If you have problems with the Hungarian language or need help in any way over here in Budapest or even before you arrive there is an interesting service called helpers.hu who takes care of all kinds of problems one might have when moving to Budapest or while living here.

The service ranges from B2B services for companies like all kinds of language problems over market research to an entire business launch of your company here in Hungary. Also available is PR work and much more. just check out their B2B section.

Further the “helpers” work for private persons, no matter if it is a moving problem or trouble with the public sector the helpers do their best to solve your problem. You have trouble finding a home? Buying a car? Finding your hobby in Budapest? Getting insurance? See, all kind of work can be done by the helpers for students, families, things concerning your house and just everything which might be a problem over here.

So who are the helpers? The helpers are a group of locals who all have experience in the life as an expat. As they describe it over at helpers.hu “The original concept – providing everyday assistance and problem-solving for foreigners – was a unique one, which quickly grew into the other areas of HELPERS Expat Services (paperwork, information search, property management).

I think for people who have no private assistance and are left alone in Budapest, don’t speak the language and so on the helpers might be a good solution to get things right on the start. Of course these services are not for free so you can find the hourly fees here. Check it out.

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