The museum of Fine Arts is one of the many magnificent museums found in Budapest and is definitely a favorite tourist attraction amongst art lovers. In Hungarian it is called the Szépművészeti Múzeum and is located in Heroes’ Square facing the Palace of Art. The building was built between 1900 and 1906 in an electric-neoclassical style based on the plans of Albert Schickedanz and Fulop Herzog.

The museum is dedicated to international art and contains more than 100 000 pieces including all periods of European art. The collection is made up of six main departments which include Egyptian, Antique, Old painter gallery, Modern collection, Graphics collection and Old sculpture gallery. These galleries were put together mainly from older additions such as those from Buda castle, the Esterhazy and Zicky estates as well as from donations from individual collectors. The Ancient Egyptian art gallery holds the second largest collection of Egyptian art in central Europe. The Classical antiquities includes works from Ancient Greece and Rome. The old sculpture collection is devoted to pieces from the middle ages to the 17th century. The museum also houses artworks created after 1800 including many styles from Modernism, to Post impressionism. Furthermore, the Museum also contains a temporary exhibition which is a definite must see and which is always changing providing art lovers with new exhibitions throughout the year. For more information on temporary exhibits please refer to the website which is included below.

In September 2011 new plans were announced to build a new structure along Andrássy út close to City Park and near the existing Budapest Museum of Fine Arts which would house the collections of the Hungarian National Gallery which will be referred to as the Budapest Museum Quarter.

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On these Tours you will see the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest is located on Heroes’ Square which is one of the main attractions in the city. Many different tours bring you to or at least pass the Square and you will get a view on the museum. However it is absolutely recommended to visit the Museum of Fine Arts so make sure you hop off the bus or whatever transportation and visit the museum from inside. Here are the tours that take you there.

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