Italian Restaurants in Budapest

Far away from fast food delivery pizza and over cooked pasta there are superb Italian restaurants in Budapest offering much more than what is commonly seen as Italian. Great fish and meat dishes, excellent wines but also world class pizzas and pastas you can find in some of the many Italian restaurants in Budapest.


Restaurant Veranda Kopazsi Gát

The restaurant Veranda in Budapest is located on the beautiful recreation area Kopaszi Gát, a popular destination for people from Budapest to enjoy their weekends out in the sun, runners and families. Among other restaurant such as the Vakvarjú Beach Veranda offers Italian food such as Pizzas, a large selection of Pastas and Salads, Antipasti as well as desserts including ice cream. The first time I went there I was not really impressed so that I was waiting with my review which has been in my drafts until today. However yesterday I went there again to give it another try…

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Symbol Budapest

If you are still undecided what to eat, which cocktails to sip or what music to listen to than Symbol in Budapest is the right spot for you. In an old building in Óbuda, very inconspicuous from the outside, Symbol opens up many possibilities to spend your time. Entering the main entrance you are facing a large sort of entrance room with a long bar which at night becomes a party spot and is the central point in Symbol. Centrally located and large enough to host big events it is a lounge kind of room from where different possibilities open…

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Riso Ristorante Budapest

In case you are a fan of Risotto than Riso in Budapest is the best place for you to go to. The Risottos are superb, not over or under cooked as they sometimes are and prepared very creatively. Ristorante Riso is located on the Buda Hill right in front of where the castle district starts and with the nice terrace a great place to enjoy your dinner. Inside as well as outside the interior and decoration is very well organized and beautiful for example you can read the menu as well as ingredients and sometimes cooking instructions on the wall…

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Il Terzo Cerchio Budapest

Until now I was absolutely convinced that Trattoria Toscana is the best Italian restaurant in Budapest but since I have been to Il Terzo Cerchio in Budapest I have am not sure anymore. Il Terzo Cerchio is a super cosy and authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Budapest, located in Dohány utca in the the 7th district. Next to the really superb food and drinks they have there the ambience is what makes a big difference. As you can see on the picture Il Terzo Cerchio is kept in a nice mediterranean style. Of course that does not yet…

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*CLOSED* – Bistro Aldente

Aldente Bistro Italiano is a newly openened Italian restaurant in the environment of Allee Shopping Center on Buda side offering a wide variety of dishes. You can find here the regular Italian menu covering Pizza, Pasta, Salads but also meat dishes from rather Northern Italy. The interior design of the restaurant is really cosy and invites for nice evenings with a glass of wine and a good dish including great desserts and fantastic starters. It all sounds too good to be true but of course there are negative points as well which I don’t want to leave out. I had…

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Vapiano Budapest

Restaurant Vapiano in Budapest has its origin in Germany. The young startup franchise company started in 2005 in Hamburg and is currently expanding to whole Europe and US. The main difference to other restaurants is that all food is made in front of your eyes. Vapiano uses only fresh made pasta and creats exotic dishes while you are watching. In three minutes you hold a delicious menu in your hand. In 2007 Vapiano opened up in Budapest and you can taste a bit of Italy right here. The restaurant is located in a parallel to Váci utca, the large touristic…

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Pizzeria Don Pepe Budapest

Don Pepe Pizzeria, Pizza Hut or Il Treno… all the same. Big Pizzas which taste not bad but don’t come close to real Italian Pizza. The pastas and salads in Don Pepe restaurants Budapest are quiet good. The prices are fair for the portions and as said before the taste is not bad. Actually you cant call it an Italian restaurant but as the dishes are Italian it is the closest. The waiters are friendly, most of the time speak English and don’t want to rip you off. For a quick grab of food Don Pepe is very good, for a romantic dinner I…

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*Closed* Pizza Mazano Budapest

Pizza Marzano in Budapest is a very good Italian restaurant serving delicious pizza and pasta as well as good salads and other dishes. To make the dinner complete Marzano Budapest offers great wines. The pizza at Marzano is really fantastic because it is not the typical Hungarian pizza, fat and greasy but more the Italian way of pizza which tasts definetly better. Also the pasta is well made and tasts really good. The waiters and waitresses at Pizza Marzano Budapest are very friendly compared to the average waiter in Budapest. Also for a romantic dinner it is a good place to go. Give Pizza Marzano…

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Pomo D’oro Budapest

Pomodoro is defensively one of the best Italian restaurants in Budapest you can choose. The restaurant is kept in luxury interior and the food is one of a kind. Pomodoro Budapest is devided in four section. The Loft, the Bastion, the Non-smoking area and the Bar counter area. The prices are affordable, a pizza comes around 6-7€, fish dishes around 7-8€, pasta starting at 6€ and main meat dishes in average 10-12€. Therefore an excellent meal is waiting for you and you can be sure, taste and quality of the food is super.  Restaurant Pomodoro hosted several celebrities from all over the world like Steven Spielberg,…

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Il Treno Budapest

Il Treno is one of the most spread Italian restaurants of Budapest next to Pizza Hut. With 5 restaurants in the city you can reach it very easy and fast from every part of Budapest. In the restaurants Il Treno offers all traditional Italian food like a big variety of pizza, all different kinds of pasta, a lot of salads and much more. The Pizza is very good at Il Treno but you should saty with the Italian food because dishes like Cevapcici are not the way you would expect them. In total Il Treno is worth is visit for a good, quick dinner where…

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Pink Cadillac Budapest

Pink Cadillac in Budapest is famous for its pizza. It is located on Ráday utca and delivers the food to many restaurants there. Some bars offer the pizza of Pink Cadillac as their own. The prices are fair and the service is good as well. If you search for a decent evening with Italian food for a good price and you are around Ráday utca go there and enjoy your meal.  Address:  Ráday u. 22., Budapest. Reservations: +36-1 216-1412 Visit the website or become a fan on facebook. ← → x × Previous Next The following two tabs change content…

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Trattoria Toscana Budapest

Trattoria Toscana in Budapest is a fabulous restaurant at the Danube shore on Pest side between Elisabeth bridge and Freedom bridge facing Gellért Hill. In my opinion this is the best Italian restaurant in Budapest even though I am a big fan of Vapiano but lets consider this as a “fast food” restaurant rather than a classical place to go out for dinner. The menu at Trattoria Toscana is great and the fish is exceptional. I have never tried the pizza there so I don’t know if that is as good but the pasta plates as well are fantastic. The Trattoria…

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