Just for fun I have been checking on several Hungarian real estate websites for expensive houses in Budapest and thought that it would be interesting to see what the currently most expensive estate in Budapest, in this case a house or rather castle, costs. This house was originally build to function as engine room for the water supply of the Royal Palace with water, that was in the end of the 19th century. The building was completed in 1879 and sits right at the bottom of Castle Hill close to the Danube. Over the time it has been refurbished and used as a coffee house in 1905 and in 1913 functioned as a music pavilion. The past 40 years it was used as an elegant restaurant (Valentine Restaurant) and a Casino (Várkert Casino) and a place to rent for special occasions (I have been there once on a company birthday party).

Here are some facts about the house:

  • Size: 1.400 sqm
  • Property size: 2.000 sqm
  • Parking lots: 29
  • Condition: Excellent (inside and outside)
  • Last renovation: 1992 (inside and outside)
  • Architect: Miklós Ybl (Yes, that guy who also planned the Hungarian State Opera and many more)
  • Because the building is 4 floors high you of course have a lift built in to bring you up and down if you are not into walking the stairs.

    Of course there is one important information missing you are probably waiting for already, the price. The price of the (currently) most expensive house in Budapest is 8.000.000 Euro.

    In case you are interested or would like to see more pictures about this estate check out the detail page at Abraham Properties.

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