Budapest is known by many as the city of Spas, a name it has earned due to the numerous magnificent spas located in and around the city. Spas which not only provide a relaxing retreat but also contain natural minerals believed by many to contain healing powers. It is no wonder that these beautiful spas are a favorite amongst tourists and locals alike. Kiraly Bath, or as the locals call it Kiraly fürdő, is one of the many thermal baths located in Budapest. The Bath was first built in Hungary in the second half of the sixteenth century during the time of the Ottoman rule.

The Kiraly Bath is a Turkish style bath exemplified by its Turkish dome and octagonal pool and is located at the corner of Fo utca and Ganz utca. The bath contains thermal water which has many naturally occurring minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium bicarbonate, sulphate-chloride and fluoride. These minerals are believed by many to have healing powers and as such each year thousands of tourists flock to these baths in search of these healing minerals. These healing minerals are recommended for the treatment of degenerative illnesses of joints, chronic and semi-acute arthritis, spinal problems and is often also recommended for post injury rehabilitation treatments.

The Kiraly Bath consists of four different pools each with a different water temperature ranging from 20 degrees Celsius all the way up to forty degrees Celsius. The baths also contain dry and steam saunas and also provide other services such as massages and couples packages. The Kiraly Baths are more geared towards a more relaxed and intimate environment when compared to the other larger baths found in Budapest.

The Király bath in Budapest was build by the Turks in the second half of the sixteenth century. Its style remained like a typical Turkish bath with its dome and the octagonal bath. The Király bath is located on the corner of Fő utca and Ganz utca.

The entrance is on Fő utca whereas the main part of the bath is on Ganz utca. The special about Király bath in Budapest is that it is open only for one sex at a time but never mixed. Some visitors prefer to bath nude.

Information about the Király Bath in Budapest:

Address: Fő utca 84., 1027 Budapest
Tel: +36-1/363-3210

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