Coffee and internet

Nowadays you find nearly everywhere internet cafés as well as free and paid hot spots in Budapest so if you are around with your mobile device than you won’t have any trouble to be online. In the touristic areas you will find a lot of internet cafés but here are some that I know.

  • Cyber Sushi Internet Café
  • Gabor Aron U. 74-79
    3-6 terminals. Full café facilities

  • Café Eckermann
  • Andrassy Ut 24
    3-6 terminals. Full café facilities

  • Easynet Internet Center
  • Vaci u. 19-21 (Millenium Center)
    16 terminals.

  • Budapest Net
  • Kecskemeti Ut. 5
    30 terminals. Coffee machine, soft drinks

  • Teleport Internet Café
  • Vas ut. 7
    10 terminals.

  • Haloterem Internet Café
  • Vizmalom Stny 8
    6 terminals.

  • Vista Internet Café
  • Paulay Ede Utca 7-9

  • Mathias Rex Internet Café
  • Baross Ut 4


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    7th December 2009

    Our internet cafe has 10 PCs with very fast connection speed and great coffee. We offer a peaceful environment, printing services and technical assistance if needed. Our address is 1119 Budapest, Etele út 32/c.

    • Reply
      5th November 2018

      Are you open for business?

  • Reply
    26th October 2015

    Could someone tell me where the nearest internet café is to 1071 Dembinszky?

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