Hungarian Sirnames, just like in other countries, often refer to a profession such as Smith, Tailor or Miller. But in Hungary it is also common to have countries as a surname for example Német (German), Horváth (Croat) or Tóth (Slovak) which obviously comes from the former great Hungary when parts of surrounding countries belonged to Hungary. Below you can find a list of the 20 most common Surnames in Hungary which make a total of 21% of the population (arround 2 million in total) that is approximately the size of Budapest. So here we go.

  1. Nagy
    Meaning “Large” or “Tall” and approximately 240.000 people have this surname in Hungary
  2. Kovács
    Meanting “Smith” around 220.000 people have that name
  3. Tóth
    Meaning “Slovak” with approximately 215.000 people
  4. Szabó
    Meaning “Tailor” with 210.000 people
  5. Horváth
    Meaning “Croat” with 200.000 people
  6. Varga
    Meaning “Shoemaker” with 140.000 people
  7. Kiss
    Meaning “little” with 130.000 people
  8. Molnár
    Meaning “Miller” with 110.000 people
  9. Németh
    Meaning “German” with 92.000 people
  10. Farkas
    Meaning “Wolf” with 83.000 people
  11. Balogh
    Meaning “Left-handed” with 80.000 people
  12. Papp
    Meaning “priest” with 53.000 people
  13. Takács
    Meaning “Weaver” with 52.500 people
  14. Juhász
    Meaning “Shepherd” with 51.000 people
  15. Lakatos
    Meaning “Locksmith” with 46.000 people
  16. Mészáros
    Meaning “butcher” with 40.500 people
  17. Oláh
    Meaning “Vlach/Romanic” with 38.000 people
  18. Simon
    Just like Simon, also a given name with 38.000 people
  19. Rácz
    Meaning “Serb” with 35.000 people
  20. Fekete
    Meaning “black” with 35.000 people

So these are the 20 most common surnames in Hungary and the chances that you meant somebody with one of the names is quite high since they represent one fifth of the entire population. For Hungarian given names check out the calendar of Hungarian Name Days which is a very popular celebration in Hungary.


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    Edmond O'Ryan
    25th April 2013

    I am trying to discover what my great-grandmother’s maiden name may have been. She was born in Hungary in 1866. American records mostly giver her maiden name as “Bayshower”, although one gives “Becraver”.

    Thank you,


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    17th March 2015

    Hungrian origin of bezelitch? or bezelech? how to correctly spell bezelich. please advise and help.

    • Reply
      10th April 2016

      Looks like a slavic Name bezelič, ič names are all slavic and most commonly found in the former jugoslavia but also commonly found in slovakia. Maybe that will help

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    4th May 2015

    I am looking for any Relatives from Budapest my moms dad’s name was George Gerenser and hes from there I was wondering is there is anyone out there with the same last name that I can connect with?

    • Reply
      15th March 2017

      I am Michael Gerenser, I was looking throught internet when I see your message. I would like to get in touch with you. Please, write me to my private email

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    2nd June 2015

    Just curious, is Stultz a Hungarian surname?? My dad swears up and down it’s Hungarian but whenever I do a web search it comes up with only German origins…

    • Reply
      10th April 2016

      Its german but it could be from hungary as many hungarians have typical german surnames.

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    7th September 2015

    I am trying to find out an exchange student of 15 years ago that was from Budapest Hungary and came to the United States {Kansas) to work and attend college, her first name was Edina and her last time I still have trouble completing her actual name. (Which is similar to “Rozsahegyi} but not completely sure… I know she has since married as this would be her maiden name, if you have any Information my family is trying desperately to reach out to her, Thank you, Ruperto Aguirre

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    14th August 2016

    looking to find out something about my great grandmother in Budapest, Hungary . she and her sister was from there born and raised . Her name is Helena last name i dont know if i am spelling it right but is pinchia

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    31st October 2016

    I know Nemeth is a somewhat common name but I’m looking for others that are from or that may know of Nemeth’s from Hegyeshalom. My dad was from there.

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    22nd February 2017

    Hello, I have been researching my ancestry, and have my great grandfather saying he was born in Budapest. Is Kaczur a common name at all or would it have been changed? What would the most likely original spelling be if it was changed? Thanks for any help!

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      BPA Author
      1st March 2017

      Hi Ryan, yes Kuczar is a fairly common name (or let’s say not abnormal) in Hungary. Spelling is also Hungarian. You are on the right track…

    • Reply
      6th March 2017

      Hi Ryan,
      I think it must be better Kaczor, but not Kaczur and not Kuczar (like at BPA)… Belive me…

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    8th March 2017

    Neither Kazur, nor Kuczar, but Kaczor is correct….

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    6th September 2017

    I have been told our spelling and sound of our name is more like Andrassi. Is that a name you know?

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    6th September 2017

    InAmerica our name is Andrasik but we have been told in Budapest it is spelled Andrassi. Is this a name you recognize?

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      BPA Author
      25th September 2017

      Hi, Andrasik does not sound really Hungarian or at least is not common. I hear this name for the first time now.

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        7th January 2018

        hi, Andrasik can be Andrási in Hungary

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      9th March 2018

      Yes, Andrássi út, is a famous blvd in Budapest, named for Count with that same name. (He is greatly respected for forging good alliance between Hungary and the Austrian Emperor way back when I believe). In Hungarian, Àndrás means Andrew, so the addition of si would make it mean “of the family of…” Andrássi is a last name in Hungary!

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    14th October 2017

    My father was born in 🇭🇷Croatia🇭🇷 but spoke Hungarian in the home exclusively until he was of school age. He immagrated to Canada in 1969 and the spelling was changed to Djetvay. I have seen Getvay and Getvaj but have not found Đetvaj or Djetvay anywhere else yet I was told by his aunts it was a common surname. Curious. Also what if any is the meaning of the name. Responses are appreciated.

    • Reply
      28th November 2017

      Hi Janice,
      in Hungary we write it: Gyetvay or Gyetvai. But as he was born in Croatia, perhaps they wrote it in other way. Don’t you know the name of city where he was born? Perhaps you can try there to ask for information.

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    25th November 2017

    My Grand Parents are from Budapest..Aranka Vicic Olah and George Olah.. her sister was Margaret Vicic and Brother Joseph Vicic or Viccic. Any info about family name would be appreciated.

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    26th February 2018

    My children’s great grandparents come to America in the early 1900’s via ship from Europe. Her name was Julia Chezmedia (sp?) and his name was Louis Vincze. Are these common names in Hungary?

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      16th April 2018

      Hi Tonya,

      Chezmedia sounds slawic or like russian I think…. But we have Vincze, that’s a common name in Hungary: Louis = Lajos in H. So Lajos Vincze could be a hangarian name. In Hungary we start with the surname and then the surname: Vincze Lajos. I hope I could help you 🙂

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        16th April 2018

        sorry, correct is: in hungarian we start with the surname and then the forename: Vincze Lajos.

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      11th May 2018


      There is a surname in Hungarian that is spelled “Csizmadia”, which sounds like the closest one to your Chezmedia.

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      24th June 2018

      Csizmadía is a Hungarian surname, and means “bootmaker” in Hungarian.

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    16th April 2018

    My maiden name is BARTH. My father, his parents, and all my paternal relatives, going back to early 1800’s came from Hungary. Many were born in Benat (?) Hungary. I don’t see this name as a very common Hungarian name. Does anyone recognize it?

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    16th April 2018

    My father was born in mezerbedann..spelling ? In 1887 Tomka. One of 3 boys ! He & one brother John came to USA. My dad was George ! Paul remained!

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    16th April 2018

    I sooo love this site !

  • Reply
    16th April 2018

    Wondering where any living relatives might be !

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    16th April 2018

    My family name is Fuzy of felsokeri with amulet over “u” & lived in Saros, Miskolc, Lemes, Szathmar. My great great grandpa, Istvan, was retired Major in Royal Hungarian Army. He was born in Estate of Talpolca in 1835. Nobility received in 1248. Familienarchive. Noted in books of, Ivan Nagy, Laszlo Kovari, Bela Kempelen.

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    20th May 2018

    My grandfather emigrated from Hungary year 1884 to Canada and on his birth certificate he has the last names Szucs and also Kusnyer or Kusnyor. Both names mean “furrier” in English. I am trying to figure out of which of the two names is his original name, Szucs or Kusnyer and if he had to switch from one to other in order to emigrate to Canada. P.S. Kusnyer could also be Kushner in Slovak or Jewish.

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    12th July 2018

    My father imagrated to the US with his mother in 1905. His father was already in the US. My grandfather’s name was Istvan Dorko and my grandmother’s name was Brigetta Dorko (not related by blood). They were from Heves, Hungary. Wondering what the name Dorko means.

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