Crossing the Danube, which separates Budapest into the Western and Eastern parts, the Margaret Bridge is the second oldest public bridge in Budapest. The Bridge connects the more residential Buda side of the city to the more commercial Pest side. Furthermore, the Bridge also allows access to Margaret Island which is a very popular Island amongst tourists and locals alike. On Margaret Island there are many family friendly activities with two very large swimming pools, the Palatinus water park and the Alfred Hajos sports pool, a Japanese garden, The Music Well, The Music Fountain, the octagonal water tower and a zoo. On top of all of these land marks there are also Hotels, spas, restaurants, bars, athletics center and even an open air theater which hosts many annual evens and can house more than three thousand people.

Margaret Bridge has a very rich history as it was the second permanent bridge after the iconic Szecheneyi Chain Bridge, and its construction began about twenty years after the inauguration of the Chain Bridge. The Margaret Bridge was even destroyed during World War II by the Wehrmacht sapper troops during their retreat to the Buda side, it was later rebuilt and in 2009 was even renovated due to its deteriorating state at the time. Today Margaret Bridge spans 635.7 m in length and 25 m in width and it connects the Jaszai Mari ter and Germanus Gyula park on either ends. The bridge contains two parts which are enclosed 165 degrees with each other at the embranchement towards the island. Margaret Bridge’s rich history also has a dark cultural side as it soon became a popular location for suicides inspired by a renowned Hungarian poet, Janos Arany, who composed a ballad about the Jumpers.

Images of Margaret Bridge

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As Margaret Bridge is one of the 2 entrance possibilities of Margaret Island it is also one of the most frequented bridges in Budapest. Not only during the day but also at night many people cross the bridge in order to get to clubs like ChaChaCha or Holdudvar which are located on the island close to the entrance from Margaret Bridge.

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