Budapest is a city famous for its nightlife and its mega clubs, in September of 2011 Morrison’s Liget was opened and instantly joined that exclusive list of mega clubs. Most huge clubs have one main room which plays one type of music, Morrison’s Liget stands out because it houses three large rooms each playing a different style of music. After its opening in 2011 Morrison’s soon became one of the most exclusive clubs in Budapest due to its jaw dropping design and exquisite decor.

The main room is centered by a huge chandelier, and the entire club has a very chic design and decor. The Mega club contains four major bars and during the spring and summer the club is expanded with a large open air dance area and terrace which are open until the break of dawn. The bars provide drinks for all palates with prices ranges being very reasonable attracting a very divers crowd. At Morrison’s Liget there is always something for everyone no matter what type of music you like or what type of crowd you are into because each room provides different music and attracts a different crowd so there is always something for everyone. The club has only been around for less than two years and is already one of if not the hottest spots in Budapest on any given night and due to their ability to expand in the summer the fun times go on year round unlike many of the other mega clubs in Budapest which are seasonal.

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Morrison’s Liget Information

Address: Népliget út 2., 1101 Budapest
Tel.: +36 70 527 5272
Opening Hours: Thu – Sat: 7:00 pm – 5:00 am
Visit the official website or like Morrison”s Liget on Facebook

Morrison’s Liget Video

To get an idea about the party at Morrison’s Liget here is a little video to have a sneak peak.

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