Good education!

You as an expat living here with your children might take into consideration to send you children to an international school in Budapest. Depending on where you come from there are several choices to educate your children. That doesn’t mean that Hungarian schools are bad but to stay in touch with your home country it is for sure not bad to send kids to international schools.

And of course the kids will not just learn English or American subjects but also Hungarian. So it is not that you keep your kid out of anything dealing with Hungary. Check out the international schools in Budapest.

  • American International School of Budapest
  • Phone: +36 26 556-000

  • British International School of Budapest
  • Kiscelli Köz 17
    District 3, Budapest
    Phone: +36 1 200 8488

  • BME International Secondary Grammar School
  • Egry Jozsef u. 3-11
    District 11, Budapest
    Phone: +36 1 209-4983

  • Britannica International School
  • Kakukk u. 1-3.
    1121 Budapest
    Phone: +36 1 466-9794

  • Deutsche Schule Budapest
  • Cinege u. 8/c
    12th district Budapest
    Phone: +36 1 274-4212

  • International School of Budapest
  • Konkoly Thege u. 19/b.
    District 12, Budapest
    Phone: +36 1 395-9312

  • Rainbow Art and Creativity Preschool
  • Erdőalja út 106.
    Tel: +36 30 6766467

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