Kobuci Kert in Budapest is a bar with food and drinks as well as a event location for smaller concerts and performances. It is a fairly simple outdoor place like a beergarden in Óbuda (northern Budapest) offering the usual things to drink and eat for one exception which is the Kobuci sandwich. Kobuci is an assembled word coming from Ko for Kolbász (Hungarian fried sausage) and Buci which is the dough.

The Kobuci Sandwich

On the dough there is a base of spiced sour cream (tejföl, very popular in Hungary) topped with home made, fried, ground sausage pieces and some vegetables such as tomato slices and diced cucumber. Quite simple but really tasty, this is how it looks like.

Kobuci Sandwich

Kobuci Sandwich by Kobuci Kert

The Kobuci Kert is originated back in 2005 during the biggest all art festival in Hungary, the Valley of arts. Since then Kobuci is a name and with the start of the Kobuci Kert in summer 2009 it is a permanent place in Óbuda, the Northern part of Budapest on Fő tér in the old part of Óbuda. Next to the sandwich as a speciality Kobuci Kert in Budapest offers home made sirups to drink such as raspberry, elderberry and red currant.

But Kobuci is not only about good food and drinks, also there is a lot of live music going on especially folk-music. The best way to check the program is to visit the Facebook page but I think it is also worth to just pop in and enjoy whatever comes together with a Kobuci sandwich and a drink.

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Kobuci Kert Budapest Information

Address: Óbuda, Fő tér 1., Zichy-kastély udvara
Phone: +36 70 205 7282
Visit the official website or Facebook Page

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