Kart racing Budapest

Kart racing is a fun activity you should not miss. Feel like Schuhmacher and the rest of the Formula One while racing in a kart. There are two kart tracks in Budapest where you can go for a fun race. The costs are not too high for a couple of hours with your frineds or family. 

  • Budaring Gokart>
  • Budaörsi út (next to the flower store “Floracoop”)
    District 11.
    Phone: 0630 311-9856 (mobile number)

  • Eurocenter Gokart
  • Bécsi út 154
    District 3.
    Phone: 0630 206-4206 (mobile number)

Quad Budapest

Quad is a vehicle with 4 wheels which can also be called ATV (All terrain vehicle). All terrain because it is a vehicle used for off road driving. Usually in major cities it is impossible to ride a quad but Budapest has the Quad Park in Budaörs next to Kika and Auchan. 

Horse riding Budapest

Horses need much space so it is hard to find places to horse ride in Budapest. Usually the horse riding schools are in the outskirts of major cities. Budapest has two stables to ride on horses. 

  • Favourite Riding Stables
  • Mókus u. 23.
    District 16.
    Phone: 0630 966-9992 (mobile number)

  • Petneházy Horse-Riding School
  • Feketefej u. 2.
    District 2.
    Phone: 397-5048

Skateboarding Budapest

The advantage of skatboarding compared to activities like quad is that you don’t need an extra park or off road terrain. Never the less skateboarding with ramps and pipes is fun as well. Here you can find a cool place used only for skateboarding in Budapest. 

  • Görzenál
  • Árpád fejedelem útja 46.
    District 3.
    Phone: 250-4800

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