Kopaszi Gát in Budapest is a very nice recreation area on Buda side richt at Lágymányosi híd. The half island was built up after the flood in 1838 as a protection against flood for the near by industrial buildings and factories. Already some years ago there were some clubs and bars located which than moved on to other places. For some years this half island was unused even though it was a really nice spot in Budapest. Right next to the Danube, fairly calm and with a little bay between the island and the industrial area this was a perfect place to be rebuilt and give it some attractions.

So it came that a private developing cooperation from Portugal decided in 2003 to redevelop the 15 hectare half island to make it a inner city relocation area and they did a fantastic job. The park on Kopaszi Gát is wonderful to take a walk, you have a beach to lay on, a track to go for running, restaurants and bars, green areas to lay on and so much more. It is really worth to spend here a sunny sunday afternoon, eat some good dinner and have a chilled beer in the sun.

“Fűre lépni szabad!” that is what you find on every green part of the island and means “Allowed to step on the grass” which is a little provocation to other parks and recreation areas in Budapest where it says “Fűre lépni tilos” so that it is forbidden. That makes Kopaszi Gát in Budapest a really sympatic place to be. Also wonderful is that people who go there really care about enviroment by not throwing their trash in the grass or in the bushes but in the litter bins which is rare in Budapest. So in total you can say that Kopaszi Gát in Budapest is a really friendly place also for families with children. Only thing not allowed on Kopaszi Gát are dogs and that for sure has the reason to keep the gras clean because Hungarians tend to not clean after their dog.

Anyways if you search for a place to walk, run, relax, eat or drink I can highly recommend Kopaszi Gát. To give you an impression on how it looks like have a look at the pictures.

Kopaszi Gát Images

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