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Through the influence of Turkey on Hungary many oriental restaurants opened up in Budapest. You can find Turkish kebab houses all over the city which represent more the take away or fast food restaurant. It is definitely enough to grab something to eat fast or on the way home but the charm of those restaurants is not too nice. But not only Turkish kebab houses offer their food also you can find Indian, Mongolian or Persian restaurants. The variety of these restaurants in Budapest is very big and the food is very tasty. 

For example the Mongolian restaurant offers a all you can eat menu every day for around 4500 HUF where you can choose from a buffet between many different kinds of meat. Next to the most common pieces of meat like beef, pork and chicken you can find even goat, horse and much more. Also offered are things like liver there. The clue in this Mongolian restaurant is that the meat is raw and the chefs cook it in front of your eyes the way you want. Besides meat this restaurant of course has side dishes like pasta, rice, potatoes in different kinds, salads, vegetables, sauces and much more. Included in the menu are starters like soups, salads or little dishes of caviar, goat cheese and much more. If you decide to go there you better not a vegetarian. 

  • Bombay Palace
  • Andrássy út 44.
    1061 Budapest
    Phone: 331-1387 

  • Cilantro Indian Restaurant
  • Lövoház utca 2-6. – Mammut
    1024 Budapest 
    Phone: 345-8040

  • Diwan Tandoori Indian Restaurant
  • Alkotmány utca 20.
    Phone: 311-7627

  • Govinda Restaurant
  • Belgrád rakpart 18.
    1056 Budapest
    Phone: 318 1144

  • Maharaja Indian Restaurant
  • Bécsi út 89-91.
    1061 Budapest
    Phone: 338-6863 

  • Shalimar Indian Restaurant
  • Dob utca 50.
    1074 Budapest
    Phone: 267-0662

  • Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
  • Szondi utca 40.
    Budapest VI. 
    Phone: 310-0447 

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