What do you learn during this tour?

  • To set your camera for night photos
  • To determine the best photo moment
  • To focus well in the dark
  • To choose the correct exposure
  • To create light trails, ´ghosts and stars in your photo
  • To experiment with the settings in your camera to create different effects

Features of this walk:

  • No long distances, all subjects are quite close together
  • Suitable for all levels, also beginners
  • Not suitable for every camera type: manual setting of exposure time and aperture must be possible

Budapest is known as the Paris of Central Europe. And that has a reason! Budapest has a lovely illuminated center, you´ll find attractively lit streets. But around the Danube it´s even more impressive: every night the Chain bridge, the Castle, the Fishermen´s bastion and the Parliament look like from a fairytale. Of course you can buy postcards with night photos of Budapest, but wouldn´t it be great to take these kind of photos home yourself?!

To make night photos is actually not that hard. It´s all about getting to know the technical possibilities and especially impossibilities. With this knowledge and the right equipment you can vary infinitely and you can be creative in shooting catching night photos.

We like to start this tour just before twilight, to catch dark blue instead of black skies. At http://www.sunrise-and-sunset.com/en/hungary/budapest you can find for every day what time the sun sets. If you book this tour we´ll also e-mail you the exact starting time. In winter it can be as early as 3 pm, in summer 8 pm.

During the tour we´ll stay close to the main sights at the Pest side of town. The basics and camera settings will be explained clearly. Then you´ll shoot illuminated subjects at different locations, like the Chain bridge, the Basilica and the Castle. But we´ll not forget about the reflections in the river either. You can also try to capture passing cars like light trails, lights like stars and people like ghosts. The photographer will all the time be close by to help you.

Afterwards you´ll be able to take technically good photos in the dark and you will know which settings have which effect. The walking distances are limited. This Photo Trip can be done by all levels, but not with every camera: it´s important that you can control exposure time and aperture manually. A tripod is an indispensable tool. Both camera and tripod are available for rent if required.

Images from the Budapest Photo Trip by Night

  • night5
  • night1
  • night2
  • night3
  • night4

Meeting point: metro station Vörösmarty tér
Meeting time: half an hour before sunset
Duration: 2 – 3 hrs
Length: about 2 km

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