Indian Restaurants in Budapest

Spicy Curry and Naan bread are on your list for dinner? Than chose one of these great Indian restaurants in Budapest that offer typical Indian cuisine. The Indian kitchen is full of spices and herbs often mixed with meat or seafood but also vegetarian dishes can be found such as lentils or vegetable curry. Accompanied by rice, the famous Naan bread and a Lassi, the indian joghurt drink, the Indian food makes a great dinner. Find below great Indian restaurants in Budapest.

Indian Restaurant Indigo in Budapest

Indigo in Budapest is an Indian restaurant offering really a massive variety of Indian dishes with a very nice flair and a cool location. They state on the website that “Indigo Indian restaurant opened in december 2005 with a vision of providing authentic indian flavours in a relaxing atmosphere” which is partly true, the flavours are great and authentic, though the atmosphere is a bit busy and somehow typical Hungarian so for me it was not really a relaxing experience. However the food, and they offer a lot, was great and the portions rich so there is nothing to complain about. Located in Jókai utca it is not far off the pulse of the city actually it is still considered as the city centre. As mentioned the food is really great and the portions are enough to get full. I tried the typical Chicken Tikka Masala which was well spiced and had a really great taste and also the traditional Hungarian Dreher beer was good. It took me actually a…


Hathi Indiai Kifőzde

For now: Hathi is the best Indian restaurant in Budapest, most probably even the best I have ever been to. The Hathi Indiai Kifőzde is rather a lunch place than a proper restaurant, so if you expect wine glasses on the table or dressed up waiters serving you, you better go somewhere else. The word Kifőzde in Hungarian describes a place where you get prepared food from a pot and not a freshly cooked dish. In Hathi you are even served on plastic plates and plastic forks so it is a real “grab your food, eat and leave place”. All that sounds not too good but once you get your food you will be amazed how good it is. Usually the “Indian” restaurants serve you kind of Indian food which is prepared for Europeans meaning that spices are not used properly and probably the receipe is not what you expect from Indian food. In Hathi all dishes I ever ate, due to the fact that I am arround there quite…


*CLOSED* Bombay Express

Restaurant Bombay Express in Budapest is located in one of the hottest spots in the city on Ándrassy út right at Oktogon and Liszt Ferenc Tér. As the name says you get offered Indian food as well as drinks and imported spices and herbs. Bombay Express is kind of a fast food restaurant since most of the food is prepared and offered in buffet like pots. Nevertheless the Bombay Express is a very good choice when it comes to Indian food and the choice is not too bad. Of course in Bombay Express you can find tghe typical Indian tastes like Tandoori Chicken and more but they also offer a great variety of a la carte dishes like Chicken Vindaloo or Madras Chicken and many more. For the menu check the website at the end of this article. I had there a lamb curry which was really excellent but in terms of quantity a bit poor compared to the fairly high price you pay. Nevertheless they have quite fancy things…


*CLOSED* – Karma Budapest

Your Karma! Karma Budapest is located at 2 places in Budapest, Liszt Ference Tér and West End City Center. In a very comfortable atmosphere you can enjoy drinks, wines, good food and just hang around in all kinds of different sitting possibilities. Bar Karma does not only offer chairs for their guests, no they also have couches, pillows and other relaxing stuff. Usual food in Karma is next to regular chicken, beef and fish Indian dishes like Tandoori chicken or WOK dishes.  ← → x × Previous Next