More than just Budapest and Balaton!

If you plan to travel to Hungary there are usually two points to stay at or at least these are the most common. On the one hand you have Budapest, the city this entire site is about, or on the other hand you have the lake Balaton region which many people visit to relax or to party.

But of course Hungary has a lot more to see and it is worth to travel around in the country to find nice spots. For example a great place is Villany, a little village in the south, which is famous for their excellent wine cellars offering wine tasting from around this region. Other points to travel in Hungary are for sure other big cities like Pécs, Sopron, Györ or Miskolc which all have their own story.
Furthermore it is worth to travel ni Hungary to the countryside which has its own flair with. Here you will still find horse carriages, people living from farming and chicken running all over the place.
So you see that Hungary travel is not only about Budapest and Balaton but this country has far more to offer than you expect.

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