Probably most popular during a Stag Night in Budapest but also for business men and just party people is the visit to one of Budapests table dance or striptease clubs. The nightclubs in Budapest are famous across European boarders for hosting the most beautiful girls with the best service for a fair price. But there are as so often in this business ripp off clubs which you should be warned of. Important: Check below the list of scam nightclubs in Budapest.

If you plan to go to a stripclub / nightclub in Budapest than choose one of the listed below because these are the ones you can trust and where you can go to without getting ripped off. If you are in Budapest and feel like having a lap dance than don’t go into the next nightclub. Take a taxi and go to one of the listed below. If the taxi driver tells you he knows a better nightclub in Budapest, do not take the offer. He will get commission from the nightclub in which you get ripped of. So once more, please be very careful when choosing your table dance club in Budapest.

What Nightclubs you can find here!

  1. Please read before going into any Nightclub: Nightclubs in Budapest you should avoid!
  2. Marilyn’s Nightclub
  3. Hallo Striptease Bar
  4. P1 Gentlemen’s Club
  5. 4 Play Lounge
  6. Palace Nightclub
  7. Mambo Nightclub
  8. Even more Nightclubs in Budapest…

Marilyn’s Night Club

Marilyn budapestMarilyn’s is one of the most popular night clubs in Budapest with beautiful girls, fair prices and good entertainment like shower show, stag dances and much more. Among tourists Marilyn’s is the best visited table dance bar.

Baross u. 4. | District 8, Budapest | website

Print out this coupon and get a free drink in Marilyn’s. 1 drink per person per night.

Hallo Bar Budapest

Hallo Nightclub BudapestHallo Bar in Budapest is one of the top nightclubs in Budapest with very transparent prices, beautiful girls and a real strip club environment. It is highly frequented by international customers due to the mentioned advantages and of course recommendations just like this is one. If you feel like having some lads entertainment for some hours without getting ripped off Hallo Bar is a good choice.

Király utca 65, 1077 Budapest, more information

P1 Nightclub Budapest

P1 Nightclub Budapest

P1 in Budapest is one of the top rated nightclubs in Budapest. According to reviews all over the web P1 in Budapest is absolutely trustworthy, full of beautiful girls and the prices are fair. Read more in the review about P1 table dance in Budapest to find out all you need to know.

Podmaniczky Frigyes 2/b, 1547 Budapest, more information

4 Play Lounge Budapest

4 Play Budapest

4 Play Lounge is a very transparent and open club with a lot of possibilities aside from striptease and table dance. Here you can get Sushi served on a lady or having a private dance while having dinner. The entertainment factor in 4 Play is really high and the club is very transparent in terms of prices.

Nagymező u. 49, 1065 Budapest, more information

Palace Nightlcub Budapest

Palace Nightclub BudapestPalace Nightclub is very popular among tourists and business travelers since the club offers much more than just striptease and table dance, for example you are able to get your escort from the ladies working there. Also you can have a warm meal next to beautiful ladies dancing.

Gyõri út. 16., 12th district Budapest – more information

Mambo Nightlcub Budapest

Mambo Nightclub Budapest
Mamabo Nightclub is located on the bottom of Gellert Hill and according to own information the oldest Nightclub in Budapest. The prices are fair and the girls are nice, so if you are on the Buda side searching for a nightclub have a sneak in.

Hegyalja út 2., 6th district Budapest – more information

Budapest Escort Girls and Agencies

Do you prefer to be alone with a girl of your choice, take her to the opera or enjoy the night in her apartment? Than you should check out the Budapest Escort possibilities. We list only reliable Escort girls and agencies in Budapest.

More information

More Nightclubs in Budapest

  • Business and Sauna Nightclub
    Csengery u.26.
    District 7, Budapest
  • Éden Nightclub
    Andrassy ut. 54.
    District 6, Budapest
  • Intim Nightclub
    Orbánhegyi u. 1.
    District 12, Budapest
  • Belami Night Local & Pansio
    Csömöri ut 94.
    District 14, Budapest

Nightclubs you should AVOID in Budapest!

Budapest is unfortunately well known for its Nightclub Scam, especially on Vaci Utca. The clubs change their names week by week either because they need to shut down and open up as a “new nightclub” with the same scam approach or to avoid negative press and comments such as this one. So all the names below might be outdated already (I am sorry not to provide you with the freshest data every day it is simply impossible). In general you can say that all clubs which are directly or very close to typical tourist destinations are a potential threat. As mentioned especially Vaci Utca and surrounding areas are full of scam clubs.

The most popular scam club in Budapest is located on Vaci Utca and is only accessible through an elevator, the exact location is actually Régiposta Utca next to the C&A shop. This Club you will not leave under 200€ if you are lucky. There are enough examples, just check out the comments below.

So what to do before you enter a nightclub in Budapest? Always check the menu which is hanging outside and check the prices. In a regular nightclub like the ones listed above you get a beer for 1500 HUF so if it is dramatically more expensive, DO NOT GO IN! Also check if there is an entrance fee, which actually turns out to be an exit fee (Yes, there is something like that) because you will not need to pay in advance but all together at the end.

Be very careful with girls walking on Vaci Utca in Budapest, especially in pairs who pretend to be students from abroad or a smaller city in Hungary or who say they are tourists as well. These girls are the ones that are the ones that get you into the club, animate you to drink a lot and of course you need to pay their drinks as well. As beautiful as some of them might be, leave your fingers off them.

Please avoid the following nightclubs in Budapest:

  • Aphrodite
  • City Center Club and restaurant (same owner as Mephisto Café) at Váci utca
  • ClubMephisto – Váci utca
  • Flashdance at Váci utca
  • Piccolo (espresso/drink bar) at Párizsi udvar (Vaci utca)
  • Club District VI
  • Muskatli Espresso
  • Nirvana (Lola Club) on István körút
  • Sweet Milk
  • Fortuna Varoskozpont
  • Fontana Cabaret at Vaci utca
  • Pigali Cabaret
  • Piccolo
  • Lola (Nirvana)
  • Calligula
  • BarDolce Vita – (La Dolce Vita) on Október 6 utca
  • Crazy Horse
  • Ecstacy Club
  • Grand Boulevard
  • Showgirls Nightclub
  • Tiamo Nightclub
  • Torony Eatery
  • Captain Jacks
  • Zug-Love
  • Nightclubs on Vaci utca!


  • Reply
    4th April 2010

    Hey There!

    I just went back from Budapest, made a trip of 2 days with a friend. Thanks to your website we made a breakout in Merilyn’s and enjoyed a private lap dance with, so I guess, 2 of the most beautiful woman’s of Hungary!

    Thank you very much for your work, as we also had a lot of fun in the dokk Club!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Reply
    Club Kiraly
    25th October 2010

    Correct place and friendly ladies. Of course, they push to have “private”. If after a while you do not pay any more ladies drink, the lady leaves you, but this is the game.

    Price of the drinks somewhat expensive, but it is worthwhile to chat and flirt a little bit with the ladies.

    No ripp off at all. All prices are communicated.

  • Reply
    Local Guy
    21st January 2011

    I think the most trustable place is Marilyn.

    DO NOT GO to The ÉDEN Nightclub! Even if it is listed as a safeplace.

    We payed 100K Ft for 4 Jamesons, which is about 500 USD

  • Reply
    24th February 2011

    Please note that Club Kiraly is also a 100% correct night club. What is indicated on the price list is correct. No rip off. No bouncer.

  • Reply
    American Citizen
    19th August 2011

    All I wanted to get is a bear, did not ask for a night club, a guy that sells Langos recomended this bar, he called a taxi and off we go. When we got in there is a strip bar, I said lets drink a bear and we’ll go. We got 2 bears than the girls came to ask for a drink they really insisted and we said ok, they got a bottle of wine. We were chating for 10-15 min and we asked for the bill, they told us to stay more they will dance but I insisted for the bill. When I got the bill it was 480000 forint, I did not realized how much is it, I tought it’s about 50-60 euro I new it’s not cheap but that turned out to be $2600 … I was very upset and made a scene there, the guy from the bar told me to calm down and to go get the money if I want to see my friend alive again. When I heard this I panicked and I told them that I have $900 cash with me and we’ll go, they took $900 and told me to get the rest, they send a girl with me and she took all the cards from me and got the difference from a place called INTERCHANGE BUDAPEST a western union place, the girls had lots of fun taking the money from the cards the one that came with me and the clerk that worked at the agency it looked like they know each other very good. After she got all the money we got back with the taxi. We got back at Tiamo my friend was locked in the bathroom all this time, She gave them the money and we left – we were happy to be alive and well. After we got to the hotel we called the police and the US ambasy to tell them what is hepening. Police came after 2 hours took the report took us back to the bar but did not wanted to go in the bar then they took us to the station and left us there in a room and told us someone will take care of us, after waiting about 2 hours I told the guard that I have to leave, he told me to stay, after another 30 min I said I go or you would have to arest me and tell me the reson why are you keeping me here for so long.
    We left the police station and left HUNGARY right the way …
    For you that travel there I recomend to visit the good parts of the city do not go to nightclubs and bars that are on the black list of US ambasy.
    I’m glad I’m alive and well …

  • Reply
    22nd August 2011


    What was the exact name and address of this night club ?


  • Reply
    22nd August 2011

    Hi Guys,

    Places that are 100% correct :

    Royal Palace Club
    P1 Gentlemen’s night club
    Marilyn table dance Bar
    4Play Lounge
    Club Kiraly


  • Reply
    22nd August 2011


    I forgot to add Hallo Bar as a safe place.

    So, here is the complete list of 100% correct night clubs:

    Hallo Bar
    Royal Palace Club
    P1 Gentlemen’s night club
    Marilyn table dance Bar
    4Play Lounge
    Club Kiraly

    All prices are displayed. No rip off.

    Kind regards.

  • Reply
    5th February 2013

    Hi there, Just a quick question. We are planning to have a stag do out in Budapest. Somewhat about 8 lads. How can you be sure that the clubs mentioned are really safe. How do I know if DEDE, Local Guy, etc. just belongs to such a ripp off club and want to drag people in there with teir stories. Sorry guys, no offence, but I am really worried! Scot

    • Reply
      Budapest Agent
      5th February 2013

      Hey Scot,
      well I recommend you to read a few reviews on other websites as well than soon you will see who tries to rip you off and who not.
      The ones mentioned in this article I can recommend to you as trustworthy, you have a choice of a few listed ones. Check out Hello, Marylin’s or P1 – read some other reviews and try them out. Otherwise you could go bowling as well or just have a few drinks in the city.

  • Reply
    6th August 2014

    In Budapest last week to see the F1 with a mate and were amazed at the amount of girls trying to befriend us. Fortunately we had read about some of the scams so we knew that the best option to us was to decline any of the girls attempts to lure us into a situation. We had a great time in Budapest however would advise caution to males visiting and google Budapest scams to arm themselves with the many stories of some unfortunate people who were scammed.

  • Reply
    7th September 2014

    Stag do booked for November stayin near Semmelweis utca. Is this a good or bad area of budapest, I’ve never been before and which of the good bars/clubs mentioned are near that area, thanks

  • Reply
    9th January 2015

    Was going with a friend of my also to some hooker bar, the taci driver brought is there. He said that it was a nice gentlemansclub after 2 beers, 2 bottles of wine and 15 minits later we thougt that it was well enouf and that it seems to be a ripoff. We got the bill that was something about 600 euro’s we dropped 30 on the bar and started running. I think that we where lucky they didnt folow us

  • Reply
    Latin person
    10th October 2015

    PI is not very good as it says in this and other pages. They try to make you spend more with a not good service. Girls are not very honest and always try to take more of your money. Expensive 20.000 for less than time offered of lap dance and not very much options or girls are not very hot. Honestly Much better and cheaper MARILYN CLUB

  • Reply
    6th September 2017

    You should also add Godiva Club & Bar to the list of nightclubs to avoid, they work with taxi drivers too.

  • Reply
    Scam Victim
    17th October 2017

    If you enten the new “CLub 11” on Vaci Utca, you can be sure they will try to scam you with their terminal scam maskine !
    Nice sweet lady putting in the amount, but somehow manages to put an extra 1 or 2 digitals in before you press ur pin and enter !!
    True professional scammers in that club !
    Be aware! – Stay away from Club 11 !!!

  • Reply
    5th November 2017

    Okay, I have a comment only about a strip club called Broadway. They are to annoying that they have 20k Forint on every first drink. Probably everyone will not read the very top of the menu where this is written. I was there last night and they asked me 22k for just a single beer which costs 532. Please take care of yourself read every word on the menu!

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