I have mentioned tram line 2 in Budapest already among my 101 things to do in Budapest (Point 72.) as a great way to see the city with tight budget. Around 300 HUF for the ride among the Danube shore on Pest side and you will see great sights such as the Parliament, Buda Castle, Matthias Church and much more. National Geographic has collected the Top 10 tram rides across the world and place tram Nr. 2 in Budapest on place 7. This once more proves the attractiveness of the city, after having the biggest major European Festival with Sziget and the greatest bar in the world with A38 (Lonely Planet). Again Budapest is in the top lists among great metropolis such as Berlin, San Francisco, Seattle, Hong Kong, Melbourne or Amsterdam.

The Tram line Nr. 2 in Budapest rides between Millenniumi Kulturális Központ and Közvágóhíd every day of the week and is an important line for commuting for North to South or the other way around. Additionally it is frequently used by Tourists who have a great chance to take nice pictures about the Buda side almost all the way.

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