Learning Hungarian Fruits Everybody knows that Youtube hosts tons of videos from professional HD ready movie trailors in 16:9 over semi professional Vodcasts to amateur movies made by all kinds of people in low quality. Anyways while surfing the other day on Youtube I found several videos dealing with learning Hungarian by watching videos. A voice is pronouncing the words and in the same time you see a picture of the object. In the case of the picture the video deals with fruits. The same is available for numbers and all kinds of topics.

I think it is a quite good idea to learn some words if you are really a beginner. Here you can find the fruits video, animals and seasons.

Honestly this should have been done by a language school in Hungary. I mean the 3 videos have been watched around 3500 times together so that would have been a lovley promotion for the language school. Anyways, check out the videos if you are learning Hungarian or even if you are Hugarian as it is quite funny. I embedded the videos also in my First words in Hungarian page which Idefinetly have to renew as soon as possible.

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    walter farquis
    3rd August 2010

    I speak some Hungarian but would like to learn more. Thank you. Walt

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