According to an article by the official Hungarian Tourism Office Hungary is the leading country when it comes to dental tourism in Europe. One out of 5 patients choose Hungary for their dental treatment. One might think it is all about the price, which is very cheap, but it is also about the quality you get from Hungarian dentists and the clinics. According to the article 70.000 foreign patients have visited Hungary for dental treatment in 2011, mainly coming from UK, Austria, Germany, Italy and France.

A dental treatment all together, so including the flight and hotel, food and drinks, is approximately 50% cheaper in Hungary than in Western Europe but the standard is on a similar level, according to Gábor Szakonyi the Vice President of the Association of Leading Hungarian Dental Clinics. These 2 reasons, price and quality, make many people choose Hungary over other destinations for the dentist visit.

A popular place for dental treatment in Hungary next to Budapest is Sopron which is close to the Austrian border and easy accessible from Vienna which makes many Austrians jump across the border to get their teeth done. Many dentists and dental clinics in Hungary are specializing on guests from abroad so the staff in most places is speaking foreign languages such as German or English at least.

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    14th October 2017

    Interestingly, it is true that Budapest is considered the capital of dentists for quality dental care at affordable prices. More and more people are coming to Budapest for hair implants, where prices are similar to those practiced in Turkey, or cosmetic surgery also, where some patients come for face lift for example.

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