The Mesemuzeum (pronounced Mesheh-museum)is an interactive, indoor adventure space for young children to run, play, and explore the basic elements of fairy tales.

There is a reception area designed specifically for children that provides a space for workshops, art projects, movie screenings, shadow-puppet shows, and even includes a stage for spontaneous performances. In the entrance, kids encounter a mythic fountain and a climbing tree, while magic mirrors decorate one wall. There is a permanent “exhibit,” or rather play-space, called The Hungarian Fairytale World that demonstrates the Hungarian fairy tale archetypes: A mountain crossing, tests to complete, and obstacles to overcome. The dark and magical forest takes skill and daring to cross, and there are various costumes to help! If the adventurers succeed, they will ascend to the royal throne.

Although the museum is primarily in Hungarian, the staff all speak English and are very welcoming and eager to show everyone around. There is hidden reading material for the kids to discover inside, currently only in Hungarian, but the staff are working on adding English translations to guide children around the play-space. However, the adventure, the journey, and the excitement will not be lost on children who don’t speak a word of Hungarian. Play-time is universal, and it is not hard to understand the magic of the museum.

Mesemuzeum is probably best appreciated by children ten and under, but really it is exciting for anybody that loves stories, and is a cool, relaxing break for a traveling family. A kid-friendly computer lets them create their own stop-motion movie or cartoon from cut-outs. For children that are learning Hungarian, there are some relics from famous Hungarian writers displayed with easy descriptions and illustrations, as well as a reading nook with a bookcase that caters to every level.

The mission of the museum is to prepare infants (3-4) with the necessary emotional and developmental tools that pave the way for reading and literature; to engage kids of five, six, and seven and encourage their language awareness, speech, and comprehension skills; and to instill in older children an interest in the basic elements of literature and a fascination with classical and contemporary fiction.

Mesemuzeum is concerned with children’s moral and emotional education, and seeks to connect literature, drama, and art into a single experience that expands children’s knowledge and imaginations.

Mesemuzeum Information

Mesemuzeum is located not far from the Buda-side entrance to the Erzsebet Bridge:
Address: 1013 Budapest, Döbrentei 15th Street
Or visit the website (Hungarian only)

Prices for the Mesemuzeum
Children’s tickets: 400 HUF
Adult tickets: 600 HUF
Family discounts apply
Mesemuseum Opening Hours
Individual visitors are welcome Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and Sunday from 10am to 1pm. Appointments by group can be made for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Weekly camps and workshops with different themes are also available.

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