakeszi which is approximately 15 kilometers from the city center but as I did it recently with restaurant Kistücsök at Lake Balaton I want to recommend good restaurants I have visited and that does not have to be in Budapest only. So the Gesztenyés Kert is a small restaurant which gets a lot of attention because of the nearby Vadaspark (Wild park) which is just like a zoo but with wild animals such as wolves, deer and so on. By the way kids love it. Nevertheless, the attention is justified because the food, drinks and the service in Gesztenyes Kert are really good and a visit there is a good choice even if you are not going to see the Vadaspark but you happen to be nearby. In Gesztenyés Kert you can find international dishes on the menu such as Cesar Salad, lamb Italian style or a simple steak but also Hungarian cuisine is offered such as Goulash…


Restaurant Kistücsök at Lake Balaton

Kistücsök restaurant is in Balatonszemes at Lake Balton so far away from Budapest but this restaurant deserves a review because it is a great place to eat and if you happen to be around that I absolutely recommend you to stop by for a lunch or dinner. If you like a good dinner with high international standards after a day or weekend on Lake Balaton Kistücsök gives you the best choice to do so. I am down at Lake Balaton almost every year and this is by far the best food I have eaten around. To tell you upfront, Kistücsök is not the cheapest restaurant for sure but the food and location make it worth it. Location and the restaurant Kistücsök Kistücsök restaurant at Lake Balaton is located on the main road of Balatonszemes which used to be the only road around Balaton before the highway M7 was built, so now it is fairly quiet there since Balatonszemes is not one of the bigger cities around the lake. The house…

Restaurant Székelykapu Budapest

As I know quite a bit about Transilvania and especially about the food and drinks there I went into restaurant Széklykapu in Budapest with high expectations. Additionally the dinner was organised by a Transilvanian so I was totally happy about going there to have a nice dinner with some nice Pálinka. Unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations at all. The Pálinka was fine and the beer, the original, fantastic “Ciuc”, was as usual fantastic and the live music was OK that alone made a great evening because there is nothing else you need when you get drunk and can dance. Nevertheless I expected a nice food so I ordered the Vinette (Padlizsan Krém / Aubergine Creme) as a starter which didn’t even have onions in it which is an absolute No Go in Transilvania. It tasted just like nothing. As I main course I decided to eat a slice of pork meat with a onion, paprika sauce on top which as well had no taste at all. Not even the…

Kisvigadó Budapest

To get some more Hungarian restaurants in the list I visited Restaurant Kisvigadó in 11th district. Restaurant Kisvigadó is a small but nice and comfortable Hungarian restaurant with really good food and good sized dishes. Nevertheless I found 2 things which I absolutely did not like there. The service was so slow that we could order food after being there for about 1 hour. If we would have said something maybe after 30 minutes would have been possible but the waiter just too busy serving all the guests. The second thing I didn’t like was the fact that this restaurant closes around 10pm which is not too bad but they didn’t even asked us for a last round which I absolutely don’t understand. It might look like that everything has been bad there but it was not really. These were just 2 points I didn’t like at all, that’s why I write them down. In total the Restaurant Kisvigadó was absolutly fantastic, especially the food. So if you search for…

Déryné Bistro

Good breakfast If you are searching for a good place in Budapest to have a breakfast I can recommend to you Café Déryné in the heart of Buda. It is located right at Krisztina Tér, which is behind the tunnel and on the foot of the Buda Castle disctrict. ← → x × Previous Next


A38 Budapest

A38 in Budapest is a ship at the danube shore. Welome aboard to a club, restaurant and bar on the water. Tired of drinking on dry land? Than come to A38 ship in Budapest and see famous Hungarian bands playing, drink a cocktail on roof terrace of the boat or have a good dinner. A38 used to be an old stone carrier from the Ukraine which was build in 1938 and was reconstructed in 2003 and reopend as one of the hottest places to be in Budapest. The Restaurant The restaurant on A38 offers a delicious kitchen. With dishes from all around the world the card is large. No matter if you want meat or pasta, salad or soup A38 restaurant offers almost everything to affordable prices. The wines are great as well. If you get a place (better reserve a table) and want to you can sit outside and watch the Danube while eating, drinking and chatting. The Club The Club on A38 is famous for live concerts. Many…


Restaurant Fakanál Budapest

Well the chosen name of restaurant Fakanál is a bit… hilarious but nevertheless the restaurant Fakanál in Budapest is a good place to eat. Situated in the city centre, right in the Central market hall the restaurant Fakanál is easily accessible for everybody.  The restaurant offers not really high class fodd rather than lunch dishes for working people, so fast but good and especially cheap. If you want to grap quickly some Hungarian food and you are around restaurant Fakanál is a good place to go.  Address: Vamhaz krt, 1, Budapest. Reservations: +36 1 217 78 60 Visit the website or become a Fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Kőleves Budapest

Kőleves (stone soup) in Budapest is a very good Jewish restaurant in the center of Budapest. Budapest is famously known for its numerous ruin pubs. Amid the several you can find walking along the streets of Budapest, there is still a list of the top most visited ones. One of them being Kőleves kert, which in English it is literally translated to stone soup. This place offers a nice, outdoor, relaxed vibe. The scenery of this bar looks as if it was taken out of a beach bar somewhere in Thailand, you can just imagine sitting at this bar with the view of the ocean in front of you, nice to imagine! The bar is decorated with bright colored chairs and pebble stones, with a very earthy feel to it. The crowd is usually university students and locals, and is opened during the summer up until it is no longer warm enough to be outside. Located in the 7th district, its is great for the resident people surrounding the area,…

Kis Borostyán Budapest

Kis Borostyán in Budapest is a restaurant offering Mediterranean food from three different countries. Italy, Greece and France. When I first saw the menu I could not imagine that the food is very good because usually these heavily mixed menus taste awful. But in the case of Kis Borostyán I was wrong. Kis Borostyán in Budapest offers great food from these three countries and additionally a great service. Kis Borostyán is located in the 11th district of Budapest, so on the Buda side. If you live near by or you are there and feel hungry try this fantastic restaurant.  Address: Lágymányosi utca 13 District 11, Budapest Reservations: +36/ 1 209 44 06 For further information please visit the website (just Hungarian but they have an English menu) ← → x × Previous Next

Vörös Postakocsi Budapest

The restaurant Vörös Postakocsi in Budapest is an authentic Hungarian restaurant located in one of the most famous streets for restaurants in Budapest, the Ráday utca. Here you will get exactly the food that Hungarians see as their traditional dishes such as Goulash soup, goose liver, fish soup or pickled vegetables. But not just the food and drinks are typical Hungarian in restaurant Vörös Postakocsi, also the atmosphere is Hungarian with live music, dancing and much more. Vörös Postakocsi means in English “red postcar” In the summertime the restaurant Vörös Postakocsi in Budapest offers a lot of seats outside to enjoy the sun or the warm summer evening next to your Hungarian dish and drink. The prices are average but for the served quality they are absolutely justified. Enjoy an evening in traditional atmosphere with good food in restaurant Vörös Postakocsi in Budapest.  Address: Raday utca 15, Budapest Tel: +36-1-217-6756 Fax: +36-1-215-0044 Website Opening hours: 11.30 a.m – 12.00 p.m. ← → x × Previous Next


Restaurant Régi Sipos Budapest

Régi Sipos Halászkert in Budapest is known for it’s fish soup. If somebody from Budapest wants to eat fish soup restaurant Régi Sipos is the place to go. Other than this the restaurant is quiet touristic with a typical gypsy band playing around you which can be annoying after a while. Pay attention in this restaurant because the tip is in the bill already. Here they don’t put a certain percentage on the bill but round up the bill to the amount they want. So do not give any tip. Nevertheless the fish dishes are very good and in Christmas time Hungarians even come and take away the fish soup because it is really the best place to have one in Budapest.  Adress:  Lajos u. 46. District 3, 1036 Budapest. Reservations: +36-1 368 6480 website ← → x × Previous Next


Kárpátia Budapest

Restaurant Kárpátia Budapest is located at Ferenciek tere, in the middle of the touristic heart of Budapest. Thats what Restaurant Karpatia is like. Folk musicians playing traditional songs singing “salamis, gulyas, paprikas” so every stereotype is served here. The food is more expensive than it tasts. For sure the kitchen is not the worst but it is defenetly not representing the Hungarians best cooking. I ate a duck leg which was too dry and the side dish tasted like frozen food and not fresh made. If you want music, nice decoration and Hungarian ambience Restaurant Karpatia is a good adress but don’t expect the food to be world class and bring a full wallet. 5 persons more than 200€ is defenetly expensive for Hungary and specially for the quality of the food.  Adress:  Ferenciek tere 7-8. District 5, 1053 Budapest Reservations: +36-1 317-3596 Visit the website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next

Normafa Bar and Grill

Normafa usually describes a very popular recreation area in the hills of Buda. On the weekends you will find many people having a walk with their families or going for a run, especially in the summertime of course. The Restaurant Normafa in Budapest is a bar and grill at the Normafa Hotel on top of Sváb-Hill in second district of Budapest. The Normafa Grill in Budapest offers a large choice of good homemade lemonade and several dishes of the traditional Hungarian kitchen. The terrace is very nice with many tables and green around. The prices of Normafa Grill are above average but for the ambiance offered and the friendly waiters who cover each extra wish it is fine.  Adress: Eötvös út 52-54 District 2, Budapest. Reservations: +36 1 395 6505 ← → x × Previous Next

Reastaurant Fatal Budapest

Restaurant Fatal in Budapest is a rustic restaurant in the center of Budapest. Even though it is in the heart of Budapests tourism, the Vaci ut, the restaurant is well visited by locals. The ambiance is very good and exciting. The menu in restaurant Fatal offers large wooden plates with a massive amount of meat and plenty of side dishes. The portions are extra large so many people have to their left overs home. The prices are a little bit above avaerage but for the mass of food you get it is a fair price. The restaurant Fatal is in a hidden small alley crossing Vaci utca at house number 67 wich is between the market hall and Szabad Sajtó út. If you are really hungry and need a lot of food restaurant Fatal in Budapest is the right place.  Adress: Vaci utca 67 (entrance in Pintér utca) District 5, Budapest Reservations: +36 1 266 2607 ← → x × Previous Next


Rosenstein Budapest

Restaurant Rosenstein in Budapest is a place with Hungarian kitchen. On the menu you find traditional dishes like paprika chicken, goulash soup or goose liver. Rosenstein is a quit famous restaurant with high credits which are not justified. The dishes taste good no doubt but for the price they are not too good. The ambiance in Rosenstein is good and the place itself very nice with adjoining rooms separated from the main restaurant. Although Rosenstein is not what you expect from a high class restaurant it is famous in Budapest tourist guides.  Address:  Mosonyi utca 3 District 8, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 333-3492 Visit the Rosenstein website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Gundel Budapest

Restaurant Gundel Budapest is the most famous restaurant of Budapest. If Hungary is hosting a president or head of a nation the dinner is usually at Gundel. People like Vladimir Putin come to Gundel to have a dinner like in a fairy tail. Besides the fact that the big guns go to Gundel the restaurant is not better or worse than others. The prices are high and the kitchen is very good but there is nothing special int he restaurant itself. But if you want to have a candle light dinner or a romantic evening I think Gundel in Budapest is the right place.  Gundel is located in the beautiful area of the city park with surrounding attractions such as the Zoo, the Budapest Circus, the Vajdahunyadvár and of course one of the must-see sights in Budapest, the Heroes’ Square. Address:  Állatkerti út 2,District 14 Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 468-4040 Vistit the Gundel website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Hemingway Budapest

Restaurant Hemingway is famous for having world wide celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger as guests and also for their cocktails and wine selection. It is situated in a small park on Buda side with a nice little lake in front where warm summer nights on the terrace become really magical. As it is a restaurant of course it is worth to mention that the food is also excellent and tasty. On the menu of Hemingway you can find Hungarian as well as international cuisine in a high standard with good starters such as soups or salads, fantastic main dishes covering meat, fish, vegetarian plates and of course desserts for a sweet end. But really exceptional is the wine selection, restaurant Hemingway’s is the only restaurant I have visited in Budapest with a full time sommelier who is consulting you in the choice of wine for each dish if you wish so. Also famous in Hemingway is the quality and selection of cocktails which some people extra come for even without having…


Rozmaring Budapest

Restaurant Rozmaring in Budapest is one of the restaurants with the best location. Located directly at the Danube shore where you can sit outside you have an amazing view on margit island and the ships passing by. From the inside of Rozmaring you can see the island as well so you have an nice view in summer as well. Additionally Rozmaring have an outside place heading towards the city (Buda side) where you sit in a nice ambiance garden with barbecue station. From this barbecue station you can order massive plates with meat, potatoes, vegetables and everything else you want on it for a group of people. Also very good is the fish made on the grill. For a good dinner with nice view visit the Restaurant Rozmaring in Budapest.  Adress:  Árpád fejedelem útja 125 District 3, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 367-1301 Visit the Rozmaring website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Náncsi Néni Budapest

Restaurant Náncsi Néni in Budapest is recommended in every city guide and that for a good reason. Náncsi Néni is a nice and cozy restaurant in the outskirts of Budapest and thus not full of tourists. It is also well visited by locals because the Hungarian food tastes excellent. From the Hungarian restaurants I have visited in and around Budapest Nancsi Néni is the best, it was even awarded with a Michelin Star which is not a common thing in Hungary. This speaks for the quality of the food and the restaurant including staff. In Nancsi Néni you can find really traditional Hungarian food with top quality such as cold cherry soup (yes I know it sounds strange but it is not too bad in Summer), stuffed cabbage, goose liver or Goulash Soup. All dishes that you order you can be sure that you will have great tastes in your mouth because of quality ingredients prepared by superb chefs. Also interior wise Nancsi Néni is really beautiful decorated with an…

Café Gerbeaud

Cakes, sweets and coffee! Cafe Gerbeaud is one of the oldest coffee houses in Budapest. Like the coffee house culture Gerbeaud came from Austria. Special for Gerbeaud in Budapest is the massive amount of different cakes and sweets. At the end of Vaci utca at Vörösmarty tér you see Cafe Gerbeaud. Like Cafe Central it is of course a big attraction for tourists who are around and want to take a coffee or a cake. Gerbeaud also hosts a restaurant as well as a Pub.  ← → x × Previous Next


Restaurant Napfényes Ízek in Budapest

Restaurant Napfényes Ízek Budapest is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Budapest. The report comes from an user in Norway: I was really impressed, as I am vegan and usually I have to go through a lot of hassle to get a decent meal. In Restaurant Napfényes Ízek everything is vegan, except some courses that have honey. The food was great, and me and my friend (who is a carnivore but health-conscious) ended up going there three nights in a row, trying many of the different courses. The cakes are divine, the best vegan cakes I´ve ever had. And service was really friendly. Considering the very reasonable prices and the amazing food, this restaurant is a treasure and definitely a must-visit for vegetarians and vegans who visit Budapest. The portions of the food were large, so it was good value for money. The stuffed paprikas were amazing, and so was the stir-fry of vegetables, and the pasta with pesto. They also have pizzas, which I didn´t try. Of the cakes,…