P1 Budapest - Nightclub & Tabledance

P1 Budapest – Nightclub & Tabledance

P1 nightclub in Budapest is a fairly new tabledance bar that opened up in a former club called upside down. According to some websites specializing on nightclubs and tabledance bars in Budapest P1 Gentlemens Club is among the most popular with the most beautiful girls and the best ambience. I cannot confirm that because neither I have been there nor have I got first hand information. Nevertheless I would like to write about this nightclub because it is one of the trusted ones and one opportunity to make the untrusted ones as unpopular as possible is to strengthen the trustworthy ones.

According to reviews on the web in P1 everything is on a very high level like for example as mentioned the girls are really beautiful but also the prices are fair, the comfort is good and overall P1 makes a good appearance. What is also important, and I didn’t find any information on that, is the staff next to the girls. In Hallo Bar for example you have quite “agressive” waiters who want you to buy the ladies a drink, in Marilyns Nightclub you are more or less left alone and order whenever you want to drink. I don’t know how that is in P1, maybe somebody has been there and leave a comment.

When it comes to girls according to their website they look quite pretty and sexy so I guess from that point of view P1 in Budapest is a good place to go, I don’t know if they offer escort services as well though. Also the list of drinks including their prices are fair and acceptable. So even though I have never been in P1 in Budapest the club leaves the impression to be professional and safe to go.

P1 Nightclub contact information:
Address: Podmaniczky Frigyes 2/b, 1054 Budapest
Tel.: +36 20 333-8679 (Call this number for free taxi service)
For more information visit the P1 website.
Print out a 20€ free drink voucher here.


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    8th April 2011

    it’s a fake. on web site you read 10k fr for 15 minutes but you pay 10l fr for 10 minutes. And finally are only 5 minutes and you can’t touch the girls…

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      13th June 2011

      It’s a great club and it’s not “fake” as you put it. 10 000 for 10 minutes is a fair price and of the four girls I went private with I got to touch all over but no pussy which is fair. No one is pushy and I felt you could trust the staff and the girls too.

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    22nd August 2011

    We went to the P1 club with my husband. We were in the mood to watch some dancers, to get excited and maybe to go with a private dance. We were warmly welcomed and had some time to get in the atmosphere with a long drink, pretty good music and some public dancing. There was no rush. I saw a pretty girl, with a lovely body, soft skin, firm and pulpy breasts, as I like it… She came with a friend of hers; we had a very nice chat together. It gave us the desire to go ahead with a private dance, both girls. I left my husband handled the practical details; the prices are sized per 10 minutes show per dancers.
    The private dance was a great moment of intense pleasure. My husband and I were getting both exciting by the girl’s bodies we could caress and touch, except the pussy. The two girls were smiling, moving their bodies with rhythm and sexy movements, lightly perfumed. My husband starts with my favorite, they switched at the end of the show. They were both very caring, brushing our bodies with theirs. They have finished their show totally naked, faking masturbation.I’ve been highly exciting knowing my husband getting horny considering the situation.
    We both have extended our excitation until we came back in the hotel with stars in the eyes and a great desire to have tonic sexual intercourse, what we fully had!

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