In the heart of Budapest is the breathe taking Margaret Island which is a definite must see for anyone visiting Hungary. The Island is found in the middle of the Danube river and is full of many family friendly recreational activities. Margaret Island has numerous landmarks with historical significance and even has two landmarks which are UNESCO protected sites. The Landmarks include a small Japanese Garden, the Centennial Memorial of 1973, The Music Well, The Music Fountain, the octagonal Water Tower of 57 m and even a small zoo. The Music Fountain and the Water Tower are both protected UNESCO protected sites.

Many say that the best way to see Margaret Island is to take a jog around the Island which is one of the most spectacular and popular areas for joggers in Budapest. On the Island one can also have a great swim in either the Palatinus water park which is the largest open air swimming pool in Budapest and the Alfred Hajos sports pool. Swimming is not the only sport that is popular on the island, however, as Margaret Island also houses a tennis stadium and an athletics center. After some great exercise visitors can also relax at the many restaurants found on the Island. Lastly, the Island also contains an open air theater which can hold three thousand five hundred people.

Margaret Island also houses two hotels which provide excellent accommodation for guests which can select from either the modern look of Thermal Hotel Margitsziget or the historic look for the Fin de Siecle Grand Hotel Margitsziget. The Thermal Hotel also contains thermal spas available for guests. The Island which is covered by parks and greenery is a great refuge from the busy streets of Budapest is a fantastic place to relax with the family. The island is only accessible via one of the bridges it is connected to, the Margaret Bridge or the Árpád Bridge.

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Things you will see on Margaret Island in Budapest

With almost 1km² in size (2,5km long & 500m wide) Margaret Island has place for many attractions and weekend activities.

  • A small Zoo
  • Clubs like Holdudvar and ChaChaCha
  • A gigantic swimming pool
  • The Grand Hotel Margitsziget
  • A Fountain with music
  • Large green areas for picknick, football or taking your dog for a walk
  • A 5km running track around the island
  • A water tower
  • …and many more things.

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