The Hungarian State Opera in Budapest, or as it is often just called the Budapest Opera, is one of the main sights in Budapest. You will find the Opera in any tour guide and on the schedule of almost every sightseeing tour in Budapest because it is a wonderful building with a lot of history and a remarkable lineup of past events.

The building itself was built between 1875 and 1884 under the supervision of Miklós Ybl. It is decorated richly from the inside and stunning from the outside therefore it is often referred to as the masterpiece of Miklós Ybl. Formerly the Hungarian State Opera House was called Budapest Royal Opera House it is still considered as one of the most beautiful and elegant opera houses in the world. Also in terms of sound quality the Budapest Opera is competing in the top league of world wide opera houses. The horse shoe shaped main hall guarantees a perfect sound for everybody enjoying one of the wonderful concerts taking place throughout the year. In front of the building you can find a statue from Ferenc Erkel who has been the first director of the Budapest Opera and by the way he has also written the national Anthem of Hungary, worth to mention that.

You can find the Budapest Opera in the city center on Andrássy Út, the most famous avenue in Budapest and a popular place for restaurants, bars and just to take a walk.

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