The Millenáris Park in Budapest is a venue for a big variety of events, concerts, exhibitions, programs for children or fairs such as the Budai Gourmet Festival or the press foto of the year exhibition. The reason for the big variety is that in Millenáris Park you have a lot of different smaller venues where those events can take place, no matter if inside or outside. Additionally there is the so called Palace of Wonders which is a constant exhibition with different physical “wonders” explained in a playful way which is extremely popular among children but also the parents are wondering about it. This Palace of Wonders is an absolutely recommendable place to go to with your kids or even alone, you will not get bored there and see a lot of fascinating things.

Concerts at Millenáris Park

There are several good concerts taking place in Millenáris Park mainly smaller bands, a bit of jazz and soul, alternative. Those would be the keywords if I needed to describe what concerts you can expect but for more information have a look at the concert section of the Millenáris Park website here. Sometimes there are famous DJs from around the world spinning the decks such as Dorfmeister from Kruder & Dorfmeister and many others.
Additionally there is theatre and dance shows taking place in Millenáris Park.

Exhibitions at Millenáris Park

Since the exhibitions usually take place for a longer time there is not such a thing as a program but you can check upcoming exhibitions here, there are something like 7 or 8 exhibitions per year. Mostly it is about images from around the world.

Programs for Kids

As mentioned above there is the Palace of Wonders which is quite difficult to explain, Millenáris Park website defines it as “Scientific Playground”. As an around the year program there is a big playground installed in the park which is superb for children of all ages. Additionally to the 2 programs above there are children concerts, theatres taking place and throughout summer there are assistants who give out books and toys for the kids to play. So it is really a good place to go for children and also parents.
For more information about programs with Kids in Millenáris Park please check the official website:

Milenáris Park Images

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Milenáris Park Information

Address: Kis Rókus utca 16-20
Tel: +36 (1) 336 4000
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